August 19th, 2016 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “retreat”

  1. The army retreated on the seventh day, moving as far back as the Richman Mountains on the east side of the continent. Once camp was set up, tallies were made as to how many men and women had been lost. The casualties were alarming – at least a third of the troops were dead or gravely injured. I myself had lost feeling in my left leg, and therefore I couldn’t stand, walk, or run. The doctor placed me in a rickety wheelchair, which I used to roll myself around the area in order to survey the scene.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.19.2016

  2. My Mom, have a retreat for the four of us to go to the KY COW TOWN.

    By jamesrotties on 08.19.2016

  3. The dragon retreated, his mouth smoking and dripping with drool as he turned away in defeat. He took off. The dragon flew back to his mountain as a bleeding, dying mess and was never seen again.

    By Jonaya on 08.19.2016

  4. She pulled her sword out of the fallen soldier’s body. When she looked up, she was overwhelmed by the sight of thousands of men, waving maces and swords, screaming and running in her direction. “RETREAT!” she screamed, turning and running backwards, away from the horde.

    By Melinda on 08.19.2016

  5. We should retreat. Slowly-he said- It’s staring at us
    The wolf-like creature kept walking towards them. It was around two meter tall with fur as black as the night sky. If it weren’t of its eyes they wouldn’t have noticed it, it had bright yellow eyes that seemed to shine through the dark night.

    By Bramsy on 08.19.2016

  6. I went on a retreat last week for a leadership program I’m joing. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some cool people. Buy why is it called a retreat? We’re not backing away from anything or quitting. We’re doing the exact opposite actually; we’re training to be apart of a team of leaders leaders who don’t quit or retreat.

    By writergirl99 on 08.19.2016

  7. when the light goes out
    and the vibrations are in clouds
    we retreat into caves
    to stave off the feelings of doubt
    about what is real
    and what is image
    what is it that we feel

    By Julia on 08.19.2016

  8. Don’t retreat when wounded. Take another path and push forward. Do not show your enemy you are hurt, cover the trail of blood behind you by brushing a branch of leaves along it, do not worry that you are being followed, for soon you will lead, and get there before your enemy, and ambush him.

    By Joanna on 08.19.2016

  9. Solitude, healing. Locked away to find the silence and regenerate. Fold back to the life you had without responsibilities and realise how small the things you get stressed about really are, and at the same time prepare yourself for the next wave of responsibilities and stress, because it’s what keeps you distracted from death.

    By Joel Goldberg on 08.19.2016

  10. Repetition compulsion

    never concluded
    runs like grassfire
    for dwellings, forest

    I, honed
    a trusty needle
    lacing thread
    in fevered stitches

    making sense perhaps
    only when
    viewed backwards

    oil the timber child
    tar your rope
    love’s fever waits
    for you to look up

    By david URL on 08.19.2016

  11. Hamat dig through the dirt with his fingers. He sifted it slowly, wondering what part was concrete and whether there were any cells from his family among the dust. He saw a triangular piece of white poking up from the rubble and pulled it out. It was one of his old story books.

    He heard a sound like thunder in the distance but knew that it was more artillery shelling. He put the book in his lap and for a moment entered a period of mental retreat, looking through the drawings, laughing at the silly parts and remembering the touch of his mother as she read him a bedtime story.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.19.2016

  12. Here I am sitting on my sheetless bed, with a tank top too small and my computer resting on my lap. The thought of running away fills my mind, where would i go? who would i run to? who would be my retreat?

    By Kae URL on 08.19.2016

  13. My retreat was something hat I didn’t want to begin, and now I didn’t want it to end. What kind of a person could I be if I went into a retreat. People should now me better than that. I’m not sure about anything else except that I just need to not retreat

    By rockpriestess on 08.19.2016

  14. go leave. My retreat doesn’t mean defeat. It only means I bide my time to calculate my plan for revenge. Time is only fleeting. Why retreat to your fears when you can embrace in the unknown. What is not there is not for your concern.

    By Khoi Nguyen on 08.19.2016

  15. We had to retreat back into the schoolhouse, as the rain pelted the track. Training was over for today, On to the competition tomorrow!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.19.2016

  16. The retreat in Matha’s Vineyard didn’t go as planned for Lorelai and Luke at all. They ended up having a fight in front of all the creme de la creme of Hartford and Connecticut.

