February 2nd, 2014 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “progressive”

  1. Slowly slowly
    The air becomes subtlety
    An progressive realisation-
    An awakening of love, loss
    Bitter hope…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 02.02.2014

  2. Amelia considered herself progressive. A woman ahead of her time who had determined she could live in a world without men and had so begun by forwarding all her mail to herself in order only to receive correspondence from another woman.

    By Erica on 02.02.2014

  3. My ties with the world beyond my myriad walls is somewhat…, progressive. Or, certainly, a simple string of progression, if nothing else. I have a different outlook that that which I had the year before, the week before. Occasionally, the day before, the hour. It is something of a nuisance.

    By Jason on 02.02.2014

  4. Progress always happens in spirals. Don’t give up hope when it looks like you’re turning back, when it looks like the things you set your heart on have disappeared. They will return. Everything is up and down, back and forth, and it’s all carrying you along a road toward the end and the beginning of the world. Don’t give up on the road.

    By LILYhibiku on 02.02.2014

  5. Progressive is my car insurance policy. Actually it’s not but I really like their commercials. Flo is so funny.

    By Cassandra URL on 02.02.2014

  6. Progressiv is inovation but often forced as I see in this word also a huge part of the word agressive and isn’t it that before something new can come the old has to die??

    By Thia on 02.02.2014

  7. Progress is all around us and leaves us no more time to just stop by and look at the beauty surrounding us. Progressive behaviour leads us into the future, the question is just what kind of future it will be.

    By Thia on 02.02.2014

  8. “Aren’t you the gril from the Progressive commercials?”

    She snapped her grin into place, like snapping the back of a bra. “That’s me!” She mimed holding a megaphone.

    “Wow cool, you’re so funny on TV.”

    As they walked away, she let her smile relax back into her face. She rubbed her cheeks.

    “She looks way hotter with that red lipstick she wears on TV,” she heard one of them say.

    By Yona on 02.02.2014

  9. People do not want progressive thinkers in their office. They do not want innovators. They do not want entrepreneurs. They want yes-men, okay-women, and whatever-you-say-drones who appreciate the status quo because it gives them an extra five dollars an hour compared to their last minimum wage job.

    Give them a new idea, and they’ll slam the door in your face. Disturb their empire, and the tyrants threatens your very existence as an imaginative force.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.02.2014

  10. Moving travelling along and finding things gave improved.that’s progression in life and a very valuable thing it too.

    By Mary on 02.02.2014

  11. Progressive has a bad rap lately. It refers to the liberal left and their efforsts to push socialism on the country. I

    By gary on 02.02.2014

  12. the progressive era. yeah, we learned that in social studies, about the progressive presidents and stuff. like i think teddy roosevelt, and was it wilson? woodrow wilson?

    By Sarah URL on 02.02.2014

  13. I try to fight, but I am outnumbered. The man in white pulls out a syringe while the others restrain me. He jabs it in my arm, hard. I bite my lip to keep from letting out a little gasp of pain as he slowly pushes the liquid into my veins. I feel a progressive heaviness spreading through my limbs until I can no longer stand. My vision blurs and the world goes dark.

    By Hannah on 02.02.2014

  14. The days carried on slowly and monotonously. I couldn’t eat any more. I couldn’t sleep. Time progressed, but I stood still, a stagnant rock in a ocean overrun by waves.

    By Katie Huntington on 02.02.2014

  15. “A progressively thinking man, isn’t he?” He swirled his black coffee inside the silly Hello Kitty mug. I stared absentmindedly at the mug for a few seconds before realizing that the mug was mine. My daughter had given it to me for Mother’s Day. Why did he have it now? How did he get his filthy hands on it? I had guarded it in the most securely protected safe I could find! My pulse quickened as I looked up at his face, a smirk distorting his already loathsome features.

    His hand twitched, spilling coffee all over the rug. “Damn it!”
    I snatched the mug from his hand and exited the room, grinning. She’ll love my story.

    By Isis on 02.02.2014

  16. When you feel it in your heart, mind, and soul a movement. Like a dream you’ve seen, dared to imagine, and the fruition of this contemplation – it tingles down your spine and in this moment a familiar sense of accomplishment feels transcendent as though many, many bridges have been crossed.

    By Intuition on 02.02.2014

  17. With slight, subtle acts of kindness. With a heart of change and humility. With love that is bigger then ourselves. With a sight on an future that has no tears and no pain. With a heart of compassion that is always progressive. Always looking for improvement, with sight on the perfection of Christ.

    By Jose on 02.02.2014

  18. Life isn’t something that stops, it will go on forever. Even if its the life that shadows the past or looks to the future, it will swelter into a formidable mass.

    By Marcus Wolfe on 02.02.2014

  19. “The past progressive is used…” he started. I could only see the progression in his eyes. Damn. I love my English teacher. I could use present progressive with him for all eternity. I’m loving it…

    By Verónica URL on 02.02.2014

  20. Sometimes people do weird things in the name of being ‘progressive’. “Would you like to learn maths or making woven baskets?” they ask you – a very nice pass time but not one that fits you out for many jobs. A lesson I learned to my detriment.

