November 5th, 2016 | 58 Entries

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58 Entries for “drummer”

  1. The drummer ratatata tat on his drum until the drum broke and inside he found that there was a genie. Instead of being in a lamp this genie was in a drum.

    By Alysa Lanier on 11.06.2016

  2. The heavy hands pounded relentlessly upon the taut flesh of the rune-worked skin. THRUM. THRUM. THRUM. THRUM. The monotonous tone banged into her ears like the ringing song of her own blood, her own body the dance that moved in sync to the drummers’ powerful sound.

    By MorganLovell URL on 11.06.2016

  3. Go with the drummer.
    He knows what it’s like to be the butt of a joke,
    his body is lean,
    it’s just not advertised front and center, or above a low slung guitar.
    Front men need the love of every last
    If you must, go with the drummer.

    Better yet, go with the lighting engineer.

    By kim on 11.06.2016

  4. I used to be a drummer. I used to be the one who sat in the back of the classroom and made sure everyone knew the beat. Now, I’m not a drummer. Now I look back on that experience and understand that being a drummer had a different meaning. I was the heart in the body that was the band. I kept the band coordinated. Everyone needs a drummer in their life. Someone who keeps them coordinated and on rhythm. Find your drummer and march to your own beat.

    By Ryan B on 11.06.2016

  5. The drummer beats. The drummer plays. My dad was a drummer. He spends his time drumming, drumming away. Drumming on the wheel, using his dishes. He feels the beat, he feels it with his soul.

    By Lauren RC on 11.06.2016

  6. Hm bummer it’s drummer. They all drive a Hummer, behind them: a runner. Who else is a punner?

    By hdneige on 11.06.2016

  7. my cousin is a drummer. my husbands best friend is a drummer. vance. i love double bass. fake drums in edm is good too especially when its drum n bass. music is something i really enjoy and drums are the backbone. i cant really think of anything else to write except that i miss the jam shack sometimes

    By jay dee on 11.06.2016

  8. The drummer held onto his clandestine invisible plastic gloves, and his mom’s 5th grade portrait during all of his concerts.
    his turf was the eastest of the west, in a town he deemed best,
    Springfield, Illinois,
    a rosey cheek he always dove with
    never had parentals to enter groves with
    was his name
    his own frontal cortex inculcated his unflinging passion for an open stage
    selling more new fans on his work than stepahn myer sold books around 2000
    first glimpse, first ear lended
    worship bended
    have a cocktail and land your car’s cock in another car’s tail
    a motto underminded amid our day and age
    chucky braved through it all
    played his brakes like bids on game day

    By Milad URL on 11.06.2016

  9. little boy drummer fell down a well he really liked to see the moon from his viewpoint as he banged his drum from inside the well
    “help me!” he cried out.
    “who dares disturb my slumber?” a voice sneaks out from the darkness. the little drummer boy froze in fear.
    “please dont hurt me!”

    By Savanna on 11.06.2016

  10. Me, its who I am
    I am a drummer
    I am the keeper of time
    My heart, my soul, my profession
    It is me, it is who I am
    I am the drummer

    By smattc URL on 11.06.2016

  11. Pulsating in my chest a solitary drummer tap tapping its way out through my skin into the red, theopenair

    By chrissy on 11.06.2016

  12. She walked to the beat of her own drum. She was her own drummer, her own person. Everything she did was to her own drum. She was unique and powerful. She was you.

    By the light of the day, she woke with a sense for a new adventure. She was adventurous. By nighttime, she sat on a stage. She was a drummer.

    By Alex Smith on 11.06.2016

  13. We are true leaders
    Drummers of our own music
    though none may follow

    We defy old stale,
    may set, but never follow
    pure novelties and trends

    We hate mere dreamers
    and those that say hold to dreams
    merely one’s ideas

    We’re fewest of few
    dreaming only to better
    make reality

    “Dreams that one holds on to are failures, mere thoughts.They haven’t been made Reality. Realities and Realizations are successes. So I don’t want dreams. They are useless, except as a first step to achieve better people, actions, and things.” -Apotheosus

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.07.2016

  14. One of the holiday movies I’ve always hated was the Little Drummer Boy. My mom was a fanatic about Rudolph and my brother and I were particularly big fans of the Heatmiester, Mr. Hot for short, but none of us were ever stricken by that tan little boy and his annoying song you could never understand.

    By Paige B on 11.07.2016

  15. Drummer.


    That is correct.

    I just moved on to the next speling bea round.

    LOL!! :D

    By Jaedon Howells URL on 11.07.2016

  16. I watched the drummer
    who was also a runner
    but i didn’t like his beat
    nor the shoes on his feet
    so that was a bit of a bummer.

    By Steve O URL on 11.07.2016

  17. I am not a drummer but I think those that can drum are cool. I am a drummer up of business. I drum up new relationships with realtors and lenders in my line of work. I don’t want to work, I just want to drum on each other all day. I don’t know what more I can write about drumming. :)

    By Brandi on 11.07.2016

  18. I am a little drummer. I sit in the soft, green grass hitting a tan hide covered, hand made drum. Rump, rump, rump. I don’t make anything but noise, but it makes me happy. I like being happy. I get up and start marching. I march the way I see them do on TV. I am a little rusty, but I am a drummer in my mind.

    By Shasta on 11.07.2016