November 20th, 2018 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “hailstorm”

  1. another hailstorm but we just missed it, we keep missing them but one day you just know we’re gonna be out and get caught in it and the umbrella will be useless and we’ll get wet but why doeas it matter so much that we miss the hailstorm, why does it matter if we get soaked. Maybe if we do, we’ll feel more alive.

    By Steve O URL on 11.20.2018

  2. One night i was walking down an alley, suddenly it started to rain, i didnt quite mind it, but it started to get worse, i was already on my way so i had to keep going, but it got worse as time went by.

    By rodrigo on 11.20.2018

  3. Luckily, as we were driving up the mountain, none of the hell stories told about the weather came into fruition. There was no heavy rain. There was no hailstorm. There was no blizzard or flurry or even one speck of snow. Sure, it was cold, but I enjoyed that. I enjoyed seeing my breath float in front of me like a new, ghostly friend. I enjoyed the look of the cabin we stayed at – like something out of a fairy tale, or a picture book from the 1800s.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.20.2018

  4. there was a big hailstorm that broke tons of windows and cars and lots of other things in my town it was bad no one got hurt but pople were super cold

    By aidanmowry URL on 11.20.2018

  5. hailstorm drumming my haircut plastered flat to my scalp, coiled heavy locks and dripping hairpins splashing my shoes, they are ruined and they’re so new, the sky is deep and gray.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 11.20.2018

  6. I don’t believe in God(s).
    I don’t believe in ghosts.
    I don’t believe in Bigfoot.
    I don’t believe in crystals.
    I don’t believe in Witchcraft.
    I don’t believe in a flat Earth.
    I don’t believe conspiracy theories.
    I don’t believe in demon possession.
    Or Astrology…unleash the hailstorm.

    By Pudding Pop URL on 11.20.2018

  7. it’s a cold day in hell if i won’t think about these days
    in a future where my past is a frozen contemplate
    is there a better moment gone as i ruminate the change
    the weary hailstorm is the warmest all the same

    By matt m on 11.20.2018

  8. There was a hailstorm developing in the north, showers were passing through this afternoon, however tonight will be a torrential downpour that could bring hail the size of golf balls.

    By Connor on 11.21.2018

  9. It felt like I hailstorm but the brightly colored pellets hitting the ground and my face were definitely not hail. As I continued to be assaulted by the sky’s diarrhea, I knelt and picked one up. Licked it.

    Jelly beans.

    They’re jelly beans.

    By Abby Jelly URL on 11.21.2018

  10. Thundering down,
    Nipping frozen skin
    creating slight bruises
    banging windows, bouncing
    off grounds.

    By canwebevampires URL on 11.21.2018

  11. The mountain tops rumbled as the first flutters of snow cascaded down. No one expected the temperature to drop. The group’s throat heaved in chilled air awaiting the golf ball sized hail.

    By Kasandra on 11.21.2018

  12. the streaming of our collective consciousness
    interrupted by the static of confusion
    last lost of living in these progressively stranger days
    the hailstorm maelstrom of information
    no wonder we can’t procreate
    we don’t touch fingers abated

    By matt m on 11.21.2018

  13. I can sit around all day long and expect things to go smoothly, but ultimately – if a hailstorm comes, you can’t stop it. All you can do is sit and wait. take cover and wait. If you tried to stop what was inevitable, you only end up hurt. You have to accept what is coming, and take shelter when it is wise.

    By Rachel Morris on 11.21.2018

  14. angels playing with stones

    By Monica Rossi on 11.21.2018

  15. Why was it storming? Were you kidding?

    They just wanted to get home.

    Seriously, this was ridiculous.

    Their phone binged.

    “Careful out there. It’s pretty slippery.”

    They slipped.

    By Em on 11.21.2018

  16. Hailstorm: little white stones that fall from sky and hit caveman on head. Hurt caveman when fall and hit on head. not know why fall from sky and hit caveman on head. caveman will make hailstone stop fall from sky!
    Progress report: caveman make hailstones stop falling from sky. also, caveman see pigs fly.

    By David M. on 11.21.2018

  17. A hail storm is raging in Las Vegas today and is destroying cars and houses and windows.

    By Jesse Mowry on 11.21.2018

  18. Oh. this started.

    It was raining. Well, it was supposed to be raining. That’s what the weather report had said anyway. But that wasn’t what they got. What they got was ice. Large, hard, rock-solid balls of ice that shattered as they fell and made horrifying tapping noises on the windows. Ellen shivered listening to it.

