October 20th, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “relate”

  1. I can relate to you.
    You may not know it, but I can.
    I understand what you’re going through.
    Even though I haven’t been though the exact same thing myself.
    I want to help you.
    I want to help you so badly it almost hurts.
    I want to be the one you come to for the good and bad.
    I want to be the one you turn to.

    By Rain URL on 10.20.2011

  2. it is easy to relate with someone when your heart thinks you will be together forever.
    however, when you hate someone, you will make your best to try and never relate to anything to do with that person— even if you are soulmates.

    By bananapony on 10.20.2011

  3. “I can relate to that,” I said as she explained why she couldn’t be in my life anymore. I guess I was just pretending to still be sensitive and still giving a flying fuck. However the reality was, and still is, that I made a deal with myself to never move backwards, ever. Including affairs of the heart.

    By gabe URL on 10.20.2011

  4. re: late

    By Bill G URL on 10.20.2011

  5. I can relate a lot of things to other things in my mind. Maybe that is how I learn so quickly?
    If I relate something to something else, though, will it necessarily make sense to you?
    My experiences are different, so I relate things differently.
    It is so confusing, but it kind of makes sense.

    By Danny URL on 10.20.2011

  6. Jensen just closed his eyes and tried to relate this experience to the last one, if he indeed had one before, or, if this one was at all real. And then he got stuck in a mental puzzle of wondering how he could relate to anything at all except just his own thoughts…

    By chole URL on 10.20.2011

  7. I am related to a lot of people. Some big and some small, some old and some young.

    By Shawna on 10.20.2011

  8. I have to relate to a lot of things. Like the weather and to my relatives. I like to have things for my birthday and that relates to me. I am not very good at this but I like to type and write stories. Maybe one day I will get a word that realy ignits my imagination. Man I cna’t type very well when I type so quickly. all this relates to nothing which means I should really be using my word to relate to something so I guessin a sense I am being relative.

    By Erin on 10.20.2011

  9. relate to me.. or to other for a simple interaction. relationships are based on how you relate to one another. relate to relate only like you know how. tie word called “relate” can mean things that you could never image. relate to something base on how they look or what they say.

    By shaunecishia on 10.20.2011

  10. He speaks. The words and phrases rush past my ears, brushing past my lobes, through the inside of my head, but never quite reaching a point of understanding. I can hardly bring myself to breathe in regular intervals, let alone process the words coming out of his mouth. I can’t relate to a single word. I can’t understand. I can’t hear.

    By tara URL on 10.20.2011

  11. i can relate to so many things. i can relate to your life story. i can relate to music that play around the entire world rather i know he language. to relate is to have an open mind to others

    By shaunecishia on 10.20.2011

  12. All of the world around us is full of nothing but constant strings of reactions and relations, cause and effect. Human nature may have strayed far from what we were originally pressed into, but the meaningfulness of relation to one another’s presence and feelings continues to be a source of comfort or stimulation through the years.

    By Stitchie on 10.20.2011

  13. i could touch my hands to your jaw,
    turn your gaze to
    the cold skin of my arms.

    these tears meant nothing to you.
    (but how could they when
    they meant nothing
    to me?)

    eyes so wide and view so narrow
    you saw nothing
    at all.

    By invinculis URL on 10.20.2011

  14. I can relate to that.
    Can you?
    Do you want to?
    Did you really try to think about how I think and feel before you jumped in and said that you can relate?
    What does it mean to relate? It’s supposed to say that you understand what another says but doesn’t it also mean that your problems aren’t special because I go through them too? Its a fine line.

    By Melissa on 10.20.2011

  15. I used every fine silken thread of my soul to relate to the individuals around me. But each night when I set my black-haired head on the cold pillow, pulled the duvet up to the scruff of my chin and exhaled the day’s worries into the sepia glow of my bedroom, I reminded myself . . . (not sure where I’m going with this).

    By Chris Rogers URL on 10.20.2011

  16. The strap snaps against flesh. Once. Twice. Three times, and then the pain is beyond counting. Every crop burning, chilling against bare skin.

    By emeyel URL on 10.20.2011

  17. Sadness swirls
    in my eyes.
    A deep depression
    that only can arise
    from decades
    of disappointment.

    The tiny glint of hope
    is dulled out, burnt out.
    Eyes glazed over like a shield,
    protecting me from pain.

    Walking down the street
    seeing all the smiling people
    wondering how they manage
    to ignite that spark.

    Then I see you.
    A single glance
    as our eyes lock
    for a second too long.
    Shock shoots through us
    as we realize we’re peering
    at a mirror image
    of each other.

    Eyes darkened with woe,
    mouths turned down
    like an anchor of gloom
    pulled the corners down.

    We are different,
    but our stories
    are the same.

