September 4th, 2010 | 99 Entries

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99 Entries for “raise”

  1. raise me up and cut me down, a small city dies beneath your crown, risen from ashes and sated with tears, build me upon your body of years.

    By Brandi Haugen on 09.04.2010

  2. I remember how you raised me from the ashes of my broken self and showed me a new world that I never knew existed it was like waking up for the first time in my life.

    By Georgia on 09.04.2010

  3. I want to raise up. I want to raise my life above this. I want to raise my grade up in math. I want to get raises in jobs, and I want to be successful. So what’s stopping me? I’m smart, I’m beautiful, and I’m well liked, so what’s holding me down?

    By Alex URL on 09.04.2010

  4. I want to raise up. I want to raise my life above this. I want to raise my grade up in math. I want to get raises in jobs, and I want to be successful. So what’s stopping me? I’m smart, I’m beautiful, and I’m well liked, so what’s holding me down?

    By Alex URL on 09.04.2010

  5. I raise myself to the stage in order to wait for me to get out of my cage so I pull the key and unlock the sage.

    By Inner Carl Sagan URL on 09.04.2010

  6. “If I had tried to raise a child, I think he or she would have wound up like you.”
    “Oh really?” The man snorted. “Then you must be a terrible parent.”

    By otakurose16 on 09.04.2010

  7. Ra

    By Emma URL on 09.04.2010

  8. Raise. Raisen bread. The sweet smell of raisen bread swam up to my nostrils, and made a growling in the pit of my stomach.

    By James URL on 09.04.2010

  9. I raise my voice louder and louder, the screams roaring in my ears, but they look at me as if I have three heads. I repeat myself, again and again, yet they do not understand. They don’t get the severity of my problem. I raise my voice to it’s peak and I grow hoarse. My voice cracks. They continue to stare and stare. I cannot hear them, they cannot hear me. Are they deaf? My ears threaten to bleed at the sound of myself! Yet they glare at me wit htheir perpetually confused look–will they listen for ONE second? They shake their heads, share a glance, and walk out. I collapse, and raise my arm to fetch the razor. If they won’t hear me, if they won’t help me…this will.

    By Morgan URL on 09.04.2010

  10. Raise.. thats like raising to the occasion. I think I can do that this year. With school, extra curricular, life. I want to rasie to the occasion. I want to be that awesome person hear about in biographiies, Tha’s right!

    By Katie on 09.04.2010

  11. I want a raise. I am doing so much more work than ever before, and more and more is asked of me, but I have not had a raise in the 4 years I’ve worked here. I will not raise my hopes for that, but the desire is always there.

    By Teri on 09.04.2010

  12. Raise… like that song you raise me up by josh groban. Thats an awesome song. I want to find a man who can make me feel like that song , like i can stand on mountains and he would be right there with me, supporting me and loving me with as much passion as it is sung by Josh Groban.

    By K8Nicholson URL on 09.04.2010

  13. We raise our heads to the golden sun, as it warms the stones around us. We raise our heads and sing the songs, we sing the songs of our ancestors. And as I raise my head to the sky, a new sense of peace fills my heart.

    By laurel reid URL on 09.04.2010

  14. raise the roof. that’s what the people shouted… but why would i want to raise the roof? i want to explode through all boundaries. i am a heart, a soul, that cannot be confined to the limits of a body. raise? explode.

    By Tiffany on 09.04.2010

  15. “You raise me up,” she said. “You raise me up,” I replied.

    By John URL on 09.04.2010

  16. Raise…. How will I raise my kids? How will I be different from my parents whom I despise so much? Who’ve made my life miserable. Should I even have kids? Should I bring someone into this cruel world?

    By Dan on 09.04.2010

  17. still, like dust, i rise.

    By claireg URL on 09.04.2010

  18. As her salary raised, along with her position, she threw a party with all her friends raising their glasses to her. She then raised her hand to make a toast.

    By Maedelle. URL on 09.04.2010

  19. I walked into the air conditioned office, and knocked three times on the solid oak door. My mission was simple–to get my raise. I deserved it, I’d worked hard. My boss answered with a swift “Enter,” and I walked in. “Sir,” I started, “I feel that I deserve a raise.” His cold eyes met mine, and a shudder ran through me.

