February 24th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “revved”

  1. With a smirk, he revved the engine on the motorcycle and I jumped, astonished at how loud it was just inside the garage. Who knows how loud it’d be once he finally drove it outside. I’m sure this is the happiest Jon has ever been, considering he’s been asking for a motorcycle as a birthday present for as long as I can remember. Now that he’s 20, I suppose he feels he has all sorts of freedom now…

    “Wow, it’s pretty big!” I shouted to him, to which he nodded. After removing his helmet he patted the small seat behind him. “Hop on!”

    I immediately shook my head and bolted for the house. No way was my brother getting me on that thing.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.24.2014

  2. Revved, that how my mind feels now, ready to fly into the sky, no matter if it lives or dies. The things inside are choking it like if it is under the ice. Revved is my mind. Someone stop it or it will burn me alive.

    By Ivan URL on 02.24.2014

  3. Yeah I’m revved about today’s word. How is it that we can associate a car engine with our own anatomy? How is it that language is fluid and not exactly solid? Unless you’re a philiosophy I suppose in which case it really wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about one’s revved metabolism.

    By Jim on 02.24.2014

  4. I was all revved up for the party tonight. I had to get my hair, makeup and dress just right just in case I see him tonight. If he wasn’t there, then my excitement and preparation is all for naught. He must be there!

    By kate anaïs on 02.24.2014

  5. When you revved, and then stopped ,and then spoke again, it was not for the fear of what slowing down, not ceasing, or silence would bring, but for the necessity of not destroying the sovereignty of trying.

    By Aleksandra on 02.24.2014

  6. She couldn’t wait until she reached the hotel. Her lust for him must be satisfied. As Johnson revved through the high roads of alpine, she undressed hi,

    By Sai Grandhi on 02.24.2014

  7. God, I’m so ready. I can’t believe it’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for this day for nearly three months and I swear to God I thought it was going to kill me. Patience is not my strongest suit and that I didn’t have more than three, ok four, epic meltdowns or turn to intravenous drugs is nothing short of a miracle. So hopefully I don’t mess it up or kill anyone.

    By Beka URL on 02.24.2014

  8. He downed the last of his fourth Red Bull and stared his mate in the face.

    By smr on 02.24.2014

  9. mind revved. too much coffee. engine overburdening over burgeoning. bloating out over the top of a too-tight belt. revs or belches. belt and braces. all secure.

    By Annie on 02.24.2014

  10. We’ve gone and plugged the meter again. Won’t happen after today–well, not likely, anyway. Wendy likes her coffee revved, you see, and after a few extra-strength jitterbugs, she can’t hold a dime to save her life. The officers are sorely tired of it, but me, I don’t mind. I like the way the meter grins, and the way she shimmies into the car, as we make our way into a four o’clock world.

    By RS Bohn URL on 02.24.2014

  11. I am revved up to reveal, to revoke, to revise – anything at all. It’s all about replenishing the soul, the life, the energy, so as not to be eclipsed by self or to capsize into the abyss.

    By PJ Colando URL on 02.24.2014

  12. The engine revved loudly, even as delicately as I pressed the gas pedal. Powerful engine…frighteningly powerful. Was I capable of controlling it? Could I be trusted to keep it steady?

    By Robin URL on 02.24.2014

  13. Jake was shaking, but he liked it. He wanted to be the big, foamy-mouthed dog that cared him when he was a kid. That’s why he had gotten it tattooed on his arm–teeth and foam. The dog on his arm was shivering and rippling now as he knocked back another shot, then stood. His chair toppled, but he paid it no mind. “Where’s Mike Lawson?” he said.

    By Yona on 02.24.2014

  14. He revved the engine again, as he thought it would be more impressive the second time, and winked. The girl in the red dress, however, was not to be moved. She simply stood on the sidewalk, staring blankly at the space behind him and ignoring his beckoning gestures.

    By Iam Me on 02.24.2014

  15. With the too-short kiss still echoing in her mind all day, her body was revved higher than a muscle car by the time she finally managed to extricate herself from the tired masses after her last class. Exhaustion forgotten at the idea of finishing what they’d left that morning, she hurried up the stairs and into her dorm with a renewed burst of energy.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 02.24.2014

  16. The engine revved repeatedly, just outside her bedroom window. Was it the young couple next door having a bit of fun at the expense of their elderly neighbor, or armed robbers escaping from a bank heist on the other side of the street?

    By Mexichick on 02.24.2014

  17. The car was parked at the far end of the street. He didn’t see it straight away. As he stepped off the curb, the car revved and accelerated toward him

    By Anoushka Yeoh on 02.24.2014

  18. the gun went off. The flags went down. they drove. they didn’t just drive, they sped. They didn’t just speed they raced. they raced and they raced and in the end only one was the winner. He took the trophy and got the girls and everybody clapped for him. but nobody clapped for the one behind him and he didn’t get a trophy.

    By GM on 02.24.2014

  19. I revved the generator as many times as I could, but it wouldn’t start. I tried countless of times. It had to start. They were coming. 5. 4. Almost, I hear their footsteps. 3. 2–it finally started. I was successfully able to grind the body and make some of Mrs. Lovett’s signature pie. They never found out in the pie shop.

    By Susan Rother URL on 02.24.2014

  20. Taxi divers like to rev their engines at night when most of their daily fares are asleep. It’s a sort of secret sacred driving night club that includes the whole city. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in His sight.

