January 8th, 2011 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “respectable”

  1. she was attending the party
    all dressed up in black.

    Woman she once knew.
    But she never wanted to again.

    No respect
    for the once respectable.

    By Baillie URL on 01.08.2011

  2. It’s not respectable to cry. But right now my lashes are standing out, thick with tears and my eyes are a deep green. My aunt recently killed herself. That’s not respectable. My mom likes to blame me for everything, I’m not respectable. I’m stupid and small and I sometimes want to drown myself in the bathtub. A very non-respectable way of dying.

    But tomorrow I’ll pretend to be respectable again and maybe things will be better.

    By Andelia URL on 01.08.2011

  3. No respectable person would have done or said or thought what he did, what he finally did after looking in the mirror this morning. That he even contemplated it showed just how sick of a person he was. running his hands through his hair brought the idea to his mind…I can do do it he thought, I can be respectable…he then went and got his machete.

    By chole URL on 01.08.2011

  4. don’t let the neighbours see you with the lights on and the curtains…open.

    By eunmal URL on 01.08.2011

  5. is something that i would like yo be but its just so hard sometimes. i like the darkness and the darkness likes me. I try though. At least on the outside i seem respectable. On the in side its different

    By Patrick Kane on 01.08.2011

  6. I am quite respectable looking for someone else quite respectable. Not filled with the hungry hazy horridness of you. No more grimy and grungy. No more secrets of alleyways and lurking haunting figures. Just something repsectable. Just milkshakes with two straws and tuxuedos and multiple forks and knives. Something neat. Something reliable.

    By jenna on 01.08.2011

  7. are you respectable? what is respect. a bigger question may be how to earn it from others. is self-respect or respect from others more important? i say self-respect for no-one can respect you, until you do yourself.

    By Shawney on 01.08.2011

  8. respectable, well its certainly a word, quite a longish one, and its descriptive and stuff, but what does it describe? Well it means that you’re someone people can both like and look up to I suppose. I met a respectable man once, he wasn’t a politician though, they’re rarely respectable. Vince Cable used to be but now he’s in power, shame really. Am I respectable? Well probably not, I’m hardly universally liked and hardly worth looking up to.

    By Richard Parfitt URL on 01.08.2011

  9. You seem to be a respectable sort of man, and so I hate to have to tell you this, but I can’t be seen with you. We cannot have any sort of friendship or associate with one another in any way. I am betrothed, and as far as my parents are concerned that means that I am to have no other male relations outside of family whatsoever. So while I thank you for your interest, I really must be going.

    By Julia A. URL on 01.08.2011

  10. This is indeed a respectable hat. I wonder how many places I can wear it? To church, definitely. What about to the zoo? Maybe not. However, it is always stylish to be respectable in public.

    By Laura URL on 01.08.2011

  11. respectable

    By Jane Devin URL on 01.08.2011

  12. What is respectable. a good amount? something to be proud of? someone dear in your life… I think I am respectable are you respectable? just curious.

    By Alyssa URL on 01.08.2011

  13. Respectable is what they called him. A respectable young man. Just right for me too. No one, not even me, realized who he really was. A lying thieving jerk that beat me up and gambled away my family’s fortune.

    By The Freak in the Corner on 01.08.2011

  14. The image of a man in a black tuxedo holding his monocle against his eye comes to mind.

    By amelthecamel URL on 01.08.2011

  15. The image of a man in a black tuxedo holding a monocle against his eye comes to mind.

    By amelthecamel URL on 01.08.2011

  16. They said he was a respectable young man. That’s what I thought he was too. We were all wrong. He beat me up and gambled away my family’s fortune. How’s that for respectable?

    By The Freak in the Corner on 01.08.2011

  17. The woman was very respectable in both wealth and beauty, however, it was quite impossible for her to see how. She saw herself as homely and middle class, but still better off than most.

    By Gingerella URL on 01.08.2011

  18. What a respectable man. What a man who walks into the brothel at nine in the afternoon. What a kind of man. He licks his lips and moves to the door.

    By Suwa URL on 01.08.2011

  19. The larger boy hawked and spat a respectable distance- into the middle of the street. The younger boy was intimidated, but hawked up his mightiest and spat it. . . directly into the driver’s side window of a passing car. They both gave looks of dismay and tore off across the neighbors’ lawns, praying they wouldn’t be caught.