    By Bob on 09.04.2010

  20. I’m living in the dirt. I’d like a raise sometime, maybe some warm air in my face and a bit of commradery, love.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 09.04.2010

  21. i got a raise once. considering I work for myself that is quite a feat. it was a lot better than the time I had to fire myself, but that lead to the raise it was the only way i would go back to work for myself

    By pete rearden on 09.04.2010

  22. i will lift you up and raise you on th ehighest mountain where you will reign over the world in your little arms, praying to succeed where i–my dear child–have failed over countless years. I only hope that you will raise your hopes nad expectations and never fail in your endeavors.

    By Kit kat on 09.04.2010

  23. it is very difficult for my boyfriend because he is trying to raise his son that is living in el salvador but he is doing a wonderful job and I hope to one day meet him.

    By laura on 09.05.2010

  24. tell me something about sunshine where the earth never glows,
    because perhaps i would rise and see that never again would we sit

    encapsulated in a risen form where we never imbibe yeast

    By notoneofthosethings URL on 09.05.2010

  25. “You miscalculated by adding the cute graphics,” she said. She leaned in to kiss him.
    “Wait, how do you figure?”
    “Obvious, you raised everyone’s expectations.”

    By likud36 URL on 09.05.2010

  26. lift
    put up
    longer hours

    By rebecca on 09.05.2010

  27. I will raise you up

    By Natasha Hall on 09.05.2010

  28. Raise! You can raise a child and you can raise a building or a hand. Maybe it can mean “to lift up” in all situations, like you’re supposed to raise and lift up your child.

    By KJ on 09.05.2010

  29. I’ll raise a glass to that, I said, and looked over at Harold. He lay on the table, his neck bent at an unnatural angle, his finger still curled around a mug that had ceased to be frosty hours ago. Yep, Harold, my buddy. Still dead.

    By rtperson URL on 09.05.2010

  30. He held on to her tightly but in caution of crushing her. The mother of his beautiful baby girl died in childbirth so it was up to him to raise her. He looked into the baby’s stunning blue eyes and it clicked- it was all in his hands. And he was ready.

    By Kimmy Garrard URL on 09.05.2010

  31. “As he begins to raise his voice, you lower yours, grant him one last choice.
    Drive until you lose the road, or break with the ones you’ve followed…”
    -The Fray, How to Save a Life

    By Jean Lucia URL on 09.05.2010

  32. raise me up. i raise you up to the lord. i see you there. hair around ur knees as you wait patiently for the midnight bus. what the fuck were you doing here in this shithole at this time of night. its completely fucked and yet you feel calm. at peace and forever changed.

    By natalie on 09.05.2010

  33. Sirens screamed through the night air as the earth shook and rattled. When it was over, buildings sat at crazy angles and the damage would take weeks to determine. Molly looked over her son’s science project with a critical eye. “J.V? Honey, I think you still need to raise this Plate a little higher,” she called into the other room. “Never mind, I’ll do it for you myself.” Molly grabbed the Plate called X-32V and tugged and on Earth sirens shattered the air once again.

    By Izolda on 09.05.2010

  34. Sounds to me, like a difficult word to write about. Something about escalators would probably suffice.

    By Hannahem URL on 09.05.2010

  35. “I want a raise in pay? No. Raise the house? No, that’s raze. Hmmm…maybe it is raise the house. Can houses levitate? Raise the kids? Can kids levitate? Oh! No, it’s not that raise either. Raise the alarm? Is that right? Why does nothing feel right about how to integrate the word raise in a sentence?” she thought. “Man, this is harder than it seems. Maybe I should raise the dead and ask for help.”

    By Jennifer URL on 09.05.2010

  36. I stand over my husband’s grave, reciting the spell I paid dearly for — to raise the dead. I trip over the arcane tongue, mispronouncing a word. It probably won’t work now! I forge ahead anyway, and the ground at my feet quakes and splits apart. I am overjoyed… until I see that it is happening to ALL the graves.

    A T. Rex skeleton emerges from the shifting street. Just how far does this spell reach?, I think as his jaws close around me.

    By mimimanderly URL on 09.05.2010

  37. Bigger and bigger and bigger. Farther and farther away from me, too. But it was my job, so why not finish it. Besides, it’d all come rushing passed me at the end.

    By Cameron URL on 09.05.2010

  38. raise up to the sky,or raise my fuckin salary raise that dog like you should and your kid to

    By beeltjuice on 09.05.2010

  39. She raised the problem, after an hour of careful war tactics. ‘What about the innocents?’
    They glanced her way, just long enough to mumble something about the greater good, and returned to their schemes.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 09.05.2010

  40. “So… I want a raise?” I said with what I thought was shining confidence. My boss looked at me with that look he gets – like he just stepped in a little pile of cat puke.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.05.2010