    By zoe URL on 10.20.2011

  18. I canot relate
    I can
    not relate

    By Anita Cruse on 10.20.2011

  19. Relating to someone is how you connect with them, how you understand them, relating is essential to being human. You like unicorns? Me too. We just related.

    By Pamela on 10.20.2011

  20. I can’t relate to the single match in the room
    flickering, but still strong
    sharing all of its light
    and with enough energy to provide hope

    By LostAsleep URL on 10.20.2011

  21. How can you possibly relate to how I’m feeling? My home life is miserable.. everyday I count down till the day I can leave this desolate place. If ever there was a fake family it would be mine. Smiles and laughs are the show we put on but inside, is a far different story. We are no a family, we are not united as one but pitted against eachother and forced to live in close quarters. How can you relate, if you’ve never wittnessed this occur?

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 10.20.2011

  22. People are always judging the homeless. But have they ever lost a home? No. Have they lost everything they owned? No. So how can they point and laugh and make their lives worse? How can they relate to that pain?

    By Brianna on 10.20.2011

  23. I can’t relate to anyone, or anything. I feel so lonely. I can’t write.
    I feel pressured. STOP PRESSURING ME! Bye.

    By M on 10.20.2011

  24. We relate to clowns. We put on our masks and forget the person we are beneath it. We’ve been pretending for so long that I’m afraid our facades have become permanent.

    By stephaniewrites URL on 10.20.2011

  25. read
    through the window frame was a tall man, one who i’ve seen before but never spoken too, i think this was my chance now

    By mljh URL on 10.20.2011

  26. I can relate to you. We both have blonde hair.
    I can relate to you. We are cousins.
    I can relate to you. We both love animals.
    I can relate to you. We both love french fries.
    I don’t think I can relate to you – you don’t even know what the word relate means!

    By LIzzzy on 10.20.2011

  27. Relating to others is an interesting science. You can say that you relate or that you understand, but how can you ever really do such a thing? To be in the exact same circumstances…is it possible? I suppose the human condition allows it to be so.

    By Joslyn on 10.20.2011

  28. that moment when you realize that everything you’ve ever hoped for has no chance of happening? that you’re held your hopes up high for no reason what so ever? and in the end it only brought you more disappointment that you could have ever imagined possible. yeah, I can relate to that.

    By Haley URL on 10.20.2011

  29. It’s so hard. I don’t want to hate him, really, I don’t; I do my best to understand him. He’s the one who makes it impossible. Every time I feel like I can start to relate, one more idiotic remark needs to come out of his mouth to invalidate all the good again.

    By Entropy URL on 10.20.2011

  30. Your name lactates on my tongue, relationships turn through revolving doors, Turn too late

    By janine on 10.20.2011

  31. i can relate. i lied. how could i? she is foolish. there was actually no relationship to what she was saying and how I had ever felt or allowed myself to feel. so i do not relate. i should have said that. but instead i said what would make her feel better. not the truth.

    By button on 10.20.2011

  32. i dont get it?

    By alaa on 10.20.2011

  33. Parents relating with kids. Kids relating with parents. Rarely happens, but it is nice when it does. I guess it comes from being in a different generation. Things change. Well, we’ll always be related. See what I did there?

    By Tezcacoatl on 10.20.2011

  34. Like shoulder blades sliding out of place, dislocating. Scrape of bone against bone, sharp sudden jolt. I can’t relate to you. I can’t get how we’re so closely related and so far apart. Beneath us, the earth’s planes crash and collide and bundle their differences, cramped positions, barren blistering into sudden destructive expressions.

    By siobhan347 URL on 10.20.2011

  35. an inability to do this will ruin your life.

    By Erin on 10.20.2011

  36. “I can relate to you” she said.
    “No, no you can’t, just because you also lost a parent means nothing.” he started walking away.
    ‘Wait!” she called then ran to catch up.
    “What?” his voice was acidic.

    By Solanaceae URL on 10.20.2011

  37. everyone wants to relate to someone. it’s the basic human need that most of us are hung up on. whether its peer pressure, changing yourself to fit in, or finding people that are like yourself. relationships, whether intimate, platonic, familial, or any other type, are what most of us spend our time focusing on and striving for. Relating to others can cause us to become elated or destroyed, all dependent on the quality of our interactions.

    By alyssa on 10.20.2011

  38. relate everything to everyone
    we all have our own story to tell
    stories intertwined together
    in knots and kinks
    each one relative to the other

    By heather URL on 10.20.2011

  39. Heavy and slow and out of step walking parallel not touching being touched and the distance zooms even farther away and takes my ability to relate with it.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 10.20.2011

  40. it already says time’s up on my screen…..any way i already got this word. relate…..vkjdnknsknknvndk,snv nn im bad at thbis

    By Jessica on 10.20.2011