September 13th, 2011 | 454 Entries

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454 Entries for “rally”

  1. a school pep rally is really fun. Because the whole school gets together and

    By Laura on 09.14.2011

  2. i dont know what it mean

    By cookie on 09.14.2011

  3. im in the business of misery lets take it from the top shes got a body like an hour glass its ticking like a clock
    its a matter of time before we all run out when i thought she was mine he caught her by the mouth io waited eight long months he finally set her free i told her fi couldnt lie she was the only one for me two weeks in we caught on fire
    shes got it out for me now but i wear the biggest smile

    By Jon-Michael on 09.14.2011

  4. It’s against time, as much words as I can put in this screen will get me closer to accomplishing the task. “don’t think” you could clearly read in the instructions, is it possible? . The purple bar is almost there.

    By Alonso Cedeño on 09.14.2011

  5. a group of people fighting

    By raven thomas on 09.14.2011

  6. I believe it is a stupid term for a giant group of people. And that sounds like alley

    By Frankie on 09.14.2011

  7. when you bring people together and when people say what they want to say and pump them up for a sport and when u want to do something the word is weird

    By chris thompson on 09.14.2011

  8. when alot of people come together for a cause. it can be for any event ect. fjhdhfufegioregifioefgioerioerjefiudfiuheriuheiewrihhioeiohehioehfehuefiuhefwhihuiffehuhufwhufuhigehhuuruiwiuruiruiouireiuighugriuhehfruihefhuruhihiurhrhrhhiueruhihuiuhiehudsthuhfehfjehfhhhdhhhrhhghk

    By luis on 09.14.2011

  9. a pep rally comes to mind when this is used. they often mean loud annoying things where people get together to celebrate random stuff. they’re kind of fun because you get out of class. also you can do crazy stuff with your friends.

    By Nataly Love' on 09.14.2011

  10. I’m not quite sure what exactly the word means but i do know that it starts with an “r”. I don’t know what else to write about this word!

    By kaitlyn on 09.14.2011

  11. A rally is something like a pep rally because its an event of people coming together.

    By Dequan on 09.14.2011

  12. I’m sick of seeing this stupid word. They should have more than one word a day. Than, then, they’re their, there, effect, affect, how do people not know the difference? They should be poked with sticks. ooh, more time!! let us type randomly…. keep smilingC: zombies do NOT HAVE RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Kayla on 09.14.2011

  13. starts with an R. I don’t know what it means. Has 2 Ls I really really don’t know what this word means. I don’t know what else to write.

    By gabby on 09.14.2011

  14. i dont know

    By cookie on 09.14.2011

  15. The rally cars at the race track revved their engines and a bolt of energy ran through the crowd. The day was a bright, sunny day and the American Rally Car classic was in full swing.

    By Kalyn on 09.14.2011

  16. fun

    By mahaalakshmi on 09.14.2011

  17. Today I have to rally for my family. they are having a harder time this coming month. My mother called me practically crying. Things arent going well for the business and my parents relationship is falling apart. All we can do is pray and hope for the best. I am just starting my first job and realize how blessed I am to have one. I need to start showing my bosses what I am capable of and why i am worthy to be here.

    By Wally URL on 09.14.2011

  18. I would tell you to rally behind me. I would tell your friends and family to rally behind me. I would tell the whole world to rally behind me. But what would be the cause. For what cause would we die for?

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 09.14.2011

  19. It was just like a game of tennis, but instead of a ball, we were rallying words. Yours, then mine, then back to you. I’d miss a point you try to make, but you would also miss mine. It was never-ending and I no longer knew what we were doing. I didn’t understand it much. Just like tennis.

    By Kai URL on 09.14.2011

  20. I rally myself for the finish, knowing what she is about to tell me. This cannot be, this just cannot be, I tell myself. But it can. Almost anything can be if we allow it to live in the realm of possibility.

    By foggyclue URL on 09.14.2011

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    By Sam on 09.14.2011

  22. I like rally cars. They are fun to watch them race. It is fast fun and furious. Sticks and stones go flying as the cars race down the tracks in the middle of nowhere. Someday I would like to ride in one, during a race.

