July 5th, 2009 | 88 Entries

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88 Entries for “reserved”

  1. I’ve reserved the best for you. I’ve given all I had to give, and yet here I find I’ve reserved the very best for you. My best smiles, and my warmest hugs, and my most loving sighs. Let’s open ‘er up, my reserve is ripe and it’s a good year!

    By Tyler on 07.06.2009

  2. her laugh was full-bodied and rich, never the reserved form she was told was far more acceptable to young women of that time. it spoke of all she was; warm, loving, happy with life.

    thankfully, she never did succumb to the dictates of her mother, never losing that huge guffaw that was hers and hers alone.

    it’s what i still remember when i think back–glad i inherited it, mindful only of what i am laughing about when i let loose, and not what people think of the sound.

    By quin browne on 07.06.2009

  3. he walked to the table and took my hand, ” this night is reserved to you snd only you” i told him i loved him as we walked on the beach and he kissed my sweetly on the lips

    By nicole on 07.06.2009

  4. I reserved the court for tennis . Then I sprained my foot and couldn’t play. Reservations are like curses. Can’t always get them

    By Chris G on 07.06.2009

  5. Im reserved. Hah. More like isolated. I keep my thoughts, my words, my self to myself.
    They say I can be scary,
    Why? Because I don’t speak when I think.
    I don’t yell when I’m angry.
    Because I have strong convictions…
    Morals I have never attempted to purge on another being..
    But a chance,
    I will never get.
    Im judged before Im even looked at.

    By misunderstood on 07.06.2009

  6. idk… reserved.. first thing that comes to mind is reserved seating.

    … yeah… sorry this one sucks. ahahhaha…

    the only vowel is e…
    thats weird

    By marie on 07.06.2009

  7. He walked into the store and immediately stopped. Looking slowly side to side he turned left. He came to his favorite isle. It was a wall of beer. Which one should he chose?

    By Andrew on 07.06.2009

  8. He was for me. That was what my mom told me. That that puppy was all for me, ONLY for me. Why then was that other girl taking him home? Had mommy lied? I look up into her face and see the tears, then I know. Nothing is going to be reserved just for us any more. The times have changed.

    By Callie Angle on 07.06.2009