August 6th, 2012 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “puncture”

  1. She couldn’t believe. The puncture was opening and she was feeling blood coming out of it pretty quick.
    “Oh, God, no.” She closed her eyes as pain shot through her body.

    By Aline URL on 08.06.2012

  2. punctures can be metaphorical or physical…..but both hurt the person deeply and words puncture more than wounds.

    By aish on 08.06.2012

  3. Was how the bite mark looked on his arm. It stung deeply, cut him to the bone. It had seemed such a petty thing at first. Spider bite? Not a big deal. Scorpion? Oh… And now he found himself in hospital waiting to hear how bad it was

    By Organic Nyan on 08.06.2012

  4. I could feel the car slowly start to sink, the puncture in the front wheel pulling it down far below it’s normal level. I could no longer drive it, so I had no choice but to get ou and walk, and what a long walk it would be, I thought.

    By Amy on 08.06.2012

  5. He held the syringe in his left hand, the long fingers trembling noticeably. Noah sighed, swallowed, a bead of sweat on his forehead. Suddenly, he plunged the needle into his forearm, a long sigh of relief coming from his bruised, pale lips. Suddenly, he stiffened, slumping forward on the bed. Another life no one will remember in ten years; another lif lost to heroin.

    By Olivia on 08.06.2012

  6. Puncture is an independent feature film starring Chris Evans, directed by Adam Kassen and Mark Kassen. The movie is based on the true story of Michael David ‘Mike’ Weiss and Paul Danziger.

    By ANA on 08.06.2012

  7. puncture wound. somebody got stabbed with a needle and got a puncture wound. i punctured the yogurt carton today at work and yogurt went everywhere. i can’t think of anything else to write about puncture. i suck at this.

    By Charrie URL on 08.06.2012

  8. hurting. ouchie. bleeding. cuts. hole. hospital. police. 911. sadness. help me. no? ok. i feel unloved. bandaids. neosporin. bacteria. dirt. hurts like hell. somebody help!

    By simmie on 08.06.2012

  9. Well, puncture to means that you are hurt. Something has ripped through your defenses, be they physical or emotional, ripped through barriers and gotten to the soft, vulnerable tissues underneath. To puncture is, in my mind, to hurt. To puncture follows to the thought that you are being hurt. “My foot was PUNCTURED by glass.” Or something emotional like, “She punctured through my emotional barriers to my love and then hurt me.” Something along those lines. To puncture is to go through something by way of force and tearing and then for what forced and tore it’s way through the barriers hurts you. To puncture, to me, means to hurt.

    By Andy Tye URL on 08.06.2012

  10. you punctured your words like a dagger slitting my soul to pieces. though my emotions state the contrary, my heart feels differently. I hurt, I ache.. what you think of me is all that ever matters.

    By Bekah on 08.06.2012

  11. my heart this muscle full of fluff and particularities, its just a muscle after all, how can it feel anything. well it is punctured
    not by anyone but by me, its so simple yet I have complicated it based on fear and what not. it is pathetic that is what it is. does it have to be correct

    By ana on 08.06.2012

  12. Probably one of the most annoying things to happen in the world just when you think you on a journey of discovery this happens. A puncture is a way of telling you that to work hard and get to where you want to go you may face a trial before you succeed

    By Dan on 08.06.2012

  13. punctured through my soul the wold on a whole, this need and want and mix up of challenge that somehow makes it all worth the pain. will i continue to sustain this calm with wounds so deep?

    By Luchador Lavender on 08.06.2012

  14. timing and accuracy? don’t have a clue oh when the car breaks down a crack on the tyre whatever

    By Jimmy URL on 08.06.2012

  15. It hurt. pain feld threw my body at a tramedos speed. i looked down and saw the small tricling of blood run threw my fingers now cluching my stomcic. i was gone. this was it. i felt my life drain out like the blood now pooling at my feet.

    By zia on 08.06.2012

  16. the wound was not minor, she could tell by the way the puncture had become swollen and red, and by the way the blood was refusing to stop. in a few more minutes help would arrive and she would be saved. Hopefully that is.

    By Delaney on 08.06.2012

  17. She wore the puncture like a tattoo, a curved mark on the skin. One of permanence and utter and complete loyalty. I didn’t know what to tell her. The skin broken back and bearing itself wide. Open and breathing, harsh red gasps. Strange to say, odd to think…it’s been so long.

    By Danaé on 08.06.2012

  18. Not beeing an English native, Nuno had extreme difficulty in writing up a sentence using punture. All he could think about was “puncture wound” and looked grosse in his mind..!

    By Nuno on 08.06.2012

  19. The puncture wound was the worst of his injuries, by far. He had not seen the thin dagger in time to block it with his sword, and now he was paying for his oversight. If he had not been so overconfident, he might have lived a few more years. He shook his head. Living a long, full life was not a part of the life of an assassin.

    By Isilo Aranel on 08.06.2012

  20. a deep presence in a moment in time can only and always be seen as such. what moves are worth making if by some means we can’t answer with a move?

