March 31st, 2009 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “level”

  1. OMG! I just hit level 45 or 60 or who CARES, please get off your butt and quit playing WOW. Go outside and get some sun and exercise, please.

    By matt on 04.01.2009

  2. level up.

    By brittany berry on 04.01.2009

  3. levels of possibilities from top to bottom, good , evil, tough easy just passing through each hoping to find some kind of stability

    By Preach on 04.01.2009

  4. lvl level one its oviousl

    me and malini are on the same level mentally physially
    fuck i want her
    right now
    why is she in inda
    so far way
    yet so close
    close to my heart
    for she is my love
    for onece
    i need i want
    because she ahs put a spell on me

    By alex on 04.01.2009

  5. headed. being stable in thought. a level place is not being affected by the things that you face daily. the lord placed himself on a level place when he taught to the crowds, in order to show that he was humble.

    By bee on 04.01.2009

  6. love .

    i was reading this thing , it was like a blog that this taxi driver had written and in it he talked about how in one of his late shifts he picked up an elderly woman .

    he just drove her around whereever she wanted to go , beofre taking her to her final destination . a home .

    that shows real love and care .

    By kaatie on 04.01.2009

  7. video games, this is really harder than i thought…i’m thinking of that thing builders use with a bubble in it, called a level…

    By will on 04.01.2009

  8. “Look, level with me, okay?” She asked.

    “I’m serious! You really don’t look fat in that dress.”

    The next sound he heard was the door slamming.

    By Doug on 04.01.2009

  9. Level are in mines; fens etc. Are you on the level? Level playing field. Level crossing where road crosses railway but zebra crossing for pedestrian to cross road. Pedestrian bridge or road bridge is not level! Level society = equal society. Spirit level to check whether it is level or degree of variance from level. Level means absolutely horizontal. When level, bubble is in middle. How much longer have I got to write before running out of time? Think this is a good exercise but looking forward to the bell now. Levels in society. Sea level is the lowest level above water – but there is low tide and high tide and ‘mean sea level’.

    By Martin Hughes on 04.01.2009

  10. The level of my sanity
    The confidence of my mind
    Everything is ups and downs
    The master has yet to reply
    Do you have levels?
    Or is everything equal as a star
    I don’t know the human soul
    But trust me, its complicated to complicated for the universe

    By Jes Rasmussen on 04.01.2009

  11. Even, flat, and planar. Right, just, and fair. Balanced, equal, and plain.

    By Fred on 04.01.2009

  12. I think the level of stupidity shown by those who level out there lives with levelers is preposterous. I think the level of mario where there’s that really big reptile guy, i think his name is browser; it’s really hard to finish.

    By lauren on 04.01.2009

  13. a word that desribes someone or something getting more advanced in a subject. A word to separate different groups.

    By elly on 04.01.2009

  14. A level is something that everyone says everyone ought to be on, such as a level playing field. Politicians are always talking about doing that, about leveling things they say are unfair. I say a level is an instrument, one you use to check your work to make sure it’s balanced and worthy.

    By Matt on 04.01.2009

  15. the levelheaded boy was walking down the street when he spied a baby bird on the ground all alone. He said ‘Mr. bird where is your mother?’ The bird of course could not reply in the boy’s native language, so it instead began a series of intricate and altogether extemporaneous dance moves to illustrate it’s point. The boy smiled.

    By Cody on 04.01.2009

  16. this is part of the name of my girlfriend’s brother’s new coffeeshop. it is called “Ground Level.”

    By amir on 04.01.2009

  17. Game leveling is a big thing in today’s world when it comes to all the gamers out there. Have fun guys!!!! <3 Guild Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Cricket on 04.01.2009

  18. I’d like to think I’m level headed, that I can handle thigns without all the drama, that I am a good, honest person. I am not that way at all. But I would at least like to think I am.

    By natalie on 04.01.2009

  19. playing field’s should be level so that everyone has the opportunity to do their best and achieve whatever they want to do. There shouldn’t be unnecessary barriers to people!

    By N K on 04.01.2009

  20. a level is a certain stage in a game. the game usually consists of multiple levels with differing themes and enemies. or, the characters in the game advance through levels, that is, they grow stronger with each level they gain. this is commonly found in role playing games.

    By hk on 04.01.2009

  21. I it when I’m trying to bicycle, but the road is rough and bumpy. I feel like I’m on a pogo stick, which is uncomfortable for someone of my build.

    By Erk on 04.01.2009

  22. my level of english proficiency is great. but not my level in math. levels matter so much today. they can make and break yourlife. You are judged base on your level. Level is all there is, in anything.

    By Pink on 04.01.2009

  23. You always knew how level headed I could be, but you just would not have it that I would go off and do such a stupid thing. I find it refreshing and somehow theraputic to finally

    By greedy on 04.01.2009