November 7th, 2016 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “rested”

  1. I rested in a forest of old dreams and I saw that the trees took away all the light coming from the future. This is why I got up and left.

    By vocorina on 11.07.2016

  2. “How are you feeling?” the doctor asked. “Comfortable? Rested?”

    “Agitated,” she replied, and as she spoke, something felt wrong. Her mouth felt fuzzy, as if it were full of cotton.

    “Hmm, well, not much we can do about that until the drugs kick in.” The doctor scratched something down on her pad, which made the patient shudder.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.07.2016

  3. as soon as my leg rested on the adjacent sofa, my mind started wandering about the incident that happened in the office. what made her think that I am a stalker?

    By Kirti on 11.07.2016

  4. Her head lay on her pillow, which was now saturated in her tears.
    She couldn’t believe that when she hugged her mom goodbye this morning, it was her last ever time doing so.
    Her pillow acted as a sponge, absorbing all of her grief, though so much was still trapped inside.
    The night went on, she shed buckets of tears;
    all she could think about was wrapping her arms around her mother…
    Her body was rested on the bed and her hair draped over the edge,
    a metaphor for herself – draped over the edge…

    By Lexy on 11.07.2016

  5. restless. how long has it been since she slept? forever awake, or so it seems. forever alone, and maybe that’s why. thoughts spinning, never ending. never ending story. always awake, always wondering. what would have happened? speculate forever. forever alone, forever awake, dreaming of the stories, dreaming of the hope and despair.

    By firelight on 11.07.2016

  6. moving across the shorn paddock
    rising out of my chest
    a small black bird
    I had swallowed in my sleep

    silently, we had slept
    the bird and I
    drawing comfort from each other

    that night in darkness
    somewhere far off
    a dog barked
    horses ran the boundary fences
    the bird shook its feathers,
    returned to sleep
    I did the same

    on waking I sipped a teaspoon of water
    for my small companion
    I felt how delicate it was as it drank
    and knew I was a good friend

    where from?
    I asked in silence, looking out the window
    I am all of your kisses
    the tiny bird said
    and all of your tears

    I have left you a feather
    it carries my song
    if I have chicks in the spring
    the feather will tell you

    By david URL on 11.07.2016

  7. In 6 days God created the heavens and the earth, and on the 7th day he rested and was refreshed.

    By Josiah URL on 11.07.2016

  8. I was up all night watching the Blackhawks fight hard, and eventually win the Stanley cup ( and they did!). The next day I rested to get my energy back up!

    By homeschooler on 11.07.2016

  9. I feel well-rested even though I took a nap in the evening and woke up around 11 pm, ready to do some work. Not enough sleep, but tonight, in the silence of the evening – no loud music, motorcycles or neighbors drunk and yelling at each other. I feel like the owner of my own little world. I’m sure I won’t feel rested in the morning, when I have to go to a meeting and then spend the afternoon preparing for the work next week. But for now, I feel find.

    By chanpheng URL on 11.07.2016

  10. I rested after I got home from school because I am sleepy.

    By Simon Woodard on 11.07.2016

  11. Waking up after a long night of what can be called “restful” sleep, I still don’t feel rested. Walking home after a long day of what can be called “fulfilling” work, I still don’t feel rested. But sometimes, when I just take a second to blink and think to myself about why it is that I’m so tired, maybe that’s when I feel most rested.

    By Clarke on 11.07.2016

  12. The pulse in my skull is what is keeping me still. I need to let these hours go by me without another word to laden them. These words get me into trouble.

    By H URL on 11.07.2016

  13. My lips twist my face up, every pore, every cell dancing. I pop out of bed and do a little prance to the closet. I decide to take my time picking out my new skin for the day, having woken up early. My toes bring me to the kitchen, my heels too busy flying high to contribute. As I start up making breakfast, I don’t even glance at the coffee machine. For the first time in a long time, I don’t need it.

    By Ami on 11.07.2016

  14. rested, i wish i was felt well-rested. i’m so tired and i just wish that i could get enough sleep so i wouldn’t feel so tired all the time.

    By c on 11.07.2016

  15. Rested is a very simple word when people get very tired they need to rest. Also another good time you need to rest is when your sick. Then when you are well rested you feel very good.

    By aubrey giardini on 11.07.2016

  16. ironic timing
    found out late that time went back
    still, I’m not RESTED

    I played soft music
    tried different positions
    sleep yet forsook me

    do you mock my agony
    with such word, rested.

    [I’ll try again after Monday Night Football. Stock market rally, yes!]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.07.2016

  17. She rested in the corner of the ring, blood dripping from one eye and her upper lip. Her trainer encouraged her. “You can do it, Hillary, you can do it. He’s weakening. His orange hair is dripping dye down his fleshy body. Throw yourself into it, Hill, go, girl, go.” And she went, like thunder, like lightning, and knocked him out with her first punch in the last round he would ever fight.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.07.2016

  18. lung aerobics in the morning,
    head filled with feathers
    that feel an awful lot like you;
    gentle whispering,
    ears the padlocked chest
    to guard beautiful treasures –

    By Pandatry on 11.07.2016

  19. I lay down in the crook of the old gum tree and let it all sweep by. One tiny six-year-old wasn’t going to be noticed in such a cacophony of curious noises and people, and indeed I wasn’t. Or at least, until my friend skipped past, hand firmly in her mother’s grasp. She stopped, looked down at me dozing, then pulled free of her mother’s hand in the push and shove, lying down and closing her eyes next to me. Then, another came, and did the same. And another. And another. And another. And so my story began.