    By Paz on 08.06.2012

  21. epilepsy!!! puncture the hemorrhoid. It always comes back in the end. Strangely encouraging, isn’t it? That’s why it’s called the LUMBARD region. LUMBARDO. Tree fitty and a whole bag o nickels.

    By jeyey belle on 08.06.2012

  22. Punctures are like wounds,
    either in

    By jehaan on 08.06.2012

  23. To enter one’s flesh. A bullet, it’s path and end. The end of a piece of brass, the knife to skin, the stick to hand, without gloves. The ribs in your lungs, the splinter in your finger, the woman in your mind.

    By tbawb URL on 08.06.2012

  24. The needle inched towards her skin and she watched it the entire way, knowing that it wouldn’t help her deal with her fear but not being able to withhold the urge. Her eyes acted in a separate rebellion from her mind as if they had planned to make her view every moment of the anticipation to enhance her torture.

    By M.J. Hutchison on 08.06.2012

  25. Puncture is a word that I’m not really sure the meaning of. It reminds me of like if you were to make… oh I know, its like when you make a hole in something right? Reminds me of TV dinners when you have to puncture the plastic covering over the food. To pierce through or poke through using something sharp. It can be on purpose or by accident.

    By Clay Straught on 08.06.2012

  26. There’s more than that in my heart. Some might say it’s shattered. But it did start as a puncture. It started with a puncture and grew. Oh, how it grew. It was stabbed again and again until it was so full, oh so painfully full of punctures, and now it is held together by shreds.

    By Ireland on 08.06.2012

  27. we’re punctured in all kinds of ways throughout life. we’re punctured that first time our first friend runs off with another little girl, leaving us alone. we’re punctured from the first time we have a serious argument with our parents and we’re punctured by the love, loss and pain life pricks us with. but what’s important is that we try to remember that a puncture is a slow process, and a little air has to escape before we can go back to normal, and that the air we have is precious. but there’s more if needed. So don’t be too afraid to ask for a little more life than you’re given.

    By kerry on 08.06.2012

  28. The puncture in my soul goes deep into the ground where the darkness hides. From the depths of that puncture flow the shadows that consume the flowing thoughts of my mind, like oil in the water.

    By jakob URL on 08.06.2012

  29. I felt him puncture my walls. Forever marking me with his scent. He took away the one gift I’ve been saving for “The One.” But sadly he isn’t “The One” I’ve been waiting for.

    By Melissa on 08.06.2012

  30. He punctured my heart just like he punctured a hole though paper…easy, without thought or meaning. It was as if he didn’t even care. Even after all that we had been through.

    By Haley on 08.06.2012

  31. to puncture. to spear something, like flesh. to kill, to wound, to alter. to change something physically. that is what to puncture means. sometimes good. sometimes bad. often heard in emergency rooms. puncture.

    By xena URL on 08.06.2012

  32. Snakes are the scariest things. The slither, they hiss and worst of all they puncture your skin and inject poison into your body. They poke holes in your skin. With their teeth. That’s just too scary.

    By Amanda on 08.06.2012

  33. A wound that never heals, your love was nothing more than an inflated desire to live a life with someone who sustained you. You punctured my heart and I will forever try to mend it. Forget me love, I have nothing else to give you.

    By adrian on 08.06.2012

  34. Puncture: the feeling that resignates through your entire person when you realize that everything you have worked towards, every feeling that you’ve had was wasted and for nothing. It punctures your hope, your reason for being, your ability to get out of bed in the morning. Yet with this puncture of a needle stabbing through your life, it threads a strand of faith that you will be able to summon the strength to pull your pieces together and strive to carry on and improve from the painful experience.

    By Grace York on 08.06.2012

  35. The wolf likes to puncture its prey with a strong jaw. A pool of red blood piles up on the ground as the wolf chews on those helpless limbs.

    By Isaias on 08.06.2012

  36. I once had a balloon and I took a pin to try and pop a hole in it but instead I accidentally dropped it on the ground and stepped on it so I got a puncture hole in my foot and the balloon just floated away without my ever having the chance to pop it. Then when I went to the hospital they gave me a new balloon and I felt really stupid because it reminded me of my lame mistake. I now had a hole in my foot and a new balloon. The end………………

    By Lucie McCormick on 08.06.2012

  37. The tire was as flat as flat. The air was slowly leaking around the rusty nail that I picked up when I backed into that dirt road to turn around. I was lost and now I was going no where fast. Just my luck. I hated that flat tire!

    By Cim on 08.06.2012

  38. You gasp, teeth biting on your chapped lip. Your eyes travel downward to your arm; it has two, freshly made holes simmering in poison.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama on 08.06.2012

  39. The wound was small and bright. Blood flowed continuously from it, after he pulled the nail out. Was this dangerous? Wasn’t there some sort of shot for this kind of stuff? There was a ring of rust around the hole; red blood upon brown rust upon pale skin.

    By Eleanor Hinkle on 08.06.2012

  40. Piercing a hole in something will leave it forever ruined unless you find something that would adequately fill it.

    By PetitePommes on 08.06.2012