    By MomOf WOW on 09.14.2011

  23. We rally together with those we agree with. But to those we do not agree with we rally against. Is this fair? Is this how we should live life? I want to rally with those who i truly believe in not those who I rally with because im worried about there opinions of me…

    By Sydney on 09.14.2011

  24. Rally brings to mind “rally the troops”. To come together with others for a common cause. Being unified for a common purpose, even though there may have been disagreements or other issues in the past.

    By Jen Harris URL on 09.14.2011

  25. We rallied our troops together, and as they swam forward, through the mud and the grimy filth of a swamp that was really no more than a glorified sewer (with more alligators), we looked at each other.
    And although we were close to death, I knew we were alive.

    By Siege URL on 09.14.2011

  26. Rhetorical rally,
    tumble through the alley.

    By Marianne URL on 09.14.2011

  27. I’ve never been to a rally, well actually I guess I have. The Ann Arbor Hash Bash may be considered a rally of sorts. Most people there are advocates for the legalization of marijuana. So then yes I have been to a rally, I change my answer.

    By Natalie URL on 09.14.2011

  28. rally. What is a rally? Espression? Ideas? Snow? You can espress what you need to. Stand up for your rights.

    By BillyGoat URL on 09.14.2011

  29. Get together. Fight. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand behind your fellow man or woman. Stand next to the ones who stand with you.Rally the troops.

    By Rosie Waters on 09.14.2011

  30. we started a revolution
    while listening to the beatles,
    and i pretended i liked their music,
    but really i think they’re overrated.
    your favorite album is revolver,
    but they just make me want to put one to my head.
    we were at a youth rally
    against drugs and drinking,
    but the leaders got high in the bathrooms
    and OD’d on stage.

    By michelle michelle michelle URL on 09.14.2011

  31. I was sitting at the prep rally, when all of a sudden, out of the blue I see him. He is standing on the sidelines watching me. Our eyes meet. I look away. I can’t bring myself to look at him again. When i look back, he is gone, the moment is gone. It’s gone, but at least it happened.

    By Maddie on 09.14.2011

  32. I begin to rally my senses, bracing for the day ahead. I know it will be tough, but I don’t have to to pause and adjust. I just have to keep going, pressing forward despite my fears and despite the pain I know may come. It’s desperate, I know, but I will survive.

    By Heidi on 09.14.2011

  33. I must rally myself to face the diet ogre once again!

    By Judi URL on 09.14.2011

  34. They were expecting the rally at dawn. It was going to be headed by Stevens, who had come up with the idea in the first place. Everyone was unsure. The decision had been made in desperate haste, with the hopes of salvaging just a little ground and some damaged pride.

    By Jacqueline on 09.14.2011

  35. In High School the best days were Rally Days. They were held in the Quad an outdoor circular depression in the middle of the school. I never attended them I always took the opportunity to go hang out with other friends who never attended either.

    By tgodiva URL on 09.14.2011

  36. I rally against your oppressive mouth.
    I loathe you piercing eyes that makes my soul cringe.
    Shame on you protector of the mind.
    You have abused your position.
    You have hurt us all.

    By sayuri URL on 09.14.2011

  37. Rally is the word similar to belly, when you will be in a rally, you will loose your belly, So be participate in Rally.

    By Sreedhar Thokala on 09.14.2011

  38. Rally around the Family. One of the best Rage Against the Machine songs. Rally reminds me of people coming together for a common cause. Usually a positive thing, but sometimes negative and sometimes both depending on which side of the fence you’re on…

    By CHip on 09.14.2011

  39. The group gathered around an Oak tree felled by the storm. They didn’t have signs, or tee shirts. They didn’t have megaphones or loud speakers. There was nothing but a group of teenagers, sitting quietly at the bottom. “What are you sitting here for anyway?” asked a passerby. One girl didn’t even look up, and simply said, “We’re rallying for someone to remember us.”

    By kaeelle URL on 09.14.2011

  40. get together cheer for your team wave banners and flags and all gather ’round for the fun. We’re going to win! Yes ! Yes! Yes!! Go team, go Team!! You can do it…let’s get together, go go go!! We all gather around and cheer for our team.

    By Nancy on 09.14.2011