November 9th, 2011 | 373 Entries

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373 Entries for “prints”

  1. Prints makes me think of the beautiful hand prints children make for there parents that mean the world to them, or the graceful animals prints outside my house. Animal prints are very pequilar, and make you wonder, don’t they?

    By darian URL on 11.09.2011

  2. finger prints are where you’ve been. Foot prints are where you’re going. Always opposites…

    By Erin Cole URL on 11.09.2011

  3. she was an art dealer that only sold prints. she felt it more democratic. but soon she realiezed her pention to settle for second best had spray from her day job to her home life. Dinners became more bland, bed sheets less soft. She declarced one day that sometimes you must treat yourself

    By sads URL on 11.09.2011

  4. I wish I could handle using animal prints, but I think they’re just made for very fierce people. I’m not quite sure that I am fierce. I’m not quite sure what I am really.

    By Daniela URL on 11.09.2011

  5. I like animal prints. They are really nice. Sometimes I think it looks tacky but it depends on what it’s used on. I personally think that woman that are “older” should not wear animal print because it makes them look like a cougar.

    By Liz on 11.09.2011

  6. I was careful to clean my prints. I disposed of the body. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, to connect me to the crime. The only thing I couldn’t cover up was my conscience. I was weak, I got caught. It’s all over now.

    By LeahDino URL on 11.09.2011

  7. prints come in all kinds of shapes and sizes…you find them on shirts..on of prints..i need to print some copies of music for my recital this month..print many many many copies..never copy other peoples prints though

    By Khari Malik on 11.09.2011

  8. I’ve always loved the musky smell of newspaper prints. They carry a nostalgic aura of the old days, when information was passed hand-to-hand or word of mouth. It makes me miss a time I vaguely remember myself.

    By Ashi URL on 11.09.2011

  9. prints cover the walls in the fishbowl. in layers, in stacks, hung up by tacks. i’m grading papers by a golden glow of a newly found lamp. prints echo the past with each careful line
    condemn the south african apartheid regime

    two girls kissing

    and activists you never knew were queer.

    By weetz on 11.09.2011

  10. Little paw prints everywhere. Puppies in the mud. Heaps of sleeping babies on their mother’s chests.

    By torin URL on 11.09.2011

  11. I went to the newsagents and bought some paper.

    By Isabel Kelly on 11.09.2011

  12. Prints. I picture huge, gigantic art prints spilling over with color and twisted special effects that take the original image and invert it. rendering it as something more beautiful than it was before, something strange and otherwordly that you can’t look away from. Something that sticks in your brain for the rest of your life and makes you THINK. Gorgesou goregous prints.

    By ZombieGrrl URL on 11.09.2011

  13. Prints. I want prints of my face on everything, but I haven’t done anything to deserve them yet. But, My hand and foot prints have touched enough and guided enough for me not to get down. If I can help you on your dreams, I can learn how to wake up to bring mine in this world.

    By Kent on 11.09.2011

  14. I make photographic prints in the darkroom. I suppose I should be in there longer, attempting to always make the best print possible for every class assignment. I feel like the photos I am taking for my class don’t really matter. I just want to understand the process. I don’t feel motivated to stay there. Although I love it.

    By Ali on 11.09.2011

  15. FingerPRINTS on the mirror, sheets ripped off the bed. The room is a complete mess but wow, what a great night. ;-)

    By Brigitte Adair URL on 11.09.2011

  16. Through my haggard wares and my toiled endeavors. Through the journey I’ve taken across the plains of this place. I can always look back and see my prints in the snow behind me, glossed over in the pale luminessence of nostalgia.

    By richard URL on 11.09.2011

  17. pictures are prints
    memories are prints
    memories don’t last forever though. They fade, whither, burn up.
    Destroying memories can be a hobby, can be a vice. Do you?
    Do you live to forget?
    Live to remember. Live to learn.

    By Danielle URL on 11.09.2011

  18. Prints. I wonder what to write about this. the first thing i can think about is the prints on the clothes i wear. I like prints…it’s the most obvious way to create your fashion statement. Be it birght colors or dark, it tells the world who u are as a person.

    By Georgina on 11.09.2011

  19. I think about prints of paintings. Honestly, my greatest memory of prints was at the Norton Simon when my girlfriend and I got a free print of the goddess Shiva. Neither of us had known very much about eastern philosophy philosophy so we spent the rest of the day looking for information about Shiva before we visited her; we wanted to pay homage with the sought knowledge of the day.

    By Joseph Priest on 11.09.2011

  20. So the world enters through your eyes. Only visually of course, and the world is so much more than that, but these visual prints stay in your mind, like memories.

    By pancakes on 11.09.2011

  21. The prints come out smooth and glossy. I looked at them proudly. The moment when we took it all. The moment we won, the moment I was finally happy for once. The moment our eyes met and she grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss.

