June 3rd, 2011 | 545 Entries

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545 Entries for “radio”

  1. playing on the radio
    radio playing
    can’t think because radio is distracting me
    DC in the morning

    By Paul on 06.03.2011

  2. Radio ga ga, best I can do…except the wonderful times I spent listening to the early radio progs , My hot chocolate in my young hand.

    By james cooper URL on 06.03.2011

  3. the radio is a great invention. it can be used to transmit many ideas to people around the world. most people don’t use radios anymore unless they are in their car. even then, the radio is largely used to listen to music. it used to be the best way to spread information.

    By michelle on 06.03.2011

  4. je vois clair dans ton jeux,
    t’as tricher, chère Lesbienne
    you owe – la berge te racker
    ra nesta lonely, see son off
    FCUK (beesh

    By Frédérick A. PARÉ URL on 06.03.2011

  5. i hope the radio never goes out of style. with ipods, tec it seems like the radio is slowly slipping away. there is nothing like turning on the radio and hearing your favorite song come on.

    By Bailey URL on 06.03.2011

  6. Driving down the highway, turning up the radio and singing along to the crappy pop mainstream hits. They’re all so repetitive, but god not everything is about musicality and perfection and absolute elitist beauty. Sometimes it’s just about the wind in your hair, the windows down, the sun streaming from the sky, and singing stupid lyrics at the top of your lungs. CALIFORNIA GIRLS THEY’RE UNFORGETTABLE DAISY DUKES BIKINIS ON TOP.

    By clairee URL on 06.03.2011

  7. radio. source of music and life for a lot of people. where we hear shitty mainstream pop bubble gum hot pink wrapper music that unfolds into a lie that cannot be avoided so you might as well just embrace it and shake your ass to the overcompensated bass. radio = college radio? a source of light and hipster sensation in every town that thinks its unique.

    By margaret on 06.03.2011

  8. I turned the knob in the car and listened as the sweet sound of the music filled the car. The window was slightly opened and cool air was rushing in. The sky was blue, no clouds. The sun was shining. And then, out of nowhere it happened. All I saw was the shattering of glass, the screeching of breaks. I couldn’t feel my legs. I didn’t know where I was or who I was or even what happened.

    By Taylor T URL on 06.03.2011

  9. loud
    interesting music have upstairs in my room
    its cool and like we all love it
    mine charges my ipod
    found in car
    in house and those old ones are coool too
    um it can be stored in room temp i gues
    yeah thats it.

    By jackie on 06.03.2011

  10. the radio plays a soft love song in the background

    By she53lly URL on 06.03.2011

  11. The sound of the radio was in the background as I continued to flip burgers on the grill. The sizzle of them baking filled my ears. The radio music was just background noise. I didn’t notice that I was even listening to it until the boss came in and shut it off with one elegant move of his fingers. That was it, I thought. He caught us. He knew exactly what we did.

    By Taylor T URL on 06.03.2011

  12. The loud music coming from the box on her right annoyed her. Although, she had no intention of turning it off. The people around her looked at the box with smiling eyes as they sung the lyrics of the song playing. It was not her decision to make them unhappy. She would just have to grin and bear it. As she always did.

    By Rain URL on 06.03.2011

  13. On the radio
    You hear November Rains
    The solos awful long
    but it’s a pretty song

    Commercial interruption: On comes the Wolf-Man; American graffiti style.

    By Audrey on 06.03.2011

  14. she carried her radio everywhere she’d go, and the songs would buzz at her with a muted cry, like voices across a vast, murky-echo lagoon.

    By Neelvar URL on 06.03.2011

  15. A life vest for your ears, saving you from all of the troubles in the world. Listen to the radio, to your heart. Don’t listen to what anyone else says because you know what, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except for the sound of music notes flowing into your ears from the speakers. It’s a beautiful thing.

    By Taylor T URL on 06.03.2011

  16. Static noise. Classical music. The sound of the world changing. Rock music. Rap music. Pop music. The newest top hit. The sounds of your life, my life. The sounds of our trouble. A void. A large void in which nothing important happens. Something beautiful at the same time. The sound of someone speaking, someone saying something that matters.

    By Taylor T URL on 06.03.2011

  17. I don’t listen to the radio too much. It kinda sucks, the shit that they put out there for all of us “normal” people. Most of my friends don’t listen to it either. Who’s deciding what plays? And if no one likes it….why is it still played?

    By Katie on 06.03.2011

  18. I used to be really into the radio in my middle school years. Then, as I began to listen to more classical music I drifted away. Now I found a station that plays classical music. WDIY. I really do like the station. I hear pieces I’ve never head of before.

    By Violet URL on 06.03.2011

  19. oh!
    listen to me!
    im on the radio
    the radio o
    my baby baby baby baby babe gave malaria!
    histeria a

    By tzlbentzur on 06.03.2011

  20. The radio made a crackling noise like it came straight out of Silent Hill. It was far from scary though. The old device was my grandpa’s and was still trying to make contact with the radio waves floating through the sky. Hearing the crackle; that’s my grandpa.

