October 9th, 2013 | 100 Entries

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100 Entries for “rewrite”

  1. I do not like to rewrite things. However, you have to to become a good writer. I do not like to let others look over it, and rewrite anything of my things either. What about you?

    By Elise on 10.10.2013

  2. The word causes convulsions, panic and tears. Mary gulp audibly when her editor said it to her. Most people don’t have the same problems with rewrites that Mary does.

    By littleguurrl on 10.10.2013

  3. when i get a paper back, the one thing on my mind is to take the changes i have received from the reader, and take the ones that will benefit my paper. I think that there are some good points that i have yet to see or were unable to see from my perspective. This is a great way to fix your papers.

    By mike on 10.10.2013

  4. I sat in front of the mirror, trying on jeans, shirts and jackets. New sunglasses, new shoes. I wondered what the world would think.

    By James Desepoli URL on 10.10.2013

  5. My teacher gave my paper back, with all marks and crossed out words. He told me to come back with a new copy

    By joe URL on 10.10.2013

  6. Its just like if I were to write an assignment and everything that I wrote wasn’t good. The next step to this process would be to start over and make all the corrections. The action of this would be the word im describing.

    By Kris on 10.10.2013

  7. A story that needs editing. Doing it over again.

    By Jared Grossman URL on 10.10.2013

  8. When I get an assignment, I can’t figure out what to write. Then I write and I constantly have to rewrite what I already wrote. I can’t get it right. I am frustrated in the end.

    By Megan on 10.10.2013

  9. To edit and to revise. To take something already down on paper or text and to make changes. To scrap what is there and to make better. Progress.

    By HI URL on 10.10.2013

  10. To change a saying. Do again. Adjust. Revise. Improve. Modify.

    By Ryan on 10.10.2013

  11. i spent twelve years making up our story
    in my head
    and still i could not make you
    glance my way

    (but they were not in vain
    and if given another short lifetime
    i’d happily do it again)

    By h. b. on 10.10.2013

  12. Do over and come up with something different, better, more expressive. Take time to be qualitative not just quantitative. Make sense of the topic so that the reader can understand your perspective. Dig deeper.

    By Tiffany on 10.10.2013

  13. There was a simple paper which was to be done. She did it all wrong, and then her life became a legend.
    she wanted to redo it all, she wasn’t a legend, she never will be. but her mother asked her ” I would never want to rewrite any thing in my life! not even you, then why do you?”

    By Ex. URL on 10.10.2013

  14. Hey, rewrite this paragraph. Not because you want to, but because you need to–because, even though you can’t see it right now, it will behoove you to do so. Don’t be afraid to cut text. Don’t be afraid to not be attached to something you’ve written. Happy rewriting.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 10.10.2013

  15. The Past is gone and buried. It is beyond doubt that we cannot change it, everyone knows it. At least for some. What if it’s not true?
    The Present is a mighty weapon. What if it is only a differente point of view what’s needed to change it? Our feelings, our emotions… They can make it different. In the end the past is only a matter of opinion and if our values and opinions change so can change our perception of the Past.

    By Ishimimoto on 10.10.2013

  16. Wouldn’t it be easy if we could just rewrite our life…the way we can rewrite this sentence. But that’s not such a good idea. If I tried to rewrite my life, what would I change? Everything that has happened, good and bad, has been what has brought me to this moment of happiness and joy. Even the rough spots have added even more joy to my life ultimately. I think I’ll just rewrite my ….what?

    By Chana on 10.10.2013

  17. I sometimes rewrite. I rewrite to change my past. I rewrite
    to alter the future. I rewrite because the first time I chose this
    path, this idea, this philosophy, I fucked up.

    By Joshua Harris on 10.10.2013

  18. A girl two nights ago told me she wanted to be a writer. She said her dad told her to write a page a day. (I’ve just read some bad slam poetry and now it’s making me consider a rewrite.)

    By Camille on 10.10.2013

  19. Rewrite. Rewrite they say. It’s never good enough, rewrite it. Try again. Do it over. How do you know? That’s your opinion. I have confidence in my writing, I think its great. You have to right to tell me start over.

    By cage on 10.10.2013

  20. This is the same word from last night. I remember it. Anyway, rewrite….I’ll rewrite this entry with a completely different view. Rewriting is something most people think of that only relates to school work or proposals. It’s much more. It can apply to life. Think about it as you go through your day. You can rewrite your life.

    By Amber on 10.10.2013