    By Suriti on 08.20.2016

  17. “Go,” Herne gritted out through his teeth, dry grass exploding into flame around him.
    Luca tried to step forward, mouth opening in protest, even as Doll pulled at his elbow.
    In the distance, he could hear hounds baying.

    By savvadrokki on 08.20.2016

  18. hi this is first my daily
    just this.

    By yasin on 08.20.2016

  19. For the low, low, price of just a small piece of your soul we welcome you all to the Paradise Alley, the newest retreat in the World Corp family. Here at Paradise Alley we want to ensure you never have to go back to the mundane hassle of the real world. Ever.

    By Trista URL on 08.20.2016

  20. it is a tactics for warfare. while fighting but cannot win, then retreat should be followed. first, again come together,then together make another plan for the current situation. after that, attack again fiercely so that the attackers have to scatter. retreat sometimes, is considered defeating or timid. but indeed, most of the times, it is used to overcome the defeated situation and gather the strength and go ahead to fight again to defeat the counterpart.

    By rabi_ctgbd on 08.20.2016

  21. Herald high up the clouds I saw you, You were all that I needed to get through life’s miseries, troubles and challenges. I just need money to experience you perfectly or else I’ll end up sitting here again typing about you.

    By pinoytalker on 08.20.2016

  22. i want to retreat
    into a garden somewhere
    or better yet a far afar
    somewhere no one can find me
    and i can till my weeds
    and plant my ferns
    where no one yearns
    to be great or to date
    where we just cull the fields
    until something yields
    that’s where I’ll be in
    in 10 years or so
    so don’t come find me
    I’ll be in defeato

    By Julia on 08.20.2016

  23. “Retreat!” the captain called and retreat we did. Or tried to do. it was hard to manage when the snowballs kept coming in, one after the other. But the captain had a bloody nose from an especially hard-packed snowball and she was in no mood to stick around and be punished anymore. “Retreat!”

    By Kathy Gabriel URL on 08.20.2016

  24. spa, miraval, catalina mountains, mindfulness, meditation, floating in silk hammock while listening to chakra bowls sounds reverberating. high desert. falling back, getting away from

    By Zilna on 08.20.2016

  25. He attempted to back up, though the stone wall behind his back stopped him from retreating further. His eyes widened as he watched the looming figure get closer, able to do nothing but clutch at his bleeding wounds and stare in terror.

    By aimbonito on 08.20.2016

  26. Oh so many yoga retreats I’ve been on, and now that I am possibly “post-yoga” – meaning the more ashram time I spend and the more rings in my tree the more I see that most of it is BS. How do I still have the retreat experience?

    By BAB on 08.20.2016

  27. As a child, I used to wait every year for Jan 28 evening. That’s when the bands from 3 armed forced play in front of the President of India. The music is always melodious and upbeat. I am not aware if any other country has “beating retreat” after their republic day.

    By JayaK on 08.20.2016

  28. a cowboy hat drawls
    so you drawl back, because your beach-side mexico hat
    reckons you to do so
    the promontory retreat lies where your heart sleeps most comfortably:
    rancid or acidic smiles you veer around to steer life’s sailing raft
    towards sunny-sunken waves’ edges.

    By Milad URL on 08.20.2016


    By STEVEN CHERECWICH on 08.20.2016

  30. Retreat is not a word she knew. She never ran from a fight. When the orcs appeared on the horizon, she raised her sword and charged forward, leaving her brothers behind. She took no heed of the danger to herself. Instead she ran forward, charging toward victory…or so she thought.

    By AJ on 08.20.2016

  31. To retreat means to run away from something. It sounds nice to think it means “have another treat” but it doesn’t. In war, one side or the other often retreats when it starts getting bad for them. Retreat retreat retreat

    By kj on 08.20.2016

  32. He looked both ways – ahead of him, the battle raged with a ferocity unimaginable, and he could see the tide turning against his comrades, feel it in his bones; behind him were vast fields open to his cowardice…

    By ml on 08.20.2016

  33. I entered the house and i knew right away that the retreat would be the worst 72 hours of my life. I tried to stay positive, in fact i really wanted to think positively. But something about those creepy stairs entering that dark basement were i’d be sleeping just seemed really..really…creepy.

    By kalie jones on 08.20.2016