    By Jasmine URL on 11.21.2018

  19. hailstorm puppy chow footprints in the muddy snowdrift, beams of headlight wobbling over the crystals, twinkling snow angles flutter and dance, the snow prints are hollow tubes of smoky cool.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 11.21.2018

  20. It is sunny, you feel good you can listen to the bird from your widow, woow what great flowers’ smell… you start dancing with your own; … you are optimist, motivated and every thing is good in this moment you believe that it’s the best because it’s all what you want!!
    After that you see a new flowers so you want to try it to your garden, you start your planning after that you see that the trees want also change its tree leaves because they are yellow… so you start your work to get something new suddenly you see the cloud in the sky there is no sun you feel cold, you continue your working hard to finish but this time you receive the wind from every side however you get your strength and you keep on because you really want it, after that it’s thunder and it start snowing, but you trust in yourself because you want to get what you want and you believe that you have to fight and be strong to pass all obstacles that you find in your dreams’ way as the ground do it resist hailstorm to get her beautiful dress after in the spring to enjoy with what it wants

    By Roumaissaa FERHI on 11.21.2018

  21. oh prem do you remember
    those summer days
    the memory fades
    i was playing basketball
    your lip was bleeding
    an ice pack pink stained
    and a hailstorm of lemonade
    the green eyed girl
    i had never seen before
    etched into my mind’s eye
    calling to me in my deep sighs
    there’s never been anything like this
    nothing quite like my mind’s eye
    nothing quite like your eye
    nothing quite like you and i

    By matt m on 11.21.2018

  22. there once was a hail storm and then a little baby Jesus came down and said “Hey ya’ll I am here! Pray for me”!

    By Evalee on 11.21.2018

  23. well, damn. It was supposed to be a simple launch with this rocket. The danger was supposed to be 10 miles up. But no. My ship is going to be destroyed by this insane hailstorm and sunk in the ocean minutes off the ground. Why did I become an astro…

    By Janet on 11.21.2018

  24. Heavy loud wet pelting pain bruised broken cleansed

    By Val Theroux on 11.21.2018

  25. so I listened to the ice stones hitting the tin roof like a staccato melody unchained!

    By Val Theroux on 11.21.2018

  26. the hail fell hard around my feet but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I looked at my lifted arms amazed at what i could do. But why hadn’t i been able to do it when i needed to. Desperately, i closed my fists and the hail stopped, water drops formed on my knuckles

    By Jessica Hewlett on 11.21.2018

  27. Looking out into the kitchen window. The lights on the apartment buildings lighting up the scenery. A flurry of snow and little rocks of ice. Tinkering on the top of the roof, the window pane and on cars.

    By km on 11.21.2018

  28. Big balls of ice pelted down on my head. Cracking my skull. Making me bleed. But was it just another hallucination from this bad booze and rotten ham. Nothing could be trusted these days. After all, just last week I imagined that large caterpillars had replaced my eyebrows and were doing laps around my face

    By Michel Zaidan URL on 11.21.2018

  29. there is neither poem nor prayer in this cold.

    By d on 11.21.2018

  30. staring at the dream of the consequent
    laughing at the reality
    as we defend the mediocrity
    why we take our time
    when there’s only the moments in between
    those breaths we pretend to take
    the hailstorm of drudgery is so pithy
    the yawning of the maw is so gaping
    while i’m never here although my body is
    i can’t remember why
    the sighs are so clean
    and explain more than
    i want them to

    By matt m on 11.22.2018

  31. heil, whoever
    this world is shit
    pontificating authoritarianism
    hailstorm abomination
    echoes from the past in the moment
    time is an abstraction it repeats again
    angst of a forgotten time
    is a quiet whisper
    hagiography graffiti
    spitting on our graves
    don’t you want this to happen now?

    By matt m on 11.22.2018

  32. hailstorm is a storm of heavy hail. it is composed of small ice that are heavily hitting the ground.it is transparent in color and very small

    By Agnes Pangilinan on 11.22.2018

  33. it is a storm of heavy hail. it is also composed of ice that are heavily hitting the ground and is transparent in color and very small

    By Agnes Pangilinan on 11.22.2018

  34. boy boy

    By boy boy URL on 11.22.2018

  35. “Another hailstorm struck this Summer, I guess I should be use to it by now. But I still find something about them eerie.”

    By Juliet on 11.22.2018

  36. There was a hailstorm. There hadn’t been one in years. It was horrible. The hail hit my delicate skin that was the color of ivory. I was actually getting small red spots.

    By Inno URL on 11.22.2018

  37. Well, I’m sure that I already wrote for this word in the last twenty-four hours, she thought to herself when she opened the webpage. But it’s a holiday, so the site runners might be a bit lazy today. So she glanced out the window, gathering her thoughts. It was a hailstorm coming towards her. Not outside, not literally, but figuratively.

    By Jasmine URL on 11.22.2018

  38. The roads certainly couldn’t be getting better, she thought peering through the glint of the fireplace on the window-pane. But they must be close, they’re certainly close.
    The rain poured down through the needles and boughs of the pine trees heavier and heavier, blocking out the moon. As the rain intensified, it brought along with it darkness.
    Suddenly, from the wood of the deck, she heard it start. Tinc-tinc at first, lifting to a thud-thud, and a crescendo of booming power on the roof, the walls, the windows. The darkness outside was overwhelming, and the window of the living room only reflected back the light of the fire.
    On the surface of the road, balls of ice exploded in shards and dust.

    By mr.bojangals URL on 11.22.2018

  39. a hail storm is like snow but not, its like chunky fat snow that ate too much of the clouds, and it falls on you and hurts. when i was in edmonton we would get extra chunky hailstorms. and my parents would get so mad if we went outside. cux we would get hit with the little balls and be stupid and throw them at each other

    By veronica URL on 11.22.2018

  40. .

    By veronica URL on 11.22.2018