July 24th, 2016 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “protein”

  1. “The protein combines with a number of chemicals to produce this effect, see?” said the the professor as he stalked between doorframes. Running his hand through his salt and pepper hair he turned sharply on his toes and looked at me with desperation. “Don’t you see? This could either be the exact answer needed…or,” he lowered his shaking voice, “the destruction of it all. The very mainframe and baseline of our creation could collapse!”
    I lowered my eyes and placed my fingers on my chin…taking it all in slowly. My mind racing. “So it seems..” I began, “that we will simply have to implement it and see.”
    “They said you were mad…and until now I had never believed them.”

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 07.24.2016

  2. “Protein is an important component of food. It’s what makes us grow muscle and grow up to be strong people.” The nurse’s voice droned on. The mothers, with young child and those breast-feeding their babies, stared at her blankly.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.24.2016

  3. The bone broth bubbled, extracting protein upon gelatin upon secret potent potions ready to be devoured by my body in one disgusting gulp.

    By Clare on 07.24.2016

  4. In the supermarket, we walked past the fresh fish tanks. There were abalones plastered to the front of the glass, showing their fringed edges, clams nestled atop one another with a cold attitude like they were already dead despite their heightened price for being live sold; and a little octopus bagged in a net with its tentacles curling to and fro like seaweed, fiddleheads on ferns in time-lapse.

    By linet on 07.24.2016

  5. “C’mon.”




    She raised her eyebrows. “Don’t you want the protein?”

    “I don’t like meat.”

    She could feel her patience fading with the sunset outside. Her son, sitting across the table, sat sulking with his arms folded. “Eat the steak,” she ordered.


    “Eat the damn steak!”

    “I don’t want to!”

    “Don’t you want to grow big and strong?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.24.2016

  6. Christian grins up at Takumi, blood smeared across his chin. “Come on,” he coaxes. “It’s not that gross.”
    “It’s disgusting,” Takumi huffs and tries to shove at Christian’s shoulder without actually touching him.
    “Blood is an excellent source of protein,” Christian wheedles.
    “I’m sure that’s not true.”

    By savvadrokki on 07.24.2016

  7. She was always going on and on about what you were supposed to eat and not eat. As though she knew it all, which she didn’t. I mean, okay, I’ll be blunt, she was fucking fat, honestly. Big, huge, wide, not the size a person who eats healthy is supposed to be. So there she is on her high (poor thing, buckling under that weight) horse, telling us all that we were poisoning our bodies by eating all the wrong things. Protein was her enemy; bread was a clever killer, blah blah blah. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a nurse and both as big as she was. They made a lot of money and drove big cars that guzzled gas. Did that stop them from talking about the energy crisis or any of the things they had some fucking direct bearing on? No. One day, she started in on my about my diet. She was watching me eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the cafeteria and she said, “Well, the peanut butter is fine, but that jelly is pure sugar, not good for you at all.” I held up the sandwich, waved it in front of her nose and said, “The protein in the peanut butter is good enough. Bitch.”

    By ruby on 07.24.2016

  8. He wasn’t built like other men. He needed 200 calories of protein a day. The world ganged up on him. If he ate that much protein, others would starve. The only course of action was to send him to another planet. They did. That protein had intelligent life that was starved for protein. That was dropping dead from the lack of it. They saw him, they smelled that he was composed of protein, they had no morality, they ate him. Unfortunately, his protein made them hunger for more and more protein. it was the end of everyone. The next species were all plant eaters. They stripped every planet.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.24.2016

  9. It’s amazing how simple and minuscule things like protein chains and fat chains make up our entire body. What if they had a conversation together?!

    By suriti URL on 07.25.2016

  10. The structures and sinews of the DNA looked to him like jewel encrusted gold, sang to him like melodies and harmonies, and held together like buttressed Gothic cathedrals.

