October 20th, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “relate”

  1. I could relate in more ways than one. Like he always chewed gum with his mouth closed. And he kept his hair up in one or two tufts, never more. He liked to ride his bicycle at night without a light. He wore one contact lens. He preferred cats over dogs. He died each night in bed and had to be revived by the gift of electricity. I could definitely relate.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.20.2011

  2. “I’m sorry, but I can’t really relate,” she said, wrinkling her nose.

    By Faeiri on 10.20.2011

  3. she was angry because everyone likes him, and she demands to know why. what is it about him that makes him so wonderful? why do the little girls fawn over him, and the older girls alike? this question is something i can relate to. ive had my fair share of wondering what draws me to somebody, even someone with practically no redeeming qualities on the surface. but this one, i have solved. because when he makes his music; when the guitar chords strum out from his fingers, and feeling pours from his lips, even i am drawn in, quickly and without doubt; and when the music stops i find it hard to get it out of my head.

    By Dulcie URL on 10.20.2011

  4. I dropped ten bucks in a parking lot. And I thought, well, whomever the wind takes you to, they will have a good moment, regardless of a bad day.

    By Jason URL on 10.20.2011

  5. One prose m
    dmill id f

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 10.20.2011

  6. do you relate with the world around you? i wish i did. but sometimes i can’t.
    in those moments, the world just comes to me and decides to be nice. people smile and cry in front of me.
    maybe i just don’t relate with myself.

    By labiossecos URL on 10.20.2011

  7. relative, ideas, people, information and so forth. if we relate more we may experience less feelings of disconnection to those around us. try it!

    By Hayley on 10.20.2011

  8. How do we relate to each other? It is funny that while some say that we are only six degrees appart from each other, sometimes it seems like we all grew up in different planets and just landed here by accident, doomed to live next to each other.

    By Felipe URL on 10.20.2011

  9. No one connects anymore. We look out at the world from behind glass, laminated anti-glare plastic, and think we’re relating to other human beings, but we’re really just desperate. For interaction. For face-to-face contact. We want to relate to others. In the end, we only end up distancing ourselves from those for whom we reach…

    By Kaylene Cole-Daughdrill URL on 10.20.2011

  10. Relate. As in understand, sympathize, don’t judge, accept me. As I am. Who I am.

    By Moiyahatake on 10.20.2011

  11. i can relate to this word, everyone can they jusrt don’t know it. most folks consider themselves islends- deep in their hearts but the fact remains that we are all related to Eve

    By nancy on 10.20.2011

  12. We can all relate to relations. People relate to relations all the time. Family relations, sexual relations (whether you had them or not), un-relations. It’s a slippery slope and that’s for sure, folks. But, keep your chins up, keep your head above the chunky charlie and remember: everything is relative

    By James Williamson on 10.20.2011

  13. we all should be able to relate to one another. We need to stop comparing because that is counter productive. Life isn’t a competition. We all face the same end.

    By annie URL on 10.20.2011

  14. I relate and I wait
    Wait for the date
    The one He has for me
    Joyfully I relate
    To the wait
    The wait and not the hate
    Of not taking the bait
    So I just wait
    For that perfect date

    Get it?

    By Me, It's Me!! Tehehe on 10.20.2011

  15. Relate. As in understand, sympathize, don’t judge, accept me. As I am. Who I am.

    By MoiyaHatake URL on 10.20.2011

  16. I can relate. Well, sometimes. I relate best to those I’m not related to. What’s up with that?

    By lily on 10.20.2011

  17. I can relate to things that have happened to me. Something that is upsetting to me can relate to events that have always hurt me, haunted me, made me want to cry. The word relationship comes from the word “realte”

    By Edge Zole on 10.20.2011

  18. I don;t relate to you. I don’t understand you and I wonder why you want to be around me. We’re so different in so many ways.

    By megan on 10.20.2011

  19. I remember them telling me ‘to relate’. I remember wanting to learn just what it meant, in that this vicarious notion seemed to keep others going, seemed to fuel them into suspicious energies that were far unknown to me in my sociopathic times.

