December 7th, 2013 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “chosen”

  1. “I was chosen.” These words were in my head constantly as a child, though I had no real concept of what they meant. “Everyone’s here for a reason,” I would be told. Or, “You’re the kind of kid who’ll do great things.” It seemed like it was something given: the world was going to change because I was in it.

    So what happened?

    By Dale on 12.07.2013

  2. He was chosen to be the leader. He has everything. So smart. No wonder every teacher likes him. But nobody really knew him. The real Mark. His mom and dad will get divorce. His family is going to be broken.
    He is quiet all of a sudden. His friends notice this. He is making homework at his room. On the other hall, he can hear his parents fighting. Again. Well, maybe it’s good that they get divorce. Just so it will be quiet in their house. He don’t know what the future will bring.
    Then, his cellphone rang. A text message.
    Everything will be alright. It said. He smiled. Everything will be alright. He told himself.

    By roze_princess on 12.07.2013

  3. I feel prickles of dread up my neck. The chance of being Chosen is almost impossible, I tell myself. Why would anyone see any potential in me?

    I imagine leaving the Grand Hall, pretending to be disappointed at not being Chosen. But the look of sadness on my mother’s face will be worth while when I tell her about Will. I have to hold down the smile that immediately dawns on my face at the thought of Will.

    Twelve lucky girls will leave this hall with the overwhelming hope of protecting and marrying the Prince. I will leave a lucky girl, knowing I will marry Will.

    “Emily Scarlett,” Lyra’s voice reads proudly. Everyone turns to look at me. Their eyes filled with congratulations and envy. My heart plummets.

    By Alibay on 12.07.2013

  4. Never had I ever thought that this would be it. Chosen. What does that even mean? You stand out more from the crowd so someone decides that you’re worth owning? You’re the same as everyone else, which makes you desirable? What does it mean to choose? What does it mean to be chosen?

    By Hunter on 12.07.2013

  5. i.
    the imp in the corner
    i could have licked the blood
    off his horns and tasted
    evil on my

    the angel in the skyline
    i could have caressed the snow
    off her wings and felt
    grace on my

    the pencil in my bedroom
    i could have cut open my brainwave
    and written about my

    the starlight in your eyes
    i could have kissed your eyebrows
    and killed the sadness
    inside you


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 12.07.2013

  6. I have been chosen, I have been called.
    I have been selected for the most important mission.
    To go into all the world.
    Not to save it but to speak the truth and then let people choose.
    Choose what they will do with the truth.
    Choose your friends.
    Choose your words.
    Choose your thoughts.
    They influence how your life will go, and then you can become one of the chosen.

    By Pamela on 12.07.2013

  7. She had chosen him, but her decision had been a bad one. For in time he had shown her he wasn’t the man she thought he was.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.07.2013

  8. “You nine brave souls, each of you tried and true, have been chosen to serve your king and country, to protect this land from…”
    “Not my king or my country,” Delena muttered loudly, earning more than a few disapproving looks from her new companions. “Acting like we all volunteered for this shit,”
    Tellan chuckled at her side. “Careful, ‘Lena; our good Ser Maruk looks about ready ta take yer head off ya keep on like that,”
    The assassin offered him a feral grin. “Just let him TRY,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.07.2013

  9. Are you sure that I am the one you have chosen to perform this particular task? My fingers are rusted with years of heavy usage. They squeak with every movement and are too stiff to give any comfort. I am nothing but an old bicycle left out in the rain.

    By KT on 12.07.2013

  10. Because you are the one I like. Because I cannot live without you, without thinking about you, without going into depression if you’d be gone.
    Because I think you are the perfect one for me, for my life. To become together as one.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 12.07.2013

  11. if i was your chosen one
    i would never leave
    even if you were dirty
    and you didn’t care about me

    By Julie URL on 12.07.2013

  12. I was chosen for this role. I was given the opportunity to be something great to someone, love someone, care and be with them and I just go and mess it all up! I wish I had been chosen, then I wouldn’t see the pain upon his face every time he looks at my direction.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 12.07.2013

  13. They say he the chosen one. I beg to differ. Chosen is about something impeccable and exemplary. It begins with a man, or in fact woman, doing something for this world.

    By Rangan T K on 12.07.2013

  14. I am not sure if I am the Chosen One. I am sure that there are many times I have felt the sting of not being chosen.

    By Bchange.Cchange on 12.08.2013

  15. She was chosen ahead of the rest, tall and head-tiltingly proud. Arrogance nearly dripped from her every pore.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.08.2013

  16. Would I walk the plains to get to you?
    Would I fight the wild creatures and cross the ragged mountains?
    Would I hold you in my arms as you fell asleep, listening to your breathing?
    Whether I would or would not is not an issue,
    Because for you,
    I’d cross the seven seas just to wipe the tears from your cheeks.
    I would soar high above the clouds to search for you among the bushes.
    I would protect you from even the most evil danger.
    I love you.
    It is as if I was put on this Earth,
    Chosen specifically,
    To love you.
    And that is what I intend to do.

