May 30th, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “reporter”

  1. Reporters they report he truth but they are also filled with lies that can effect are perspectives and thoughts greatly.

    By rachel huffcutt on 05.30.2012

  2. They like to get information and share the information they obtain with whomever seems interested and even may nt be interested.

    By Chloe on 05.30.2012

  3. Vinny started to sweat profusely as he awaited the arrival of Ms. Veto, the lady who was about to disclose the dirty details between her and the businessman that Vinny was about to wreck. Where was she? She’s never this late, Vinny thought. Vinny turned around to see the breaking news report flashing across the small tv screen: young brunette, fair skin, and mole on upper left lip found dead. Shit, that was her.

    By Wyatt on 05.30.2012

  4. There is a reporter on my television screen. just saing whatever comes into her mind or into her earpiece. giving a commentary on the world around her, while her biases and the biases of her company are unvariably coming through as well. I dont like reporters, but thats just me. I would hate to have to devote my life to television’s whims.

    By Megan on 05.30.2012

  5. Reporter wind chill high strung coffee splash whiplash van, bumping, along a road dirty with secrets and stories with curled tongues to unfold without an iron but a camera, grainy.

    By Koby on 05.30.2012

  6. There was a man sipping coffee in the cafe across the road, but my gaze looked past him. I was focused on the reflection in the glass behind him. He had an odd tattoo on the back of his bald head, and I couldn’t quite make out what it was from this distance. I knew that the proof of my story lay in this man…and his odd tattoo.

    By Ruthy on 05.30.2012

  7. the reporter tapped her pen against her lip in frustration, nothing was making sense, nothing was going right. How could everything fall apart so quickly?

    By KelCee Bonneau on 05.30.2012

  8. reporter. a reporter is a person who reports, they write reports and report with rapport, when they recieve reports they report on them which is important, but not reportant. that isnt a word.

    By Leo Liles on 05.30.2012

  9. The reporter walked stealthily down the street. While he was only a reporter, he secretly wanted to be something more. He wanted to be a detective. He took his job seriously but always looked for the story. Looked deeply. Often, it got him in trouble.

    By Sara on 05.30.2012

  10. That dang reporter would not leave me alone! Did he think I actually had any other infomration about the issue! He’d already sucked me dry of my memory lf the incident. No, Mr. Whatever you introduced yourself as, the longer you rap on my door, or chase me with a camera crew at your heel will not increase the chances of me remember anything new.

    By Sarah on 05.30.2012

  11. The man watches the scene unaware of the reality
    He does nothing but take note of the beating
    A selfish act!
    He keeps it to himself, never realizing that what he is a witness to,
    Is the end of someone’s life

    By Allissa on 05.30.2012

  12. That dang reporter would not leave me alone! He had already pestered me countless times about the incident, and I was incapable of producing any new information! But would he leave me alone? No. Of course not. For some reason he was under the impression that the lobger he rapped on my door or followed me around with a camera crew at his heel, the more likely it would be that I would miraculously be able to recall further information. Sorry, Mr. Whatever tou introduced yourself as, no can do.

    By Sarah on 05.30.2012

  13. They spread the word; they share the news. Often, they’re good looking, so as to attract viewers. The successful, famous ones, well…they make a lot of money. But most of them don’t. I suppose it’s a good job – lots of exposure to new things!

    By LOVATIC on 05.30.2012

  14. The reporter stood in the pouring rain outside Mandrake Industries, waiting to speak to the elusive Dr. Drew Stafford. Suddenly a vortex opened and everybody died in pain the end and also there were superheroes aw fuck.

    By Ryan Quinn URL on 05.30.2012

  15. There once was a really hipster reporter with a typewriter and big glasses. She sat at the coffee shop and wrote her mystery stories all day.

    By Stephanie on 05.30.2012

  16. There once was a reporter who teared up so much, at the sight of the seen she had to write about. She couldn’t believe her eyes, she couldn’t believe the pain and the sadness that was produced from this scene. She wanted so much to be able to help those people, but knew she couldn’t.

    By Christy on 05.30.2012

  17. Someone who reports the news….or gossip…..or what happened in your backyard last night…or a crap friend who tells your every last secret.

    By liza jeffers on 05.30.2012

  18. The reporter asked maaaad questions doe, bitch made me wonder to myself what i was doin. Dafuq? I was defendin ma self a tthe time, feel me? Now dis chiq tryna make me feel dumb? Psh. Fall Back

    By Owen URL on 05.30.2012

  19. he had been hot on the trail of a new lead he had been working on feverishly for weeks and suddenly, the trail had gone cold. he sat back from his computer to light a cigarette and think for a few minutes. there had to be something he was not seeing in the material he had already gathered.