    By Gary URL on 10.20.2011

  20. Please don’t shake my hand that hard. Relate?

    By vanhaydu URL on 10.20.2011

  21. relate – relationship – it’s a world full of people, full of relationships. Or we’re all related as in a family relationship – that can be warm, and give us a sense of identity, if we can trace it back to the beginning.

    By bearface URL on 10.20.2011

  22. Relationships. A word that seems to draw on the minds of the many, while keeping other at bay. I simply ask: why? Why must we be both afraid and simplified by this simple word? In true essence, we should not be.

    By Gary B. URL on 10.20.2011

  23. i can relate to people who have a drinking problem because I am an alcoholic. I can relate to people with PTSD because I have it as well. I can relate to people with anxiety because it plagues me too.

    By CeCe on 10.20.2011

  24. We Relate to each other from how close we are.

    By tori URL on 10.20.2011

  25. Relate means like if your related to someone.

    By cando URL on 10.20.2011

  26. Sometimes I simply cannot relate to other people’s feelings. I think of myself as a compassionate person, I believe I am quite empathic, but it turns out that I am unable to understand what a person can be going through in consequence to my actions.

    By Lady Leen URL on 10.20.2011

  27. Relate mean that you can relate as in if you are related to someone…. You relate to someone.

    By babyboo1232 URL on 10.20.2011

  28. I can relate to people who miss others very much. I don’t know the exact meaning of relate but i think it means to understand .

    By Chata97 URL on 10.20.2011

  29. Relate means you have bro or sister aunt uncle any thing like that.

    By cando URL on 10.20.2011

  30. He didn’t understand. Couldn’t she relate? Couldn’t she even try to bridge the widening gap between them? Just a few words, a few simple syllables was all it could possibly take.

    She wasn’t willing to cross that threshold? To offer him one small lifeline to cling to until they could find land?

    His eyes were cold when they met hers. “Fine,” he said, “I’ll take my leave. You can keep our things.”

    By nichole URL on 10.20.2011

  31. this is the closest thing to rejection i have ever faced
    i am shocked and sad
    it’s weird
    for me to feel this way
    for such an apathetic individual
    it really doesn’t matter
    i only went out with him once
    but he was different
    but it doesn’t matter
    it doesn’t matter
    can anyone relate?

    By jill URL on 10.20.2011

  32. I don’t know who I am related to because my grandma was adopted. I wonder who I am related to sometimes because I could already know them. I wish i knew!!

    By Drenna(: URL on 10.20.2011

  33. With your eyes i can relate. I find some pain, some love and fate.

    By leonardo on 10.20.2011

  34. The way we touch each other with our minds and empathy and soundless, weightless fingers of human feeling. I relate to you, you out there with the fingers numb from typing and the eyes hollowed and gaunt in the sheaths of your eyelids blackened from lack of sleep.

    By Catherine URL on 10.20.2011

  35. relations of past come back to coat future with anomalies. relations of words to one another intertwine to form poetry. “picture” books with mental pictures. everything in this universe relates to one another. we’re one.

    By Eva URL on 10.20.2011

  36. Sometimes I feel that others try to relate to me too strongly. It doesn’t take long for them to spill their secrets, give us the comparisons, I don’t enjoy that though. I sometimes long for silence. For time. For the chance to be creative. I’m sure you can relate.

    By Michelle URL on 10.20.2011

  37. It took her a long time to get to a point where she could relate to the other animals in the woods. To be honest her father hadn’t been very encouraging.
    “They’re just different from us, too many legs or not enough! What would you even have to say to them?”
    Jerry changed that.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 10.20.2011

  38. It’s relatable… I guess. No not really, I mean a stalker and a FaceBook page that isn’t yours. Well, the stalker is, almost. It’s almost unreal that it’s happening, but no pinch will wake me up.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.20.2011

  39. He thought that she would relate the two events. He also thought her lipstick was orange. The lipstick was salmon, and the correlation between his mother and her brother didn’t interest her.

    By madowe URL on 10.20.2011

  40. It’s just, I recently got out a bad relationship too. I can relate.

    – She’s the Man <3

    By Allie URL on 10.20.2011