    By EmmaChristobel on 11.07.2016

  20. i finally felt rested. away from it all with just my backpack. trekking high above the village. i knew where i was heading, they all spoke of the woman in the hut. she was somewhere on the mountain, that much i knew. and i was going to find her

    By Daisy Leason on 11.07.2016

  21. The alarm clocked forced itself into my dream and erupted my inner subconscious story teller. My eyelids mustered the energy to lift, and I saw the soft hues falling onto my bedroom carpet

    By izzy on 11.07.2016

  22. My high pitched alarm forced its way into my dream as my subconscious story teller gave way to the realities of the world. My eyelids struggled to lift, but revealed the soft hues of sunlight dancing across my bedroom floor.

    By Violet on 11.07.2016

  23. When I woke up this morning , I was not as rested as I thought I would be because, although I did not do much at home, I had driven for most of the day and my car didn’t want to start for me on a couple of occasions and it is a fairly new car

    By Alphanette Bohannon URL on 11.07.2016

  24. I rested my head on his shoulders. We looked at the autumn leaves and the clouds at the sky. Then he made a bump with his shoulders.

    By Linne on 11.07.2016

  25. bed

    By Petra Bonello on 11.07.2016

  26. While I rested the dough I thought about the other ingredients I could add to this amazing mixture of organic flour, spring water and oil. Fresh herbsm garlic, olives

    By shirlee URL on 11.07.2016

  27. 1rested= Return Energy So Total Exhaust Domains

    By Garz on 11.07.2016

  28. After ten hours of sleep I should’ve been well rested, but the dreams that haunted me left me feeling more stressed and discombobulated than had I never gone to bed. If only I’d known then just how powerful those dreams would turn out to be.

    By Lauren Cude URL on 11.07.2016

  29. i probably shouldnt be writing distracted, but this asmr is, after all, making me feel rested, midst the haziness i have within my mind. it’s hard to write, and i did think this would warm me up in preparation for “The Gift”. i don’t know.

    By Hanna on 11.07.2016

  30. i woke up from my 30 minute nap, feeling rested which was the whole point of taking a nap, and now that my caffeine pill has taken effect, i am more ready to use up my restful state to do dishes, make dinner, clean house, study book, memorize words, walk pema, search the internet for stuff, do things like this and get ready for tomorrow.

    By coffeeturtle on 11.07.2016

  31. This sounds like a simple one. I’m not rested now to see this and come up with something in 1 min. I feel rested when i see my goals near to completion.

    By Radhika Devarakonda on 11.07.2016

  32. how can one rest without having a goal. I feel that only dead can be rested ..

    By Rady on 11.07.2016

  33. I was becoming rested after our long battle. A great fight was fought and we had won. This would not be the last time we saw our rivals but this victory helped to restore moral among my soldiers. As I rested in my tent, I was joined by my closes friends/ soldiers in order to plan for the next attack. We knew together we would have a better chance than apart.

    By Pamela M on 11.07.2016

  34. movements ceased
    thoughts decreased
    heart-rate low
    breathing slow
    life is bested
    death has rested

    By vanikey on 11.07.2016

  35. Whenever he finally awoke from his slumber, he knew that it was going to be a good day. He didn’t have to worry about collapsing or anything along those lines. The amount of sleep he’d gotten that night was huge, especially due to the lack of his nightmares. Without those plaguing his sleep, the loving caress of night and drowsiness kissed his forehead evermore.

    By ReaperTree URL on 11.07.2016

  36. He rested himself with a GUN
    to the HEAD
    his wife watched
    and now he rests

    while the world is in fucking chaos
    he fucking rests

    By kim on 11.07.2016

  37. as of right now i feel rested. it is a very overwhelming sense of relaxation and calmness especially with classical music playing in the background. rested is how i feel after a long good nights rest. i love feeling rested.

    By Roger Francia on 11.07.2016

  38. I am a very well rested individual. I sleep all day and all night; there’s nothing else to do down here besides sleep. I don’t think I have enough oxygen to do much else anyways. And I don’t suppose I can tell you definitively if it’s been even a full day or night. You don’t get much light under ground.

    By Paige B on 11.07.2016

  39. He rested himself with a GUN
    to the HEAD
    his wife watched
    and now he rests

    while the world is in fucking chaos
    he fucking rests

    By ObsidianSky URL on 11.07.2016

  40. When the night is filling your ears like water
    When your eyes are dry and blurred so every light dances in a haze
    When your home is just around the corner
    When the night is ending and the sky is dyed a pale lilac
    I am close to sleep

    By Lady Coriolanus on 11.07.2016