    By Cyhwuhx URL on 06.03.2011

  21. The stereo blasted a Katy Perry song and my hair whipped around my head crazily as the BMW convertible twisted and turned down intricate streets. Many peoples heads turned wen we passed by, but that was only natural.

    By Lauren URL on 06.03.2011

  22. For once there was no music on the radio, and a cool drink was provided – laced with mango. The air was warm, and though there were some fumes around the airport, soon it was comfortable enough to glide through the countryside with the windows ajar, the sound of the birds the only auditory accompaniment.

    By Valerie Wycoff URL on 06.03.2011

  23. If you put something on the radio, it becomes an instant hit.
    Not because it’s good. But because its viral.
    Mindless talk and adverstising so drilling its subliminal.
    Radio is propagation.
    Not music.

    By Dorika on 06.03.2011

  24. Almost every day I drive to Killeen to see the boy. The radio plays in the background. Soundtrack to my drive. It plays love songs and tragedies and the trip turns into a thousand little dramas. A hundred stories and all I can do is hope that ours ends just a sweetly and the best ones and better than the worst . I’m afraid that it won’t.

    By Jo on 06.03.2011

  25. They used to listen to the radio constantly. They’d just hang out all day together with music playing in the background. No matter what they were doing, there was always music blaring from the speakers. Things changed over the years. Their radio hardly ever gets used anymore. They turned into a stereotypical couple who changed dramatically after marriage.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 06.03.2011

  26. Turn on the radio and listen to the noise coming out of it, every lyric every word has its own special meaning to the person singing and the person listening. Whoa on the radio, radiohead, video killed the radio star. The movie radio was very sad but inspiring. I hate when nothing good is playing on the radio, but i hate it even more when there’s more than 1 song playing at once that i want to listen to.

    By Mariah on 06.03.2011

  27. I never listen to it. The music is crap. They don’t play art there. In my reality there are no radios. They’re just full of mainstream. Stupid, lame mainstream.

    By elina URL on 06.03.2011

  28. I turned the radio down, my heart pounding so loudly I was sure my little brother who was sitting next to me could hear it. I’ve never been in a tornado before, but they terrified me. Now, on the radio was a siren loud and clear. We had to get somewhere safe. Why weren’t my parents home yet? I have to keep Johnny safe, he’s the only thing keeping me sane.

    By Halograce URL on 06.03.2011

  29. He woke up to the sound of Deb of Night on the radio. His head thumping with one of the worst hangovers he’d ever had. “Where am I?” He asked himself. He sat up on the bed and looked around, seeing that he was in a crappy apartment he didn’t remember arriving in the previous night. The bed he had slept on had no sheets and the mattress had various stains on it. In the corner was a pile of empty pizza boxes. The smell of mold and sweat was overwhelming.

    By Ulla on 06.03.2011

  30. I hear it through the ether. Radio 4 my favourite. I like the spoken word

    By Jean on 06.03.2011

  31. you heard it on the radio the background noise the sounds you know the static ticking back behind your face you couldn’t let your ears embrace in quite the way you’d want a sound or three or twelve to come in faster than you know slow down the sounds turn round in your commercial-unfree head.

    By oliver danni on 06.03.2011

  32. i like listening to the radio when i have nothing to listen to the songs played on there are a way for me to forget my problems that i have. radios were invented to entertain people and escape reality. also to help communicate with others

    By Natalie Silva on 06.03.2011

  33. The dude from mark McGuire. Tom cruise was mildly appealing in the movie. Radios are a very neat way to communicate and destroy people with high frequency waves.

    By Joe M on 06.03.2011

  34. I fell asleep to a radio – it was orange and yellow with pink highlights. The music that came out of it was Elton John, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, and Paul Davis.

    By Jamie URL on 06.03.2011

  35. The busted up radio gleamed in the sunlight as it sat on the hood of my beatup Ford. I leaned back and crossed my arms behind my head as the staticy tunes cracked through.

    By Nico URL on 06.03.2011

  36. radio is loud, it wakes me up but doesnt always work. its to early i dont want to get out of bed, its still dark and your to loud. why do i have to get out of bed to make you quiet again? just stop

    By tom on 06.03.2011

  37. I’ve always loved to listen to the radio. It reminds me of long rides in the car, on the way to a favorite campsite, or to visit relatives. I love to travel; I always have. I think the radio is a symbol of this for me.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 06.03.2011

  38. The radio blared as the alarm went off. I rolled over and slapped it. I rubbed my eyes to see the time, even though I already knew what time it was….5:30 am. Uggghhh. Why did I have to grow up and get a real job? I thought to myself. I rolled over and draped my arm around my wife and quickly drifted back to sleep.

    By Meredith on 06.03.2011

  39. Ah – the radio. That reminds me – I must catch up with The Archers. i suppose most people don’t ‘get’ radio – or maybe it’s a generational thing. But someone mumbling away in the corner, Radio 4 on quietly, Test Match Special – well, then I know I’m home.

    By Joey on 06.03.2011

  40. The old static in my attic rings through my ears and I wonder when I will be able to remember it again. Nothing like this memory makes me think more, wonder more, or hope more. I don’t even know what it is. Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother.

    By Alex on 06.03.2011