March 5th, 2012 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “professional”

  1. someone who has perfected something, and can make money doing it

    By cat on 03.06.2012

  2. no one a professional at anything the only thing you a professional at is yourself just you for who you are

    By Gabby on 03.06.2012

  3. A professional is a bunch of bullshit, us human’s come up with to distract us from the nothingness that life is. A professional is another one of our little delusions. To keep the masses happy, that’s what it’s all about. There is no meaning. Life is a dream.

    By lily URL on 03.06.2012

    Royalties 1,9%
    Social contributions 1% on royalties
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    By VUONG on 03.06.2012

  5. A professional is some one really good and can do something easy like snowboarders and skiers and all that stuff. A professional is really famous.

    By madisson swartz on 03.06.2012

  6. r

    By Autumn on 03.06.2012

  7. I always wanted to be a pro tennis player. I was really good when I was a kid. I played 5 times a week as I got older. Then I got bored and one day decided never to pick up a racket again. So I haven’t

    By andrea on 03.06.2012

  8. Professional or should we say Pros… there are many types of pros:Pro snowboarder, pro bicyclist, etc… some Pros have to work hard in order to become one…

    By poseidon619 URL on 03.06.2012

  9. Ma’am DONT WORRY!! I AM A PROFESSIONAL!!! I got this!

    By Noreen on 03.06.2012

  10. I am professional at running!!!!!!!!!!!!!PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!professional means that you are lke expert at doing something.

    By loulou88888 URL on 03.06.2012

  11. People go to professionals for there doctors appointment or for mental issues..
    -_- !!

    By heaf13 URL on 03.06.2012

  12. like you can do stuff better than anybody else and ike when your cooler goes out you have to call a profesional

    By Bieberlover URL on 03.06.2012

  13. profesional basket ball payer profesional football player

    By cougars8 URL on 03.06.2012

  14. the man had an air about him he semed very professional yet he scared me and i wasn’t sure why

    By Amaryllis URL on 03.06.2012

  15. i grip my gun as tight as i can and slowly look around the corner. I curse as a bullet wizzes by me, is there any way to get out of here alive? i dont think so, but i can’t give up. i have to get the message to headquarters or we are all dead meat. another bullet races by me. i wonder how i got here in the first place. oh well that is what happens when you become a proffesional. now i just need to stay alive.

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 03.06.2012

  16. My teachers are very professional!!!:)

    By Ivy URL on 03.06.2012

  17. I was going to work. Like every day. Trying not to think about him. Trying to stay professional, be a businesswoman. But it was hard, really hard. All i could think about was his hair, his smell, his strong hands. I was lost in him every time I saw him in the office.

    By Catnip on 03.06.2012

  18. Professional means as in being professional as in being like very popular for being good at something. Being professional can be like a star in some ways like famous singers or popular people who play music. They are professional because they are at a higher level of doing what they do best.

    By Mario URL on 03.06.2012

  19. you are good or you are professsional

    By zach URL on 03.06.2012

  20. Professional is a word that means that you or someone is very good at something and is very experienced with the job that you/they may have.

    By shayna URL on 03.06.2012

  21. She was a professional; all legs and teeth. She laughed when he wasn’t funny, didn’t slap his sweaty face when he touched her ass and smiled throughout the dull evening at his tedious conference. He wished his wife was more like her.

    By Laura URL on 03.06.2012

  22. I think that people who are professionals in something have simply become talented at what they do in something. I don’t think that it should have to be certified. Kind of like professional artists. They can still be artists even though they may not be a “professional” on paper but they still are very talented and know what they are doing.

    By Dee Fontaine on 03.06.2012

  23. I could do this. I was a professional. Well, as “proffesional” as you can get at chasing half-bird men with huge, feathery black wings and clawed hands who have captured your family. I raced after them on the ground, my feet hitting the ground. I crashed through the brush, the twigs stinging brutally as they whipped against my exposed flesh. I was berefoot, yet I couldn’t feel the stones and pine needles that littered the ground like shards of broken glass. They were too fast though. I had trained, I had practiced and I had worked my self to the bone, yet still I could not beat them. I growled fiercly with renewed determination. I HAD to do this! I Couldn’t let the men escape with my family! With renewer vigour, I carried on plowing through the brush, a red blur amongst the greenery.

    By Antonia on 03.06.2012

  24. A clean hole in his temple. No struggle and a red rose lying on the corpse. It wasn’t a blatant murder. It was business. Simply professional.