    By Kimberly URL on 11.09.2011

  22. The traces of our lives. The remnants of our existence.

    By T. Fong URL on 11.09.2011

  23. When the colors fade, that is when I will love again.
    Is gray a color? Gray is all I see. Love fades to a peripheral gray.
    Again, I color my world gray with the brush of fading gray.

    By Isaac Lyman URL on 11.09.2011

  24. The snow fell last night. Already the crust had been broken by some anonymous creature, regular indentations markingits path throughthe woods.

    By cdn on 11.09.2011

  25. I take the whole world in one shot.
    Every inch of the oceans,
    from africa to brazil
    from the electric chair to
    the rubber tire swings.
    the bunnies to the lions.
    Prints of the smiles
    and the cries.
    The entire world in my hand.
    It feels good.
    To be that photograph
    or the photographer.
    of every piece of the world.

    By Natty URL on 11.09.2011

  26. Prints are forever. It’s not like it’s gonna fade away like everything usually does. Prints are expensive and they are forever. Like your body hair. They’ll never go if you don’t try laser surgery. So, its cool to have prints. Tattoos are prints. K

    By Kartik Chaudhry URL on 11.09.2011

  27. The papers just kept on coming and coming. How was he supposed to know that you only had to press the button once. He kept on pressing and pressing it until he looked over the computer screen and saw the ocean of papers. The door opened. He smiled widely as his parents surveyed yet another mess he had created.

    By Vanessa URL on 11.09.2011

  28. I looked at the sheets. Everything was perfect about them. almost.
    “Do you see this?” I asked Eve, pointing to the last line on the first page. “This is called a typo. We don’t have typos in our newspaper. Not when the whole school is reading it.” Eve sighed. She was going to have to spend a half hour later getting new prints.

    By delilah on 11.09.2011

  29. Prints. I’ve never been one for lots of action on my clothing or bedding attire. I much prefer solid colors to prints. Too much going on, trying to figure out the different designs and how they all mesh together. Nah, just a solid color for me thanks :)

    By jeran on 11.09.2011

  30. Photographs. Text. A large volume. All the dreams, hopes, aspirations of the young student created in concrete forms. A simple photoshoot or a published poem can do so much for someone who desires so little. It is a desperate attempt at making something of herself, so rarely reciprocated.

    By Hannah Lee URL on 11.09.2011

  31. Prints. I always wonder what it would be like to have prints of my book laying around. I just need to write a book and have it publish. Hopefully one day this can be achieved. I manage to type almost verything that happened to me, that is interesting mind you, down in my blog so that people can read what goes on instead of judging.

    By Imagine URL on 11.09.2011

  32. he prints the letters on her mind
    day by day
    with a patience known only to those raised in the country
    not waiting
    just absorbing
    he soaked in her beauty
    her essence
    all the while
    writing himself on her heart
    in an ink that could never wear off.

    By Julie URL on 11.09.2011

  33. Xerox. Paw. Advertisements. Apple

    By Sarah on 11.09.2011

  34. prints are reproductions of art. to print something is to create a copy or expression of it. print is a common term in computer science which typically is used when outputting data to be viewed by the user. this was dumb.

    By Aria Bennett on 11.09.2011

  35. prints of books can be so vast and numerous. it is cool to think about how many prints there are in the world of one book…

    By Olivia on 11.09.2011

  36. Prints are physical manifestations of digital photographs. They take time to order, print, and photograph in general. They are meaningful and personal. Prints trigger a memory. They are life.

    By Grace Diepenbrock on 11.09.2011

  37. The dance floor was crowded with bodies clashing together. Rainbow colored disco lights and the spicy and sweet aroma of perfumes and martinis filled the air. The speakers were pumping so loud and then that’s where I saw him.

    He was staring back at me too. I slowly started my way flirtatiously towards him and we danced all night. Guess my leopard printed short dress, wild hair and red lipstick did the trick.

    That was certainly a night to remember.

    By alyssa rae on 11.09.2011

  38. Look at the lines in the sand. We drew them when we were kids! They’re still here like prints of joy in time. How wonderful it is to know that time feels the excitement of living.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 11.09.2011

  39. The prints turned out great. They reveal a side of me that I had never thought existed. The slope of my back, the curl of my hair, and the smug look of contempt made the officers in the booking room take a double take. Maybe running all those stoplights was worth it?

    By Fender2010 URL on 11.09.2011

  40. Simply take out your finger
    from underneath the bookshelf.
    It will feel better and then you
    will be able to give me
    your fingerprints. Run them
    up my thigh, across my belly,
    up to my collar bone, and through
    my hair.

    By Shineapple URL on 11.09.2011