    By ryann URL on 05.30.2012

  20. The reporter did a news report.
    News reporters write for a newspaper.
    There are reporters on t.v.
    There are a lot of reporters.
    Reports sometime put their lives on the line to report dangerous stories.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.30.2012

  21. -Question! Question! Are you going to eat that sandwich?
    -You’re at home not at work, you dumbass!

    By bentu on 05.30.2012

  22. I’m the reporter today and it is going to be a bit cold with a couple of showers today. But on the other hand their is going to be sun for the rest of the week.

    By Shaun Irvine on 05.30.2012

  23. The havoc lay before the middle-aged woman, smoke still steaming up into the clouds. Firetrucks were already gathered outside the building, firemen frantically hosing down any stray conflagrations.
    The reporter shook her head sadly at the sight. This might probably make the front page, she thought.
    Four hundred were trapped.
    No survivors.

    By Tee on 05.30.2012

  24. nosy people who always intrude in other peoples business because they have nothing better to do, i mean what else would you do? could you ever imagine having a job where all you had to do all day is follow people around and write about their boring lives and never even get the chance to live yours… that’d really suck

    By Grace Lucas on 05.30.2012

  25. If I could do some things over again, I would be a reporter. I would report on different situations on behalf of those who have had their voices torn from them. The technical I would have to learn in school. The character and courage I would have to gain elsewhere.

    By mindydreamsdreams URL on 05.30.2012

  26. As a reporter I have to stare down the nose of senseless violence and crime evry day of my life. Most would find this depressing I find it rewarding I make peole aware of the dangers out in the world and in return I find that my life really isn’t so bad.

    By sharimar on 05.30.2012

  27. When I was in high school, I excelled in the school paper. With every story I wrote and news section I designed, I knew I wanted to be a reporter. But I grew up, realized how little about the world I really understood.

    By Ashi URL on 05.30.2012

  28. news. asks questions. delivers report. analyzes interviewee. makes people aware. i report to you, that a reporter interviews certian people to obtain information that is necessary to examine and make known to other poeple. uses media such as newspaper, blog, website and television to exploit such freedom of speech.

    By stheall on 05.30.2012

  29. One who takes information and broadcasts it to the word. One who notifies people about pending disasters. One who increases awareness about world issues. A reporter is essential in our world. We must know what is going on. A reporter braves the storm.

    By amy on 05.30.2012

  30. That reporter on the TV show I saw yesterday was terrible! He had no idea what he was talking about and he wasn’t even looking at the camera. I could do a better job.

    By Matt Gregg on 05.30.2012

  31. He was tall, bending around the trees to capture the essence of what otherwise would be missed. Intense, as the wild is. Cradling in one hand the instrument that would connect those who could not be here, to this moment.

    By Fe on 05.30.2012

  32. a reporter is a porson that is on the news he or she report the big story that has happened or is happening of is about to happen. it is a great why do see what is happing around the world of in australia.

    By huxley on 05.30.2012

  33. A reporter is someone who writes things about people

    Al’s writes artcles

    By Josh on 05.30.2012

  34. A reporter is someone who investigates a situation, be it a new breaking story or something from the past, and retells it in an interesting manner. The goal of a reporter is to suck people in, get them interested, and relay what they’ve learned in an unbiased and entertaining manner.

    By Amanda on 05.30.2012

  35. A reporter is some one who reports what happen in Vic

    By Darby on 05.30.2012

  36. The reporter hounded me day and night. I couldn’t find a moment of peace from the past with or without her incessant barrage of words. The camera in my face as soon as I left the safety of my home in the morning meant I was tired — tired, sore, and upset with the world. Slowly, my resolve to remain civil with this woman was plummeting to the level of nonexistent. If she kept this up, I wouldn’t be responsible for my own actions.

    By Emily on 05.30.2012

  37. A reporter is someone who informs people on current events. They can give vital information about small matters no if matters. News stations need to have reporters because they have good talking skills, and are not shy. They need t have a steady voice for the best result.

    By AnthonyRowan on 05.30.2012

  38. I saw a reporter on TV yesterday, reporting about the footy match. he said that Collingwood beat essendon in the last round then came brownlow night and it was “Collingwood defeated Essendon” 3 votes Chris Judd i said WHAT?????

    By Brodie on 05.30.2012

  39. Reporters are so good the way that they type up about useful and interesting stuff and put it in the news paper unless if there a news reporter and are on live tv then they just talk.

    By Matty on 05.30.2012

  40. a reporter is somepne who reports important stories and news, whether it is for the news on TV or the newspaper. If we didn’t have reporters, we wouldn’t have good news stories on either the TV or newspaper

    By Shaun P on 05.30.2012