April 16th, 2011 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “luxurious”

  1. I swept up the fabric from the shiny marble floor, and took a step back. Basking in the glory of what i saw, my heart went out as i realized this is my creation, my design. The precious gold fabric tightly stitched into the bodice and blown out dramatically at the bottom. This gown is my pride, my luxurious masterpiece.

    By nataliepatricia URL on 04.17.2011

  2. A fine predicament your luxurious toupee has gotten us into once again, Frederick. If I was a wiser speaker of honesty, I might suggest you remove that big bag of hair!!! Sometimes, Frederick, I think that you wear that thing simply to vex me.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 04.17.2011

  3. Someplace I wish I was instead of here. I am miserable here and I want to be somewhere where I feel luxurious and wanted. No one really wants me here they just put up with me.

    By Amanda Stone on 04.17.2011

  4. Tis a wonderful word, rolling off the tongue with such ease, almost dripping, like warm honey. Anything enjoyable is a sin. Especially if something is enjoyable to say. Luxurious, lamentable, luminescent. If only we could devot an entire language to the letter L.

    By Sophia H on 04.17.2011

  5. Many people need to have the luxuries in life, and thats so stupid, because you know what? Who cares about what you have. Are you a good person in life? Do you at least give a shit about how you treat people. I hate how snotty bitches think they own the world because they have money. Its so stupid.

    By Danielle. URL on 04.17.2011

  6. it was. it really was. i mean, i liked it. i don’t know about you. not necessary? sure it is.

    By bc on 04.17.2011

  7. The lifestyle of the rich and famous was a world she couldn’t understand. Having grown up in a small town, it was difficult for her to wrap her mind around the concept of having more than one could ever possibly use. What was the point of having a mansion with a hundred rooms? Why would anyone want seven cars?

    All right, as a girl with only one rundown, unreliable Ford, she could understand that last one. But, still…

    By Alexis URL on 04.17.2011

  8. The gap in his teeth as he smliled at me was the least attractive thing about him — you come -now. No way i thought as the bird sang close by nsn I felt the need to scarper- too many lines of intent were crosing

    By royds URL on 04.17.2011

  9. Luxury is for the rich,
    Ignorant masses.

    Those who live in diamonds
    And pearls and inspire dreams
    In little girls.

    Luxury is a way to show
    What is improper to say.

    By Britanie on 04.17.2011

  10. T

    By abbie URL on 04.17.2011

  11. luxurious makes me think of cats and fast cars and the hilton. someone pulls up in a fast, nice car to the hilton and gets out with their cat. Just lets the bell hop do all the work and then he goes to his room and orders room service to bring him wine. He relaxes with his cat on the deck drinking his wine. they watch over the city, him with the cat in his lap and a glass of wine in his hand. His tie is loostened and the first few buttons of his shirt are undone.

    By Amy Ogles on 04.17.2011

  12. heavenly. plush. like a great big shag pile carpet and you’re lying on it with a glass of wine in one hand and your friend on the couch and you’re recounting you’re long day. You have kicked off your shoes and are rubbing your feet in the carpet and your friend says ‘we have it good’

    By Loona on 04.17.2011

  13. If I had the luxury of a red velvet blanket, so I could be curled up in the middle of a dark room, the hardwood floors curved slightly, just enough so that when I lay down with my blanket, I’d be comfortable; when I sat up I could be comfortable; I could just bask in the comfort of my being, in itself.
    The luxury is wonder and the affordability of imagination.
    What I really want is to start making sense.
    I’m still imagining a dark room, and a red velvet blanket, but I don’t’ have a context anymore than you do.

    By Lancir URL on 04.17.2011

  14. She oozed luxury. Her gait was lengthy and alluring. Her eyes were deep and enigmatic. Her clothes were decadent and simply marvelous. She was the perfect image of a luxurious woman. But beneath her beautiful exterior, she was cracked and hardened – wealthy on the outside, but a peasant within.

    By Meghan URL on 04.17.2011

  15. expensive, exotic, above average, lavish lifestyle, vogue, easy, relaxing, lavish, proper, primp, celebrities always have the most luxurious of lifestyles,

    By alexana on 04.17.2011

  16. The farmer stared at the lady in the fur coat, dipped his eyes and shook his head. He stumbled across the street to his beat-up old jalopy and clambered in. The rattle and bang of the door slamming…

    By Toynbee URL on 04.17.2011

  17. My lack of words. Silence. Sometimes just looking and seeing and believing betters any words that one can have.

    By Just a Girl URL on 04.17.2011

  18. money is an object that makes people believe they are luxurious but money isn’t everything. Culture and experiencing life is what makes some luxurious, not just the things they have

    By NB on 04.17.2011

  19. She ran her hands through his thick, luxurious hair and breathed in the scent of Kilo Axe on his skin as they kissed on her front doorstep.