    By ml on 07.25.2016

  11. The protein shake looked good enough to throw down the sink, and yet if she wanted to reach that pinnacle of female perfection, she was going to have to throw it down her throat! Why did she feel so compelled to comply with the societal norms of body image? What was she so afraid of?!

    By Sam Dounis URL on 07.25.2016

  12. Well, now here is a word i hear so much about. The power of protein. A high protein diet is supposed to be the best for you. All those carbs load you down and make you sleepy and cause you to crave even more sugar. Also, carbs turn into sugar. It’s what diabetics are supposed to avoid: carbs. So yep. Let’s all have more protein please. Steaks—coming right up! haha

    By Mistress Quickly on 07.25.2016

  13. I thought about all the different sources of protein and which one I’d prefer to eat. They all sounded so good, but some of them were healthier than others. I decided to opt for the edamame. It would be challenging to get each kernel out of the pod, but in the end it would be well worth it. Delicious, healthy snacking, made convenient but with some work invested.

    By Suzanne on 07.25.2016

  14. Protein didn’t really ring any bells with him. …I mean, it was more like something you need or is by chance in something you actually desire – and let’s face it, it wasn’t icecream.
    So he sure as hell didn’t care! But tell that to them.

    By "Life" on 07.25.2016

  15. More, more, more. It was like waking up in the middle of the night to eat some meat, and all. More, more… As if you’d almost understand it on tangible level, where you can describe it, grip it, see, catch it. And unfortunately, it was shining the most on humans.

    By "Life" on 07.25.2016

  16. Something I know athletic people use to put into their system trying to be healthy lol

    By Empress URL on 07.25.2016

  17. Sit. Watch the plants whither. Stay. Let the hunger consume. Pray? Who’d listen. It’s all gone. What’s left? Only the bare minimum. Just this pathetic pile of human protein.

    By Maeday URL on 07.25.2016

  18. She bit into the protein bar and chewed thoughtfully, stretching her legs back and forth. It has been a decent run. Not her best. She didn’t feel that rush of euphoria she was familiar with. What was that about? She looked around the field. No one else was out this early in the morning. It was peaceful.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.25.2016

  19. Protein/ should be a very important and large part of your diet. you need protein for your health, your growth and your bones. It doesn’t cconfo

    By Fe Donohue on 07.25.2016

  20. One day, I came home from school, and saw a mysterious-looking liquid on the counter. It was a protein shake. My mom said “it’s good, drink it” so I did but it tasted like shit. So, I wrote her a note telling her to get chocolate flavour next time.

    By kway on 07.25.2016

  21. There’s nothing more fascinating than a man in a tight, neon outfit flexing his muscles and wiping the minimum sweat from his forehead whilst gesturing dramatically to a protein shake and growling in a manly voice that makes his moustache tremble, “FOR BUNS LIKE MINE, DRINK PROTEIN-0!”

    By Sharna on 07.25.2016

  22. Protein is good. Chicken, fish and other stuff like that has protein. Protein makes you strong! Protein is love, protein is life! YAAAAS! I love protein!

    By Vidhu Kota URL on 07.25.2016

  23. All I know about protein is it builds muscle. Having dinner only with protein is a good way to lose weight. Protein can be found in all kinds of meat and fish. I don’t believe in protein powder though.

    By acla on 07.25.2016

  24. protein can be found in many food products, it is an essential part of the humna diet. some peiple think protein can only be found in meat products, but this is untrue, you can get great amounts of protein from alot of vegetables. some of my favourite high protein veggies include black beans, spinach, nuts, and brocolli.

    By Kayla on 07.25.2016

  25. ive had to write about protein 3 times now and Im wondering if this website has any other words i can try to write about. Im almost a vegetarian by the time Ill finish this blurb about protein. I like it in food, I like it in life, but I need to be creatively stimulated more so. please end this for me . lol Protein is life

    By Kayla on 07.25.2016

  26. Eat your protein, they said. Save the world, they said. Not the world of chickens. We’re eating the world of chickens. If we survive because they died, does that make us heroes? No. But it does make us survivors. It’s a war for survival. With the chickens. Oorah.