    By Jenny on 02.02.2014

  21. He joined in the slow progressive line towards the looming square, grey building ahead. Every single body in the line wore a suit and tie, black on white, their distinctive features melting off, noses, freckles, moles, color. Their thoughts soon blended into a monotonous hum as their feet mechanically moved their bodies towards hell.

    By Gaia Serene on 02.02.2014

  22. Let’s be progressive and make progress,no matter where we are in this project or in life.Is ittoo late to make progress? It depends if you have a progressive frame of mind.

    By Ruth on 02.02.2014

  23. progressive is the science of moveing forword no matter how bad your luck is you can count on one good thing to happen. life progresses

    By donny on 02.02.2014

  24. They were moving forward with the plan. It was different. It was new. It was insane. They didn’t know what they were getting into with this one. It would either be a hit or the government would be coming after them. Actually, it could be both.

    By mmlf99 on 02.02.2014

  25. It was only a few years ago that he had since me wearing my yellow summer dress last, the last time he’d seen me cry and smile all at once. For now it was all too soon to remember his smile as he walked by without remembering me or us.

    By Mariajose Radillo on 02.02.2014

  26. Once he had decided on the race, he had started to watch the betting trends. As the race day approached, there was a progressive increase in betting on four particular horses. Killen started placing bets heavily on these four, and four outsiders. The rest, he would keep an eye on, and tweak them as needs be. His plan was under way.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.02.2014

  27. Progressive is an eerie word that shakes me a bit. Because what is progress? It’s often difficult to determine, especially in the moment with no time to reflect. So by calling something progressive, how can we be so sure that it actually is? Because, you know, often times it’s not.

    By MALau on 02.02.2014

  28. One foot in front of the other
    walk into the sun

    don’t turn around
    don’t spin back and see

    parts of you go backwards
    We rise as we recede.

    By Jem Page URL on 02.02.2014

  29. i wish i could be progressive and move forward and do something but instead i let myself stay and take this verbal abuse from this minimum wage job and sometimes i feel like i deserve it but in the back of my mind i know that i probably dont deserve it but i dont do anything about it. i let him get in my face and tell me how worthless i am

    By Claire on 02.02.2014

  30. Everything in life is progressive. Absolutely everything. I didn’t just wake up one day and know God loved me, it was.. Progressive! Although his love has always been there it took me a while to realize it. To realize the depths of it, and why he sent his son Jesus Christ to this beautiful earth. The whole plan of salvation is progressive. Nothing I do, the progress I make will be perfect the first time, but because of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and what he did for us, I can make progress. Perfectly imperfect progress, and what a joy that is. Happy Sabbath. God loves you.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 02.02.2014

  31. “You actually TALK to the help? How…progressive, highness,”
    Idina barely contained the urge to roll her eyes. “It’s a common courtesy but I find it’s served my family well so far,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 02.02.2014

  32. Progressives are some kind of political group. I think they had something to do wih suffrage and gay rights, so I think I like them. It’s also a car insurance company. Flo. I don’t really know where I stand on her. On one hand, commercials and such, on the other, funny and charismatic and such.

    By Stormy on 02.02.2014

  33. It keeps giving me this word. Uhh… yeah, as I said. Gay rights and suffrage and car insurance. Neato stuff. I very much approve. What else can I say about this? Oh god. I’m horrible at this..

    By Stormy on 02.02.2014

  34. Auto insurance to be secure is not a novel concept, it is merely a pleasure enjoyed by the privileged few. The graceful and secure, those with money to burn and possessions to protect. Myself? I abstain, and condemn those who indulge as prevaricators of the basest variety. Such is the truth of my butt.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.02.2014

  35. progressing forward to determine personal limits. progressing deeper into the mind to ponder.

    By kendall on 02.02.2014

  36. The way I learn things is really progressive, I don’t know how things really happens inside of me but I know that the more i seek for growth the more I grow and I learn on how to be better in my skills. I wanna be good.

    By Flávio on 02.02.2014

  37. Let’s just move forward. “We can’t,” he replied. I wanted to be progressive. He was so stagnant.

    By Coya Alexander on 02.02.2014

  38. My mom is progressive, for the Mid-west. I’ve often wondered what kind of life she Could be living if she didn’t end up in Tipton, Indiana-in the middle of the “Nothing-Belt”. I guess, true to form, that thought shifts over to me.

    By hillary on 02.02.2014

  39. The say generation Y is the progressive generation, meaning that we are the generation that has receive all the PROGRESS made by the past generation. Personally I believe my generation is a REGRESS of the past generations. Why?, because we live up to the same ideals and beliefs that has hindered us as humans. We are a generations that has learned to follow the past and not try to make our own future.

    By K on 02.02.2014

  40. I can only think of the progressive era of united states history, and I don’t even remember much about that. some history fanatic I am. I suppose this means I shouldn’t major in history?

    By Lydia Kate on 02.02.2014