    By Candace S. URL on 04.17.2011

  20. Is the house I’m going to be living in soon luxurious? Should I even move in with them and leave my dad? I know it’s for the best, but I can’t help but feel like I might be doing the wrong thing… Am I doing the right thing?

    By Victoria Chartier URL on 04.17.2011

  21. Luxury.
    I don’t have the luxury of time.
    Just deadlines, crowding in,
    each one screaming louder than the last
    shrieking that they need attention
    and if I can’t give it to them
    something will happen.
    Luxury is only afforded
    to those who have the time
    not to care.

    By Lancir URL on 04.17.2011

  22. there’s something in the air, it’s not richness, it’s a different feeling that surrounds this woman. She’s beautiful in her own way, her hair flowing around her shoulders gently, moving in the wind. Luxurious – that’s the feel the deep brown satin scarf of hair suggests to me.

    By N on 04.17.2011

  23. Oh how luxurious that couch was!! so soft and plush i could sit on it all day long!! i once fell asleep on this couch and it was the best nap ever!! luxurious was my childhood couch.

    By Nomi on 04.17.2011

  24. Luxurious. The young woman had grown so accustomed to that being her own personal describing word. She was born into money, unlike the other families in this small town. In fact, the family was treated almost like royalty. Everywhere they went, the other families stared. Not out of jealousy, no. It was more of curiosity. These people just wanted some insight to how this family lived, and “why them.”

    By Bri Salgado on 04.17.2011

  25. The dog is stretched out in the corner of his favorite chair. It is just after the rain fall and the sun made a slight appearance. Most dogs aren’t allowed on furniture but he has free range. To many canines this type of life would be quite luxurious. Except that he has to eat the usual kibble twice a day.

    By Ellie griffith on 04.17.2011

  26. A beautiful beach house with an ocean view, two master bedrooms, 7 guest rooms, two maids and butlers, and 5 bathrooms, all with jacuzzis. You are sitting in bed, just took a bath, and your reading a nice novel in your robes.

    By Caity M Love! on 04.17.2011

  27. Apples. Shampoo. Birds. Love. Bed. Warmth. Sun.chirping. Flannel.

    By Jackie on 04.17.2011

  28. this word is based on luxury. everyone wants luxury but few get what most identify AS luxury. but its not just the glitz and glam. its about what you have in your life now rather than the money you have and the things you possess. have you eve rheard of a luxurious person having a good life?

    By maddie on 04.17.2011

  29. Luxuriousness is what we all have but never recognize. It is a feeling of deservedness and self-love. It is not materialistic or elitist. It means that you let yourself feel good. I am luxurious and so are you.

    By Luxur Iious on 04.17.2011

  30. I wish – the dreams of bubbly baths, scented with roses, cold dry wine . . . instead I’ve got pasta bubbling away on the stove, and whiffs of pesto. Soon add the cheese – an easy supper, but a far cry from my dreams!

    By joey URL on 04.17.2011

  31. black island pearl — charred with the devil’s black bone. tangerine lacerations burst the sky, so grand so beautiful.

    By mug on 04.17.2011

  32. he looked at the guy in the black suit and the very stylish hair. He didnt really know him. But still he felt like he was “one of those snob-rich-guys”. In fact he didn’t know anything about him at all but it made him feel comfortable to put him in frame. No matter if it was true or not.

    By Fynn URL on 04.17.2011

  33. It was the way of the world; a way I had gotten used to years and years ago. When I was five years old and we were unable to afford ballet lessons that I had to quit, and my distant cousins were complaining of lessons they were forced to go to. When I went my freshman year without a yearbook because I didn’t have the heart to ask for one from my broke family, he pulled out a new piece of paper and wrote a message to me for ‘my own yearbook.’ My friends complained that nobody even bothered thinking creative things to sign. I looked around at my house, with the broken appliances and molding walls, and thought that I was well off, until I went to another house with glass everything, two stories, a replica of the Titanic on the mantle. It was something I got used to, though I desperately wished that I didn’t have to. Now, looking at the problems of the rich, I’m glad I was born into this family.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 04.17.2011