December 6th, 2013 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “pursuit”

  1. I followed her for days. Maybe it wasn’t really a chase. I don’t remember if she was trying to get away. All I knew was it wasn’t quite right, but I wanted her so much. Too much. Occasionally, she glanced back and invited me to continue, and I would, but deep down I wondered where it would all end.

    By MaybeMe on 12.06.2013

  2. pursuit the ones you love for they are worth it, and love is happiness and we all should take part in the pursuit of happiness.

    By Garrett on 12.06.2013

  3. i ran faster than the speed of light, the rouge insane agent followed at a fast pace, but i did not look back. I jumped over obstacles and bystanders, and then finallly i found a crowd of tourists with whom i blended in with.

    By Garrett on 12.06.2013

  4. I love coming here to write at one word dot com. Every time I’m waiting for the word to pop up, I being singing in my head, “One word is enough for all of us.” I do it every time. I’m in the pursuit of the best word and I get one. All words are the best words. N’est-ce pas? Wee, wee. Moan sewer.

    By michaelbuzz on 12.06.2013

  5. I was running, panting, trying as hard as possible to get away from him. He was close behind, I could see the anger in his eyes. The wrath that showed his want to kill me. I was terrified. So I kept on running until I was out of breath. Run, crash into a tree and fall down. Looking up and meeting his gaze. Damn.

    By CJ K. URL on 12.07.2013

  6. I chase it around corners, over gaps, through halls. I run after the glimmer, the hope, and the chance. I follow the ripple of red from your dress, the trail of your sent, the music of your laughter. I am in hot pursuit.

    By Dora on 12.07.2013

  7. Time that is spent on a worthless pursuit cannot be reclaimed. The desperate pleading for affection which inevitably leads to treatment worse than a dog’s – who at least receives treats and pets for good behaviour – is a merciless and lethal cycle. How caught up was I in my own pain that I could not see the way she hurts you. You are tough as nails, you rarely cry, you are the strong one, but I see you, beloved sister. I can hear the agony in your breathing and see the deadness in your eyes as you check out yet again, knowing that nothing you do will ever be good enough. That you will never be good enough. I am sorry, dear sister, and I promise to be here for you as you have always been here for me.

    By aura.rayne on 12.07.2013

  8. I follow you blindly, but I can’t see where you are going. I trust you, and that could be my downfall. I have no idea about where we are going. So I pray that you keep my true. Keep me on the straight path. I don’t want to fall again.

    By KT on 12.07.2013

  9. They follow us. My heart thumped in chest.Still they chased us and the jet was save, but are we.Gladly we found shelter but the pursuers could be heard from behind the thicket. Jenna was crying silently, trying not to be heard. I glanced towards Ethan and his face was bleeding from the attackers.

    By Niamh Carroll on 12.07.2013

  10. In the hot indian summer
    you’re my one true pursuit
    and i’ll search forever
    until i find a place
    next to you

    By Sapphire on 12.07.2013

  11. In pursuit of happiness, I will wander around in the snow today and look at the glistening trees. In pursuit of success, I will come to work each day and care about every child in my class and think about all of the details that I should be paying attention to!

    By christina pierson on 12.07.2013

  12. The pursit of happiness.
    Here it is, young boys and girls! It’s here! It has arrived! And it’s all for free!
    You are welcome to go after your dreams!
    No, don’t be silly! These isn’t your dreams. You need money, you need love, you need approval.
    Go! Go get it! This is who you should be!

    By Tal on 12.07.2013

  13. The thrill of the chase, set upon by tiger tails and the rushing slideshow of streetlights merging into the trees, and now the tarmac, tarmac bouncing to the beat of car riffs and the hooks set by smog, musical notes set in place by minimalistic signs signaled by the composer, the composer known as the road.

    By AyeAye12 URL on 12.07.2013

  14. It doesn’t matter how hard you run.
    How well you hide.
    I’m the tide in your ocean,
    I’m the moon in your night sky.
    I’m the heat of your fire,
    I’m the tears when you cry.

    See you soon.

    By Ibuki Mioda on 12.07.2013

  15. i already had this word
    mild annoyace is
    called for
    i should feel less angst
    than i would have

    By grace URL on 12.07.2013

  16. I smell your scent and it makes fall in love with you.
    I run after you, but I can’t catch up.
    Your fragrance slips away no matter what I do to.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 12.07.2013

  17. His pursuit of her had been half-hearted. He would show up at her locker and exchange a few words but then he didn’t walk her to class. He’d sit by her at lunch but not talk. He’d ask if she was going to the game and whether she said yes or no, that would be the end of the conversation.

    By mrsmig on 12.07.2013

  18. Her heart was on her sleeve, this pursuit of fire in her veins. She used to know what it felt like. Her limbs could remember the rush and her eyes saw what nobody else had ever seen. She begged them to follow, to chase her to the ends of the Earth. But they looked into her eyes, and they saw what what nobody else had ever seen in them. Nothing. So they turned away, and she was lost.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 12.07.2013

  19. Pursuit can mean so many things. People want to pursuit their dreams, a loved one, a career. It means something different to everyone. We all have different things in life we want to pursuit.

    By m on 12.07.2013

  20. I´m always looking for the pursuit of happiness . Great Word to talk about. Pursuit of love, harmony, work , satisfaction,

    By Sandra on 12.07.2013

  21. I don’t know what to write

    By Zarina on 12.07.2013

  22. It was a great film. Just like the old days with goodies and baddies! The police were in pursuit of the bank robbers. Fun.

    By Alexandra on 12.07.2013

  23. Running-
    Shadows catching up with my breath-
    No matter how hard I try
    I cannot outrun death-

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 12.07.2013

  24. [and yesterday’s word: plumes]

    i was chasing your ghost
    and all i have to show
    is the smell of smoke on my clothes,

    the memory of your hair,
    soft as rain.

    By h. b. on 12.07.2013

  25. Pursuit of happiness is the most misinterpreted. You will be gaurnteed your happiness by the robot invasion army! You no longer need to pursue the things you want. They are all granted by the authority.

    By Rover on 12.07.2013

  26. The pursuit of happiness by its very nature has to be an indirect journey if the destination is to be reached. Only in pursuing excellence in every facet of life do we come anywhere near to achieving happiness. Happiness is a mere by-product of a life well lived!

    By Tracey on 12.07.2013

  27. Happiness is the partner, although neither make sense when placed together. I’m in pursuit of this, but am I necessarily happy? Why is it harder to be happy than it is anything else? Pursuit is a lonely word, one needing a helper that is not an artificial emotion.

    By anonymous on 12.07.2013