November 17th, 2016 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “recover”

  1. Recovering something that i lost in the past. Something tat i remembered all time and i need it. Recover a feeling a good sensation in the past

    By Dante URL on 11.17.2016

  2. Recover is a great word. Recover means a lot to a lot of people. It can tell you stories and life experiences of people. Recovery and recover are essentially the same words. People recover from their lives or try to everyday. It is a difficult but hero-like journey. Recover means a lot of things to a lot of people. To recover can be a wonderful thing. Whether it is recovering from drugs and alcohol abuse or of similar nature.

    By Ali on 11.17.2016

  3. I am still recovering its been two months but i still find myself imagining us on our way to your favorite coffee shop to get The World’s Best Sandwich under a grey sky in silence and you look at me and we don’t say a word and it’s perfect and not happy but perfect and I’m still recovering from not having that, not seeing your face before I go to sleep and not knowing there is someone out there who thinks I’m beautiful when I wake up in the morning.

    By Emma Meyerson on 11.17.2016

  4. It’s the longest road;
    not all the bricks are yellow.
    Some are cracked and worn,
    others teeter under your feet.
    The ones that are shattered,
    they can’t hold you…
    You read every sign,
    ‘Recovery 126km’
    a distance that never shrinks.
    You’ve chosen the path least traveled by,
    and gone astray time after time.
    Now dust the dirt off your shoes,
    brush the leaves from your hair,
    and get back on the path.
    Racing against all odds,
    the worst weather held inside of you,
    cloudy days and rainstorms,
    followed by only seconds of sunlight.
    Those who reached their destination,
    they’ll tell you it’s hard.
    You’ll learn to persevere,
    and before you it,
    love, you’ll be here.

    By Lexy on 11.17.2016

  5. It took Sheldon quite a while to recover and get his breath back after I had sucker punched him in the gut. Once we were done talking to the principal, I knew he’d never bother me again. I had been able to handle him calling me a “dyke” rapid fire like a homophobic machine gun, but insulting my crush just was too much for me. Besides, she asked me out on a date afterward, so yeah, that rocked.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.17.2016

  6. *brain fart*

    By Andrew on 11.17.2016

  7. I don’t like RECOVER
    it is extra power used
    to get back to start

    I prefer instead
    to not need to recover
    by never falling

    to not become sick
    and need not waste time to heal
    to plan and succeed
    I lied in bed, warm
    fell asleep, now I wake, cold
    I’ll recover up

    By ! HaikU-MaN ! on 11.17.2016

  8. It always takes a while to recover. And it’ll still hurt afterwards. No matter what, it’ll stay, it’ll linger, it’ll fester under your skin until you can’t handle any more. But trying to speed a recovery up– It’ll only make it more painful in the long run. You’ll always be able to remember how good it felt, or how amazingly optimistic you were before the incident. And you’ll want to go back to it… But at the same time, you’ll be moving on. And recovering from making that decision is honestly complete bullshit. But you can’t stop recovery, and you can’t finish it up in an hour. Just allow it to happen. Allow it to /be/. It’ll take you places you’ve never been for. Thank you, recovery.

    By Lucian Haigonvire on 11.18.2016

  9. “you won’t be able to play again.”

    she sits, head buried in her hands, eyes dry and out of tears to shed. she looks up at a beep from her phone, and she picks it up with a shaking hand to see the message.

    gisele!: hey, you haven’t been coming to school the past few days, is your leg holding you up? will you come to practice when you can?

    she falls down sideways on her bed, laughing harshly, and types out a lie.

    elise: yeah, sure. i’ll recover.

    By lynn on 11.18.2016

  10. it is an impossible dream that will never happen– the recovery of the smile you once trapped in your ribcage. the recovery of the smile that made your heart beat.

    do you remember the songs all the angels sung? ‘it shall always get better’. ‘it shall always get better’. maybe they thought if they repeated it long enough, it would be true.

    those angels are long since dead.

    By anothershadowbox on 11.18.2016

  11. I am always in recovery. Day in and day out. Nobody told me that eating disorders were this complex. I decided if I stopped looking at calories and just ate whatever I wanted I would recover, right? Wrong. Recovery isn’t eating whatever you want. It’s learning to eat in a healthy way AND eating whatever you want. Fuck ED.

    By Paige B on 11.18.2016

  12. Don’t let it drop! they said, and she didn’t, managed to recover it in her palms like it had always been there. Impressive girl.

    By Zoe URL on 11.18.2016

  13. My sister had ankle reconstruction surgery a couple of months ago. She has had this surgery on her right foot and it was successful, so now she`s getting it on her left foot. Now all she has to do is wait for it to recover!

    By homeschooler on 11.18.2016

  14. She didn’t know what to do. It hurt so much. He was everything to her. He made her world shine so brightly and gave her life meaning. How would she go on. How could she recover? She’s too broken to know how.

    By Mari on 11.18.2016

  15. There is a possibility that a hurricane will form along the Atlantic Ocean hitting a category 5.

    By Michael Del Castillo on 11.18.2016

  16. In-order-to recover you have to want it mentally. Recovering is mainly mental and partly physical. Whether it’s an injury, an accident, an illness, or an addiction; recovery is tough. Tough, but your choice.

    By ash on 11.18.2016

  17. we

    By EllieBellie1012 on 11.18.2016

  18. ive recovered fully from my alcoholism, no that is a lie, i am in recovery from my alcoholism. now i drink coffee while trying to remain a turtle because the tortoise always wins against the hare that is meth in life.

    By coffeeturtle on 11.18.2016

  19. I breathe without pain for the first time in months. My head feels clear. I can hear the voices around me. My mother is crying. I know now I have recovered, but I don’t know what I have recovered from.

