May 5th, 2009 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “return”

  1. We never reached our destination, like so many in life. Instead we got so far and then decided to turn round and return home. The adventure was over. She never did explain why.

    By Graham on 05.05.2009

  2. return to sender… indian mythology works on that… returning to the roots… well… thats why Hrishikesh is considered a holy place… because the holy river Ganga almost takes a U turn there… i didn’t know that until very recently….

    By Hitesh on 05.05.2009

  3. The Elvis Presley song Return to Sender is about a man that just can’t take a hint. While in the 1950’s, it might have been considered romantic, today, Presley would have been charged with stalking and issued a restraining order.

    By Mel on 05.05.2009

  4. I wish to go back and leave my silly pride behind. But returning is to difficult i will be filled with shame.

    By kelly on 05.05.2009

  5. Return your used bottles to redeem your deposit. You know, we should put a deposit on our lives. And any unused life at the end should be returned for refund. At least then the pathetic sods who spent their whole lives thinking to the future and not living life to its fullest in the present, can at least bequeath some life force to children, friends, or charities. As it is, it goes to waste right now …

    By bobo on 05.05.2009

  6. to leave an origin and find it again, for this to occur, there must be a distance to overcome between and away from the origin. Its important to lose our origins.

    By Josh on 05.05.2009

  7. give me back my shirt

    By katamari on 05.05.2009

  8. i waited impatiently for my demise.

    By rachel on 05.05.2009

  9. I’d love to sit here all day and write, but I have to return some pants I bought for my husband. I hate returning things especially when I don’t have the receipt. Oh well, I better get moving.

    By Ollie on 05.05.2009