    By Jilly Beane URL on 01.08.2011

  20. Respectable. That one word haunts me. Be respectful, dress respectfully. For just once I wish he would show some other emotion. Always so kind. I wish he would be a bad influence on someone.

    By Nora on 01.08.2011

  21. Walking upright with honor and qorth

    By Danielle Glaze on 01.08.2011

  22. Walking in honor and worth!

    By Danielle Glaze on 01.08.2011

  23. He’s a respectable man. A good job, decent apartment all to himself. He only drinks socially, never to real drunkeness. He only enters serious relationships, and they all end well. Then he meets Theresa. One great night, then she disappears from his life. The perfection breaks away three months later when she calls to tell him she’s pregnant.

    By Katie F. URL on 01.08.2011

  24. the man was respectable. good, designer clothes, a big, fancy car and home. most of all, a beautiful wife and daughter, and a very handsome son.everyone in Bakersfield respected John Miller and the Miller family, for they were the light in the dark hold of evil and suffering. they were the hope that had been yet to be discovered.

    By Bree URL on 01.08.2011

  25. grandmother parents elder people
    people with knowledge, power
    people I admire
    my room
    my personal space

    By lida on 01.08.2011

  26. what isn’t respectable. everybody respects something. some people, i’m sure, even respect the act of disrespecting.

    also it’s a portmanteau of respect and table, as in:

    What kind of table does Aretha Franklin eat off of?

    By ben on 01.08.2011

  27. People earn respect, it is not just given away freely. Some people can get respect more readily than others…why? The believe they deserve it, some know they deserve it. It takes trust and respect of yourself to get respect from others.

    By Courtney on 01.08.2011

  28. respectable a persona we must adopt to function in todays socitey we all wish to be respectable in the eyes of other especially of those us. to be hon

    By Tam on 01.08.2011

  29. I know who’s respectable. People who just have to get through everything and instead of saying it, they help others to get through. They never talk about it. They do NOT create shit to have more to complain about.

    By Gene on 01.08.2011

  30. The word respectable is a good words. It means many different things. There are so many ways to categorize this word. It means different things to different people. Who ever really knows what respectable means.

    By katherine Hunziker on 01.08.2011

  31. I often wonder what’s the point in being respectable…seems like you could miss out on an awful lot just to come across as respectable. Why not be mischievous instead.

    By Lolly on 01.08.2011

  32. None of my recent choices have been respectable. I have thrown away an excellent career. I am considering throwing away much more. While the end goal is noble I have a lot of guilt about where I am. It’s not respectable to end up where I am.

    By Disorderly URL on 01.08.2011

  33. I am respectable because I act properly according to what society wants. i am a Chinese librarian and i am proud i went beyond my cultural barrier and moved into a suitable profession, and i would like to thank Nick Welch.

    By Emily Payne on 01.08.2011

  34. This respectable person I have fallen for has fallen from their pedestal. NO ONE stay there forever. They always want to be held up high where they can see everyone scramble around below, fearing what they might do next.

    By Liz on 01.08.2011

  35. She ran up to the girl, who sat by herself. The girl’s name was Lisa. She was never talked to by any of the classmates, but she was very respectable. Mary sat by Lisa in a state of wonderment, and a small “Hi.” left her mouth.

    By Grace on 01.08.2011

  36. Respectable….what else can one say about a person like you? You do everything by the book. Never make the wrong turns. And yet I still can’t find time to fall in love with the person you’ve really become. The person behind the facade you’ve built up around you.

    By Liz URL on 01.08.2011

  37. Respectable young ladies don’t kiss and tell. Respectable young men hold open the doors and walk on the street side of the sidewalk and pay for the young lady’s meal. What happened to chivalry?

    By Anna on 01.08.2011

  38. a thing that most are not. I sure as hell don’t seem to be a person of the kind, nor do I think any people my age are. Some old people are, they have more experience and less time so it makes sense they should treat people better. We, the young and restless, have no time to ponder the effects of our actions.

    By Ivo on 01.08.2011

  39. somebody high in power. police. the queen. prime minister. a parent. an idol. somebody setting a good example. not many people are respectable. it is hard to be respectable. showing respect is obviously respectable.

    By Lisa on 01.08.2011

  40. i dunno. it just seems like people aren’t these days. i wish there were rules, and that they were obvious. maybe then people would know. not that they would respect them anyways i guess.

    By Shayne on 01.08.2011