    By anna on 11.18.2016

  20. I’m still sick. But I will recover. Drinking my licorice tea, and somehow it reminds me of sunlight on fields of hay. Boys for Pele was re-released today, and I’ll be going again on this journey.

    By B on 11.18.2016

  21. you get over something
    on the outside, but still
    you get past it
    it hurt you but it’s done now
    don’t cry over spilled milk

    By Hannah on 11.18.2016

  22. I’ve never thought that I’d recover this ancient family relic.
    It’s not an item, but a thought.
    A thought of victory.
    Of bravery.
    Our family heir.

    By anonymous on 11.18.2016

  23. you get over it
    put on a happy face
    it’s not true but it fools them

    don’t cry over spilled milk
    it was painful
    but it’s done

    By Pandyfish on 11.18.2016

  24. Even though you feel like you cant reach your dreams because someone is making you feel like you cant. Just get back up and recover.

    By kyla on 11.18.2016

  25. Das Leben schlägt zu –
    immer und immer wieder.
    Wenn du am Boden bist –
    dann legt das Leben noch eins drauf.
    Glaubt es wirklich –
    du kannst das alles ertragen?
    Glaubt es wirklich –
    du kannst dich davon erholen?
    Aber vielleicht hat es recht.
    Vielleicht geht es einfach nur ums überleben.

    By Anuri URL on 11.18.2016

  26. She was trying. Trying so hard to forget about him. But she couldn’t.

    Because no girl could ever forgot Bennet Knox.

    By kimberly URL on 11.18.2016

  27. “I need to recover from the youth trip.” I said. “I am still soar from all the walking, and I am still emotional from Bethel.” My friend Max said “Yeah! Me too! The ignite 2016 tour was amazing.”

    By Samantha on 11.18.2016

  28. The pavement ate into his bone as the Skeleton King flew from his ride. He was trying to impress his little lady but ended up looking like a fool. Of course, no one would see it since she flew even further and wasn’t wearing a helmet. It may take awhile to recover.

    By Rover on 11.18.2016

  29. People are so lucky to recover their health after an illness that seemed hopeless. People who have lost things that are special to them and recover them are lucky. To re

    By Monica Meyers URL on 11.18.2016

  30. “He’ll recover, but the brain damage was extensive.”
    “Are you sure he’ll be the same person when he wakes up?”
    “I hope so.”
    Kylo Ren only nodded. Dr. Autrati was the best neuroscientist in the galaxy.

    By Shadow Writer on 11.18.2016

  31. there is no recovering from this
    this poison that has stayed with me since a fateful day
    a fateful day i cannot remember
    cannot remember truly being happy
    happy with life, with myself, with anything
    anything can change apparently
    apparently except getting away from there
    there is no recovering from this
    this pain, this sadness, this depression that plagues me now and always

    By vanikey on 11.18.2016

  32. There were wounds on his skin that she could not see, would never see, would never heal or know or touch or mend in any way beyond mourning that he bore them at all. And yet, how he would smile at her, gaze fondly at her, and say, “The best way any man could hope to recover is in your company.”

    By Krist on 11.18.2016

  33. There’s no sense to the ticking. Blood doesn’t sound as it passes through yuou, but miniscule moment by breath-filled momenbt, her body is healing. She imagines she can see it. Little cells growing together, producing new ones. But the heart is not physical, it’s psychological. What does it like when new pathways form? Is there memory tissue?

    She pauses, wondering how long it takes before the hurt in her head disappears. What separates this moment and that breath three months, two months, six from now when she realizes with alacrity that the path through the woods aren’t dark and scraping brambled filled memory lane. It’s sunny now, or it will be. Not the everclear sun of open fields, or wide forested lanes, but the dappled sun. She doesn’t know the minds – she wonders at them – but the shadow resonates like sun kissed skin.

    By Dara on 11.19.2016

  34. I wanted a new word to discover
    but the word here is still recover
    I hope when I next break here
    a new word would have appeared

    An alle deutschen Schriftsteller hier, weiter mit dem vielfaltigen Schreiben auf dieser Seite.
    Einige schreiben auf Italienisch, so kann ich mit dem Lesen auch das uben.

    Adieu und gut ( Tageszeit, wo sie sind )

    By R. Saggio on 11.19.2016

  35. When I first woke up, I thought I was blind. All I could see was white, a huge haze. After some minutes, things began to clarify themselves.

    By Emma Stofferahn on 11.19.2016

  36. Rest, relax, recoup, heal. Make sure you’re taking time out for yourself physically and emotionally.
    Without recovery there can be no successful progress.

    By Ashika Chandnani on 11.19.2016

  37. As I recover from the persistent cold, the normalcy comes back. There will be less screaming at the kids, the insane layers of clothing will be back to their home.

    By Nandana Bommareddy on 11.19.2016

  38. and it’s slow, and painful, and the end is so far beyond your fingertips you think the pads of your thumb may never brush it, but it’s coming. Has anyone ever said recovery is easy? To recover is to rebuild with no materials, no blueprints, no idea. The architect is lost, so, so lost, but they are still an architect, and architects build.

    By Tressa on 11.19.2016

  39. The stumble was in the open for all to see. He tried to recover, regain his composure and pretend it never happened. But they saw. And they laughed. And he felt the heat of shame and embarrassment envelop him when he learned she saw as well.

    By P on 11.19.2016

  40. the sadness overwhelms sometimes. the need to repeat old habits and old memories. but i know that i can do it. they think to recover means to go back to who you were before. but that can never happen. you become someone else. someone better.

    By Daisy Leason on 11.19.2016