April 1st, 2009 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “purse”

  1. As a girl, I’m going to say I hate purses. I hate carrying shit around. Generally I need keys, ID, money and my phone. I do not need some huge ass handbag black hole to keep heaps of useless junk in.

    By jozlynne on 04.02.2009

  2. the purse was hanging by her side. A purple purse with a golden gaudy buckle the size of a fist. The purse somehow stood out of the crowd as if a lone cloud in the sky. I don’t know why but i couldn’t help but obssess of what was inside. I needed to know.

    By ian on 04.02.2009

  3. What do women carry in their purses? Judging from their weight and their owner’s inexplicable ability to summon forth anything from their bags, I am assuming a lot. Unfortunately, all that they carry serve little function other than whiten their nose or brighten their lips.

    By Tomas on 04.02.2009

  4. Lovely lips

    don’t pout, don’t bite, don’t bleed.

    Coffee cup stains as my souvenir?

    By rightclicksaveas on 04.02.2009

  5. women snob alots of crap tampons steal from mommy drugs fghnjm dsgf uhmm , gum phone money mula condoms yes

    By loreana martinez on 04.02.2009

  6. The girl drew her last breath as she threw herself off of the bridge into the dark water below. The only thing she left behind was a little black purse and in it was her identity. A drivers license with name, age and address. Not much to leave behind for a life not much lived.

    By Paulie on 04.02.2009

  7. “Screw you,” I hollered. “If you don’t drop that purse, I’m gonna drop YOU!” He reached into the back of his waistband and pulled out a shiny object that unfortunately had my name on it…

    By mookie on 04.02.2009

  8. the lady had a big red purse and as i stared up at it from my small height i could see myself in its shiny reflection. I waved and and reached out to touch it but then my mom came and snatched my hand away.

    By chera on 04.02.2009

  9. Shit, I can’t believe that Happened. She and I had the same purse, and she sat next to me on the subway. My stop was before her. I grabbed her purse without a second though, without bothering to check. I was digging for my credit card. Instead, I found an obituary.

    By Angela on 04.02.2009

  10. why should one carry a purse? what is it that someone came up with a reason that you should have to take things that aren’t totally neccessary with you? The only reason they are perceived neccessary is because of people’s insecurities

    By Loush on 04.02.2009

  11. My ex boyfriend had a man purse. I used to mock him and say that he’d keep lipstick in it. I miss him.

    By Jules on 04.02.2009

  12. I’ve always wanted a dog that I could fit in a purse. Except then maybe I’d feel bad because the dog would like suffocate and stuff. But I mean if he didn’t then it would be cute! So yay purse dogs!!!!The end.

    By Percy on 04.02.2009

  13. The purse was blood red. Blood red because she was bleeding all over it. It once held the contents of her life. Now, it was an empty blood-soaked rag.

    By gabby on 04.02.2009

  14. I dropped it. Somewhere back there my poor leather purse is lying on the dirty Paris street. I turn around and run back up one street and hurry down another but no purse. I succeed only in becoming hopelessly lost.
    “Are you looking for something?” calls a voice, half mocking, half kind.

    By Elena on 04.02.2009

  15. It’s like a forest. A deep dark pit of possibilty. A little word all my own, filled with things i don’t need.

    By Maddy on 04.02.2009

  16. I walked into the store and a man was hold a very ugly man-purse. He was tall had dark hair that was covered in a small hat. He looked up at me and smiled.

    By Emily on 04.02.2009

  17. I’ve always wanted a dog that I could fit in a purse. Except then maybe I’d feel bad because the dog would like suffocate and stuff. But I mean if he didn’t then it would be cute! So yay purse dogs!!!!The end.

    By Percy on 04.02.2009

  18. The purse glared at me, beady black with silver buckles. I glared back, and looked my dark reflection in the eye. I made a face, but then the woman whose purse it was turned around, glared at me, and walked away.

    By elena on 04.02.2009

  19. i am a MALE BEING; hence, i do not care for nor carry purses. they’re a waste of money (do you REALLY need six of them…?) If you can’t carry it in your pockets, you obviously dont need to carry it at all, so why lug a bag around with you full of unnecessary “necessities?”

    By Sean on 04.02.2009

  20. My purse is blue and small. Kind of annoying kind of bag. Anyway, yeah. This one is kind of lame to me. Damn, my ear hurts. I don’t want to do my presentation.

    By Moody on 04.02.2009

  21. it’s sitting on the living room table, empty. kleenex bits all around it, 3 pennies, other bits of fluff, no keys.

    By anita on 04.02.2009

  22. she was gone.

    i could tell the moment her small hands fell to her sides and the glazed-donut gaze came into her eyes. i might as well turn back, go home, leave her there, but she’d need me to tell her the little black purse in the window looked perfect with her, was cute beyond belief.

    By k on 04.02.2009

  23. When I was little I sometimes had to go get things out of my mom’s purse. I was a foreboding place. It always scared me. As an adult I’ve long had I rule that i will not get into a woman’s purse. Even if I’m dating here. It’s just weird. Lord knows what you’ll find in there.

    By matt on 04.02.2009