    By The battle for the second muffin on 07.25.2016

  27. I am on a high protein diet because I eat too many carbs. It’s all meat and eggs, which are good, but I don’t feel like it’s making much of a difference yet. I am worried about my weight because it’s unhealthy and I don’t fit in most of my clothes. I hope I make my goal before I have to go back to school.

    By Freeman on 07.25.2016

  28. “I need you,” said Luc, while sitting on the ledge with a tub of greek yogurt in one hand, legs swinging back and forth, “like I need this yogurt.”
    Ryou furrowed his brow. “The hell’s that supposed to mean?”
    “Protein,” Luc said, flourishing his spoon in a way that suggested that this explained everything. It did not. Luc let out a long sigh at Ryou’s blank expression and said, “I can’t live without you.”

    By astreans on 07.25.2016

  29. Ugh protein – good grief I can’t think of anything ……The little girl thought that professional teenagers were “Proteins”.

    By Nancy on 07.25.2016

  30. protein shakes for the ones who carry heavy weights in their mind, a selfish burdening crime of apathy toward you and me, and they are so worried about the mirror, and the reflection that they want to see.. but it’ll never be perfect enough to let be.. but we’re on a different team. self inflicted life of non normalcy.. you choose good looks, you choose the bandwagon, and I choose me.. and I’m bandwagon free.

    By chel_s.e.a on 07.25.2016

  31. Eegs are protein. Protein is an important part of every meal. Meat is also protein I think.

    By Nobody. on 07.25.2016

  32. the building block of growth and struggle. you need me to become strong. it’s so interesting that there’s something you could need just to build muscle. hasn’t it been waiting all along? but here I am. babies get it in their mother’s milk. adults get it from animals. we all get it from somewhere.

    By Katie on 07.25.2016

  33. Protein is misunderstood. It isn’t really protein the body needs, but healthy fat from vegetables and fruits like avocados. This I learned from David Wolfe.

    By Ali Luff URL on 07.25.2016

  34. He looked at the clock. Great, five to eight. He’d have just enough time to slip in a protein bar before class. He sweared under his breath once more. Crappy breakfasts made crappy mornings. David would just have to bear with him. After all, it was his fault he’d slept in.

    By Cami on 07.25.2016

  35. we need protein to make us healthy energetic and fast we need this thing to make us happy

    By claire URL on 07.25.2016

  36. When I think of protein I immediately think of vegetarians. They have such a difficult time obtaining protein, since most protein in a person’s diet comes from meat. But nuts have protein, I suppose. It’s just not as readily available.

    By Meagan Mullen on 07.25.2016

  37. Everyday I tell myself I need to eat more protein. How am I supposed to get big and bulky like the other guys at school? No one wants to love someone so small and scrawny like me. So here I am, shoving chicken into my mouth thinking about how this is what the girls at school want. They want someone who can protect them, and apparently if I eat enough of this stuff I’ll be able to do that for them.

    By Chantelle Brown on 07.25.2016

  38. This is the thing I couldn’t believe was on my plate. I am a vegetarian and for some reason I ordered the fish. I added the protein. Had I been craving it for years, eating salads and starving myself of wanted nutrition, and now, on this date, I get the fish. What was I thinking.

    By Seth on 07.25.2016

  39. i never get enough protein because im stuck eating all this shit that keeps making me fatter and i don’t want to go back to school because maybe ill meet a pretty girl who does like to go to the gym and i won’t be enough for her but ill keep romanctizing the idea of her and maybe ill happy one day because i am lost

    By phil on 07.25.2016

  40. It slips silently in and out of my excesses; my gestures and jumps in and out of routine are brought on by this excitable thing. I would sip it but it makes my tongue heavy.

    By Zoe URL on 07.25.2016