    By Andreo Bongco URL on 03.06.2012

  25. i think that professional is false. it means nothing to those who have it, and everything to those who don’t. when you’re at the top of your field, the professional feels like they can always do better. and when you’re at the bottom all you can focus on is the top.
    this is the problem with our society. we need to be happy to be where we are.
    we need to wake up and see the beauty of where we are today.

    By c on 03.06.2012

  26. Trying to stay professional around you is impossible. We are two young kids playing in the sandbox when we’re together. We don’t take anything seriously and I love it. We are silly, funny, hilarious, and you don’t have a care in the world.

    But I have to get this work done so leave.

    By Kendyl Raye URL on 03.06.2012

  27. A professsional is someone who is good at something. They take their work seriously and take pride in what they do. Being a professional means you put one hndred percent into what you do.

    By Kristi on 03.06.2012

  28. Wow. Precisely what I’m not being right now. Avoiding work by writing on ‘professional’. Ironic.

    By Guillaume URL on 03.06.2012

  29. Keeping it real. Never looking back; always moving ahead.

    By Tia on 03.06.2012

  30. It had been a week, and Sherlock was close to giving up. He was no closer to finding the crucial, missing piece of evidence (the victim’s neck tie after all) as he had been at the start of the case. The frustration was starting to get to him, his curls becoming frazzled around the edges and his behavior becoming more manic than usual. He swung from polar opposites, depressed and lethargic on the couch to wild and pacing between the kitchen and the restaurant at the end of Baker street. Lestrade had stopped asking him about it after the third attempt had found him with his nose nearly snapped off in a fit of Sherlockian rage.

    John couldn’t take much more of it. Pride be damned, he thought, as he started searching for help. “Professional finder” on google turned up a surprisingly promising lead- Promising until John read that the Finder was located in Florida. He was about to move on to something else, until he read at the bottom of Sherman’s website, “Have case, will travel. Call for details.”

    Soon, Sherlock found John handing him the phone. “Who is this,” he demanded quickly, crossing one arm over his chest.

    A deep booming voice, American accent, answered quite calmly, “My name is Leo Knox, Mister Holmes, and I represent the answer to your problems.”

    By floppybelly URL on 03.06.2012

  31. We walk the halls of this office, each in their pastels and tight, uncomfortable shoes, thinking we are professional, but its all just an act. At home, we are nothing like what we pretend to be. We don’t use all our manners or answer the phone with a smile, we eat snacks and drink beer, and say screw work….but we are professional!

    By Marcus Zane URL on 03.06.2012

  32. the republicans that are running for President at this time are the least professional politicans in my memory. they are mean and nasty attaching but they have no solutions

    By edith URL on 03.06.2012

  33. The numb wafting feelings flood my arms and legs leaving me limp and dreary. My eyes sting and sink beneath the plain tubes of light.

    By x URL on 03.06.2012

  34. I am a professional. At least that is what I keep telling myself over and over again. It is hard sometimes as the world around me doesn’t always see me that way. There are still people who think that teachers only play with their students. That they go home when the bell rings. That they don’t have to plan during their long summer holiday. But I know better. I know how hard I work. I know how hard my job is sometimes.

    By Linda de Beer on 03.06.2012

  35. professionalism comes from the brink of exhaustion. it’s necessary to push yourself forward to get anything done in life, and professionals are adept at pushing themselves and others around them to become successful. professionals are never happy with what they’ve been given, only with what they’re giving, and seldom give at all. it’s important to be a professional because you have to continue with a lifestyle you may hate.

    By Courtney on 03.06.2012

  36. it’s the difference between
    someone who does this for a living
    and a hobbyist.
    it means that someone has dedicated
    oneself to the craft,
    regardless of what that craft may be.
    it doesn’t necessarily mean passion,
    but it can be
    what you talk about
    at cocktail parties
    as everyone else
    rolls their

    By NuSol URL on 03.06.2012

  37. This is a person who carries out their job to the highest standard.
    It can also mean a person who has achieved some form of higher education ie. a degree
    and is a specialist in their job role.
    A professional is someone you would go to to seek advice.

    By Hannah Price on 03.06.2012

  38. It’s not that I don’t like her. It’s just that she’s too…professional. You know, like the blazer and the cold-hearted laugh at someone’s failing. It’s carrying into her daily life. Amanda was always a sweet girl, but professional lady came in and fixed her. Now, sweet Amanda has never been the same.

    By Cecilia Benedict on 03.06.2012

  39. designer

    By Isabela on 03.06.2012

  40. I wish I was a designer professional. Actually I plan this to my future! I’m crazy to be a designer, graduate and work!!! Have my own money, my own house, my life with freedom and happiness!

    By Isabela on 03.06.2012