April 9th, 2018 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “quilted”

  1. I grabbed the quilted towel from the table to wipe my hands.
    Its soft texture and materials help dry my hands.
    As I returned the towel to its place, a looked at the symbol patterned around it.
    I was curious, “Why does that symbol look familiar,” I asked myself.
    I realised that I stayed to long in the bathroom.
    I quickly left, pushing my curiosity to the back of my mind.

    By echuaco URL on 04.09.2018

  2. The bed was cool to the touch. She ran her hands over the surface and breathed in the familiar smell. Tears pricked at her eyes.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.09.2018

  3. sounds like the word quill, and idk what else

    By Dylan on 04.09.2018

  4. I dont even know the definition of this word. Is it even a word?

    By Destiny on 04.09.2018

  5. ….

    By Owen Cole on 04.09.2018

  6. Life is like fabric, each memory like a patch in a blanket making up the majority of our comfort

    By DJ on 04.09.2018

  7. My Grandma quilted a light blue blanket for me.

    By Kimmie on 04.09.2018

  8. carefully put together; warm and comfortable

    By Josh on 04.09.2018

  9. what does that even mean????????

    By edes on 04.09.2018

  10. Type of blanket that can be used for blankets
    used for warmth
    can be used on beds
    many designs not just one

    By nm on 04.09.2018

  11. Something that is woven together, maybe a life with another. Maybe like a fluffy mattress? Isn’t there a toilet paper with “quilted” in the title????

    By Kassidy on 04.09.2018

  12. i don’t know what this means but it makes me think of quilts.

    By madi on 04.09.2018

  13. A type of blanket that can be home made to help keep someone warm from colder weather. Something that can be homemade and gifted to a love one

    By S URL on 04.09.2018

  14. quilting is something i know nothing about lol but i think old ppl do it? idk don’t really care about it i’m just doing this for class haha.

    By Ruben on 04.09.2018

  15. soft
    knitting pretty
    old people

    By abcde on 04.09.2018

  16. A dark and slightly chilly room with a soft cool breeze blowing through the window and a bit of moonlight shining on the floor is just the absolute best time to be huddled under a quilt drifting slowly off to sleep as you listen to the trees and their leaves rustle and swing as they react to the wind.

    By Kristian Pierce on 04.09.2018

  17. I love to knit. I find it very relaxing, and it stops me from eating snacks while I’m watching TV. But quilting has never appealed to me. It seems very repetitive and not very interesting in and of itself, and that it would take a very long time and a great deal of sewing to complete anything. But I do know a fair few people who love it, so each to their own!

    By Annie URL on 04.09.2018

  18. a blanket that is custom made with little extra pieces of fabric.

    By Nick McDonald on 04.09.2018

  19. I quilted a rug for my grandma. That was me repaying her for making me a quilted blanket. She is a really nice grandma who loves making cookies too.

    By Bobby Tasma on 04.09.2018

  20. She quilted like a bee makes honey. None stop, as if she was the queen bee. Doing her thing while directing the rest. This would be what she left behind for her children and grandchildren. She imagined each of those who would come after her putting the blanket she made over their bed or around their bodies. This was her legacy to all who came after her. She, after all, was the queen bee of her hive.

    By Cris Nole on 04.09.2018

  21. My Great grandma quilted me a quilt to put on my bed when I was a year old. She was very special to me .

    By Andrea URL on 04.09.2018

  22. the bag was like any other quilted bag that rich old ladies have but little did everyone know that that stupid bag had a knife in it.

    By emma on 04.09.2018

  23. I have no idea what this word means. It is a simple word that I do not know.

    By stephanie URL on 04.09.2018

  24. I had turned my great grandmother’s saree into a quilt. I quilted the pony in my back yard with the same cloth one winter evening.

    By Shalini on 04.09.2018

  25. quilted, not sure what it means. quilt is a type of fabric from animal skin? worng, just some padded blanket. I slept well in a quilted comforter.

    By Shanmuga on 04.09.2018

  26. My blanket smelled like milky tea and boiler rooms and illusory bouquets of rose bay willow herb but we were thrown into the Wye and sank into the mud, sinking between petals and uprooted endings.

    By Daisy King on 04.09.2018

  27. Quilting is a sport in which people, often women patch together pieces of fabric into a large, often puffed blanket. It is often reserved for the elderly women among us, although younger folks can certainly quilt too.

    By h on 04.09.2018

  28. And one day it all quieted down; everyone had left, and the echoes of the house and the town and the spirit of her community seemed to have left with them altogether in a hurry as a pack of dogs sicked after that last resemblance of home. It was home that had brought them apart, which made the finality of the impersonalization of everything she now saw on that quilt as mystifying

    By ccolby on 04.09.2018

  29. is this the only word they do

    By h on 04.09.2018

  30. Hello!

    By canadian URL on 04.09.2018

  31. I quilted a quilt this afternoon all by myself without any help because i know how to quilt, totally

    By Hunter on 04.09.2018

  32. i stay warm at night because i’m quilted during the rough and bad weather outside

    By jawon talley on 04.09.2018

  33. The quilted blanket we won had a meaningful symbol that represented our community. The quilt hangs on our basement wall, and is a good reminder for what our community stands for.

    By Jess on 04.09.2018

  34. warmth comfort. all quilted in. so so comfortable in my bed. I don’t ever want to leave. the comfort of my quilted bed.

    By mikinsey on 04.09.2018

  35. I don’t know what this word means but I think maybe it has to do with like a quilt. So like coming together as one and being unified? So like unification and being “stitched” together. All different pieces and people come together as one. I’m not totally sure though.

    By Brooklyn on 04.09.2018

  36. It’s a two layer cloth filled with padding. Usually a blanket is a prime example, and is used by many people. When someone is bored, they usually quilt something like a blanket. It requires skill, since stitching is the main factor.

    By Nimeesha on 04.09.2018

  37. My life was quilted. Sewn together perfectly, yet in random places. Colors clash with another, patterns out of place. Square pieces defining my life, never seeming to end.

    By Emma VanBuren on 04.09.2018

  38. When I was little my great grandma used to quilt whenever she had time but she rarely did so my grandma and me used to take over whenever she couldn’t

    By Faith Murphy on 04.09.2018

  39. i think of a blanket i guess? or like something stitched together. something thats tight knit, bound together. inseparable. also it makes me think of old people because they tend to make/enjoy those type of things

    By laura on 04.09.2018

  40. what quilted means to me is that like if a blanket is quilted it has multiple layers of the blanket fabric on it, and that might be the reason that they call them quilts.

    By Drake URL on 04.09.2018