June 10th, 2012 | 381 Entries

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381 Entries for “racket”

  1. Me and my brother play tennis on the weekends. Once, he was so mad that I beat him he smacked me with his racket!!!!!

    By Zachary Williams on 06.11.2012

  2. The early morning racket from the next room made him set down his book, stand up, and bang on the wall. This was his punishment for rooming with a tuba player.

    By Kaylie on 06.11.2012

  3. “Cut out that racket!” shouted the old man that lived next door. We were only out playing spotlight with my cousins from Georgia, and weren’t really making that much noise, but he seemed to think otherwise.
    It was one of those beautiful summer Arkansas nights, when the sky was clear of clouds, the air lingering with the weight of rain to come, and the calls of hundreds of cicadas filled the night- they were making more “racket” than we were.

    By longa-flava-crinis on 06.11.2012

  4. “What the hell is that racket?” Mrs. Donald yelled from her room.
    I cringed. We’d woken her up. And we weren’t even being that loud. That cranky bitch was always looking for reasons to scream at us.

    By kibi URL on 06.11.2012

  5. Spaceships, fuel, adventures. Bold people searching for new and interesting, and paranormal. Changes and freedom. Exploration.

    By Dash on 06.11.2012

  6. The tennis rackets tumbled to the floor. I picked one up, grabbed a length of hair, and began to thread it through.

    She stared at me. “Whatever are you doing?”

    “Don’t you know? I’m a mermaid.”

    Suddenly, she laughed. “Like Ariel.”

    “Yes,” I said, grinning. “Like a sprite.”

    “Oh now you’re changing movies.”

    By Annie P URL on 06.11.2012

  7. There is so much racket when you are around. I was off in my own world, happily enjoying what we had without the interruptions & racket you bring. Then you came by and reminded me of all the bad, all the reasons I don’t trust him or you. The reason tht I tell myself I need to get out of this. Because you succesfully made something I felt was safe and whole to be a big lie, once already. I shouldn’t be so dumb to believe it again.

    By Delilah URL on 06.11.2012

  8. With a key to a house that she doesn’t own, she let’s herself in to somewhere she isn’t welcomed. Listen to her trampling around upstairs. Big and stupid as a horse. What man could love that? Why would he let her in his bed?.. Why is she here in my house? Why the fuck doesn’t she leave me alone.

    By Delilah URL on 06.11.2012

  9. The racket swung through the air, a whistling shrouding through and breaking the sheet of silence. The tennis ball was flung across the court, ricocheting off the prongs and onto the other players side, it bounced across the court, once, twice, three times. Score.

    By Lauren on 06.11.2012

  10. I swung the racket towards his face. He ducked, laughing. I grinned, and swung again. This time it wasn’t so funny. It hit his nose with a sickening thud. He backed off, blood pouring from his face, staining his tennis whites. Oops.

    By Austin on 06.11.2012

  11. I cringed as the milkman rapped cheerily on my door. It’s 6 in the morning, why does he have to make such a racket?

    I pulled myself off the carpet where I had spent the night, ignoring the pounding in my head, and answered the door.

    By Austin on 06.11.2012

  12. racket. i guess a tennis racket is the first thing i think of. then again i also think of people causing a racket. like small children and their friends. rackets can be nice sometimes but when people cause rackets and all you want is a little quiet…. what a nightmare lol the end.

    By Megan URL on 06.11.2012

  13. Reminds me of tennis. My freshman year of high school I remember signing up for tennis, but I quickly backed out because I was too afraid of meeting new people and showing everyone on the team my poor skills, as I am terrible at sports, and had never really played tennis before.

    By Emilia URL on 06.11.2012

  14. The old lady sat grumbling in her kitchen, noise assaulting her eardrums. Those stupid kids! Then, suddenly, she remembered:
    A big red ball.
    Running, chasing.
    Chubby,grubby little hands.
    Giggling, making a racket,
    And then a mean old lady,
    yelling at them.

    So when the ball inevitably crashed through the cat door, she smiled instead. The kids knocked at her door anxiously.
    “Cookies?” she offered.

    By cosmic on 06.11.2012

  15. I love watching women play tennis. Part of it has to do with watching their asses move from side to side in those short skirts, but mostly their legs. Tennis players have the sexiest legs.

    By Kiss_My_Freckle on 06.11.2012

  16. Racket. She made such a racket. Oh, how I couldn’t stand it when she made such a racket. How can she tack it while making such a racket. Oh, how I cannot stand that racket.

    By Kelly on 06.11.2012

  17. i am rebounding and receiving. i wish that this were just part of some sick rubber experiment. but it seems that i am just a mere pawn in their game. a racket that is only for the use of those worth more than i.

    By Jill Lindsey on 06.11.2012

  18. A tennis racket. RAckey also sounbds like a place u wuold keep something important or safe. I never really use the word racket but it sounds like an interesting word.

    By Joan URL on 06.11.2012

  19. There was a racket in the basement and she was terrified. Her heart started thrumming at her ribcage and her breathing slowed until she couldn’t even inhale. Monsters didn’t exist, Mother had said, but she didn’t believe her.

    By papercut URL on 06.11.2012

  20. I never really get the whole idea of playing either badminton or tennis. I am not sure whether I am really stupid or not. I never knew how. I never get pass service or whatever term people uses.

    By Atien on 06.11.2012

  21. racket is a noise so loud it erks. a noise you cant help but notice. you ask to tone it down and with no avail the ringing in your ears will continue. its sad to think you cant tune it out. our parents did it just fine.

    By Zombies8christy URL on 06.11.2012