    By Dammlehugie on 02.24.2014

  21. Angel revved up the engine before sliding his hands across the steering wheel, the rubber sticky and cracked from all the sweaty summer days he and Michelle had spent down south. Reaching down for a cigarette, he realized that he did not have one, and he grumbled incoherently as he drove his truck away from the cabin. It was two hours before the wedding, and he needed a smoke.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.24.2014

  22. Revved up to the brim, the cookie monster jumped; only to fall clumsily and lay sprawled and hard on the cement ground.. Ouch!

    By Kunjal URL on 02.24.2014

  23. I revved the engine. I could feel the vibrations tingling throughout my entire body. It made me wild. I knew what was to come next. The engine roared beneath the weight of my foot on the gas pedal.

    By Katie S on 02.24.2014

  24. I revved down the montain and didnt look down because I knewq that i would probably piss my self.

    By edinabrownie on 02.24.2014

  25. It was hot and smoky in Ed’s,
    the roadside tavern full of folks
    trying to ease out of work and back into themselves
    having a dance, a few beers,
    those few turning into a few more,
    those dances getting looser,
    faces getting greasier
    with exertion
    and the last throes of summer
    she went back to the bar to get another gin
    their eyes locked,
    a quick spark
    and the engine came to life.
    Ed’s faded away
    in the rear view window

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 02.24.2014

  26. John revved the engine. He looked across at his opponent. In the other car, a souped-up Honda Accord, the younger man stared ahead at the beautiful young lady standing in the middle of the road ahead of them. He didn’t look cocky. He looked confident; determined. This could be a tough race after all, John thought, as the young lady waved the flag to go.

    By charlie card on 02.24.2014

  27. The quarterback revved his engine, a lopsided grin stretching across his face, gaze fixed on something no one else could see. His girlfriend was running, screaming for him to stop, but he seemed unable to hear her. The horrible scene unfolded slowly as the student body stared, stricken. Grace watched from the roof, her body shaking as a single tear of terror darted down her cheek; when, why, how had she seen this before?

    By Fay on 02.24.2014

  28. I don’t know if you can actually rev the engine of a Dodge minivan, but I did the closest equivalent. My ride was about as uncool as I was, but that was a charming quality I guess you could say.

    By asavas on 02.24.2014

  29. There he stood, hair flowing in the wind, a glint I his eyes as he envisioned the adventure he was to embark. Visions of mountains never before explored, new faces to interact with, healing of the sick, helping of the poor. So he revved his motorbike, the last farewell to all he knew.

    By Jose on 02.24.2014

  30. The Mustang’s engine revved like the buzzing of a thousand sharp bees and the popping of hundreds of layers of bubble wrap. She absolutely hated it. She couldn’t hear the metallic twinkling of her own bicycle wheel spinning as she pedaled past.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 02.24.2014

  31. down the dumps
    up the high
    we revved
    and revved
    and didn’t do shit
    but sit in our bull and smoke.
    the engine burnt under the sun and under the hoods.
    we died inside.

    By Kairn on 02.24.2014

  32. Her spirit was all revved up, despite spending the last 25 hours travelling. She had never felt so full of hope yet so nervous in her life before. Getting off the plane, she felt the chill in the wind but felt warm inside. She had been waiting a year for this meeting, and thought back to how she never thought it was possible in the beginning. With a smile on her face and her heart beating a million miles a minute she looked around the terminal trying to find the face she had only seen in pictures and through a screen. She caught the faintest smell of roses and the sound of footsteps catching up to her. And then the voice that sounded so new yet familiar – “hello”.

    By Belle on 02.24.2014

  33. His eyes ravage her.
    She stands before him awaiting his touch, his control. She wants nothing more than to let go and lose herself in his direction.
    He reaches out and runs a single finger down her cheek. He’s controlled and calm on the exterior but inside his sexual desire is revved up beyond all measure. She will be his to guide and his to consume.

    By J. on 02.24.2014

  34. The skyscape from the top of her condo didn’t allow Kim to feel any personal attachment to the people in her city. It showed buildings and lights, speeding cars, boats on the lake. She knew every street curve in sight, but she couldn’t tell you her neighbors name.

    By Michelle URL on 02.24.2014

  35. i don’t know what the word revved means, but it sounds cool. Maybe it means cool, or awesome, or sad. I’ll probably look it up in the dictionary after i am done writing this. I’m glad that now i will know a new word!

    By Rebecca on 02.24.2014

  36. He got me all revved up. Bated me with my favorite song. Tugged at my weary heart strings so I’d want to say something even if it was just repeating his words. But as soon as I did, he didn’t care…..again…

    By just a girl on 02.24.2014

  37. the car sped out of the driveway towards the empty desert. as the car drifted past the last signs of civilization the girls started screaming and cheering glad to be heading out of this hell hole called “home.” new adventures await.

    By Kim on 02.24.2014

  38. She revved the engine as loud as she could. She was screaming for attention from the others. No one could hear it. No one cared enough. She just wanted to be heard, to be noticed. With utter frustration, she flew off down the road and didn’t look back. Not even to say goodbye.

    By Christina Tredo on 02.24.2014

  39. as he was stopped at the light he looked over to the lane next to him and saw a 1971 camaro. he stared down the driver as he revved his engine in hopes to entice the driver to race.

    By dylan on 02.24.2014

  40. Carlos revved the engine impatiently, as the young technician working on his left rear wheel fumbled it again. These lost seconds would hurt him this late in the race, so he was rabid to get back out on the course. His engine screamed, drowning out the warning siren that would have told him of another car approaching in the pit lane from behind him. As soon as the technician signaled he was clear, Carlos gunned the engine, not even waiting for the technician to step back from the car.and his Ferrari leaped out into the pit lane. The speeding Mercedes hit him from behind, tossing his car like a pancake, and it burst into flames as it landed back in the adjacent pit.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.24.2014