    By Laura URL on 12.08.2013

  17. I was chosen for this, there was no deciding what I did with my life, it was already decided for. I can’t change my fate.

    By Kelsey on 12.08.2013

  18. i’ve chosen you … onnly you to spend my life with … you might wonder why and wouldn’t answear you i’d leaveit for your heart to discover it later on … maybe then you’ll understand

    By sara on 12.08.2013


    By In Other Thoughts on 12.08.2013

  20. “Not I, not I”
    “Nor I.”
    “I hardly think it is I.”
    With nails like a raven’s beak, she pricked the cheek of a nearby man. “Actually,” she crackled, “it is you.”

    By Mr. Sunflower on 12.08.2013

  21. For years, though I outwardly judged people of faith as being weak, I secretly held on tightly to a belief that before I was born, my esoteric self chose this specific life to be born to, live through and ultimately serve my purpose within. Without this firm belief, I would have given up and committed suicide so well that I would’ve stayed dead; never returning to this life of immeasurable pain.

    By Mai on 12.08.2013

  22. That fingertip, aimed at me, wraps an invisible lasso around my heart.
    You’ve done it now.
    You’ve chosen me, I can’t go back.

    Not without you.

    By Ibuki Mioda on 12.08.2013

  23. You are the one that I have chosen to spend my life with.
    Don’t know why. Don’t know how. Don’t know when.

    By Isha on 12.08.2013

  24. Destiny has unique way of playing tricks of it’s own, some are chosen one and other make their fate count through hard work. But it’s the utmost right of every soul whether chosen or not, to give a shot for the things they love..

    By chintywrite on 12.08.2013

  25. He was the chosen one, Nelson Mandela was sent by God to deliver his people and let the world know that the apartheid system was unjust and the indignity and destruction offered to the people of south Africa must end.

    By victor URL on 12.08.2013

  26. Adopted children are extra special as they have been chosen to be a part of someone’s family. All children are special in their own way.

    By Alexandra on 12.08.2013

  27. Who is Chosen? Dare I ask?
    Imma be an eternal Potterhead!
    No idea why people want me to read LOTR. I’m happy. And I live with a generation of equally happy Potterheads.

    Thanks :D

    By Abhineeta on 12.08.2013

  28. When you receive gifts, you are obligated, chosen. You might reject or neglect those gifts because gifts come with responsibilities. Accept both to keep the balance.

    By C on 12.08.2013

  29. sincerely he had chosen the movie of his friend for the first place. He thought and rethought about it. He knew everyone would interpret it the wrong way. You know how it is. But he just stopped thinking about it.

    By Stef URL on 12.08.2013

  30. Chosen.
    He is the chosen boy, The person who has to save the world from all the evil things.
    Only he has only 60 seconds what should he do?
    Use his army of unicorns or go to the forbidden city?
    May be he should ask his best friend for advice, he has dealt with this position before.
    For a long time the people in the village thought he was the chosen one, until they discovered him with the daughter of the Head of the city and everything changed….

    By Julia on 12.08.2013

  31. i was chosen to be me, who i am to my friends, family and society. i was chosen to hurt this way and to love this way. i was chosen to be everything am and have been.

    By jana on 12.08.2013

  32. He looked at the menu. Mediterranean wrap: grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, feta, hummus. Fajita wrap: grilled chicken, tomato, onions, peppers. He had had an omelette with feta this morning, so maybe he should try something a bit different and go with the Fajita wrap? But he loved feta, and he loved Mediterranean food. In fact, he mused, if he had to eat only one cuisine for the rest of his life, it would have to Mediterranean. And yet…it was important to try new things, right? Just yesterday he had tried to convince his 5 year old niece to try some green beans because “it’s fun to try new things.” But is it, really? he thought now. And it wasn’t like the Fajita wrap was entirely foreign to him; he’d had fajitas before, just not from this food truck. But he couldn’t resist that feta. The guy at the food truck looked at him expectantly. “What will you be having, sir?” He cleared his throat. “I have chosen…the Mediterranean wrap!” “Well, someone has a flair for the dramatic,” the guy said. “Oh, just so you know–we’ve run out of feta.”

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword on 12.08.2013

  33. There it was; the cup. When I reached in, there would be no telling what I pulled out. Perhaps it could be a hat, or maybe a tool of some sort. Nonetheless, whatever I pulled out would be what determined my future, love, and job for the rest of my life.

    By Kittens in the Air on 12.08.2013

  34. She was chosen by him. The first time he saw her, he knew she was the one. He chose her and vowed that he would never love anyone else. Those blue eyes would be his, he would run his fingers through that curly mane. He would touch her freckled face. He chose her to be his.

    By Melanie on 12.08.2013

  35. you. you. jimmy. guy with the red shoes. astro man. hunk. lefty. no shirt sleeves. ok, let’s play ball.

    By Lee on 12.08.2013

  36. Her chosen beau is not very attractive. Or, well, she should say the beau chosen FOR her. He smells like rotten eggs, she’s pretty sure she spies a hairy mole somewhere near his ear, and flecks of spittle rain down at her whenever he speaks. She vaguely senses a feeling of doom.

    By Josie on 12.08.2013