June 16th, 2012 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “pour”

  1. for the last few days the rain has poured from the sky. the backyard is awash, the pool has overflowed, the washing hangs heavy, rain soaked on the clothesline. will it stop soon or will this deluge continue.

    By anne gleeson on 06.17.2012

  2. “You have no right to do that!”

    Tyler watched as the younger boy stormed into his room, hair wet from the rain. Anger was written over the young Gilbert’s face as he sighed.

    “Is it pouring outside?” Tyler asked in above a whisper.


    “Is it raining really hard?”

    Jeremy looked dumbfounded. “No shit, or I wouldn’t be dripping from head to toe, you idiot.”

    By Stephanie URL on 06.17.2012

  3. i like to pour spagghetti down the drain and onto my pet cactus harold
    you happy? have i said enough about this damn word yet?? …no? ….okay then.

    By jess on 06.17.2012

  4. you pour the water out of the jug, you pour your feelings out of your heart, your heart is healing but you will never forget. don’t ever forget. to pour out your feelings, pour them out to

    By meow URL on 06.17.2012

  5. I would take everything I have in my mind, my heart, and my soul and I would pour it onto the paper just for the world to see it. I am finally ready for the world to know who I am and what I’ve been through. I am finally ready to allow people to understand all of who I am.

    By Alli Lynn on 06.17.2012

  6. every person pour, is a person who had to be necesarily sad, but this is not necesary, it´s not the same pour as medium weilthness or anyway

    By Mig on 06.17.2012

  7. I think its a funny word. When you say it over and over and over again it kind of looses meaning but then you wonder why that word means what it means I mean pour. Sounds like it should mean something else. I like to pour my gravy. Or if it were a perfume. I wear Pour by ck

    By bryce on 06.17.2012

  8. The rain poured relentlessly as a torrent of silver daggers cascaded from the black thunderclouds, gushing over the knife’s-edge of the horizon like a gush of dark water. It plashed against exposed skin and sent quivering shivers, wild and animalistic, cascading throughout the sutures of my skin like bolts of electricity.

    By Ian URL on 06.17.2012

  9. pour me a glass of juice, no make that wine. rain pours wish it did when i was sleeping

    By Jess on 06.17.2012

  10. Sherlock’s hand was shaking. His hand never shook. He gulped. He never gulped. There was a simple reason for his unnatural behaviour. Moriarty sat in his living room, with John tied up and gagged in the chair next to him.
    “Hurry up and pour the tea now, Sherlock, or someone might get hurt.” Moriarty sang, smiling as he poked John’s face with his gun. John had tears streaming from his eyes and he stared at Sherlock, pleading for him to have a plan…
    Sherlock didn’t have one. Moriarty had finally found his weak spot. His mind had ground to a halt, and all he could do was to follow his instructions to keep John alive…

    By Arianna on 06.17.2012

  11. There was nothing else to complete the moment, but for someone to emerge from the air and sun to pour a pitcher of cool water over her extended yogic torso. Her body, peeled in a perfect C as she did the wheelbarrow on fresh grass only wanted water to make her complete.

    By Clarity URL on 06.17.2012

  12. One word is not just an one word. With this word, we can say many things, hurt many people, as well as make people smile. I dont think one word cannot help anybody but it can help me. Of course.

    By Linh Mai on 06.17.2012

  13. Pour, the first thing about pour is that it is talking about two things, either milk in tea or orange juice, but mainly orange juice, like out of a big jug, Thats the main thing that pour is about. Pour is also to do with a rice crispie advert, when they pour the milk into the bowl in slow motion and your like, ah jesus. Cause it looks grrrreat. Oh no wait thats frosties, all the same kellogs shite anyway. Pour. It also looks like sour but its not cause it does not sound the same at ALLL. Pour.

    By niamh on 06.17.2012

  14. I wish these passing clouds, please carry me away with them, so I could pour myself some other place, some place you may be.

    By unkitjc URL on 06.17.2012

  15. pour kinda reminds me of a sunday morning on a white porch and just like the whole family enjoying breakfast and someone pouring juice for everyone it’s quite weird but now that ii’ve thought about i keep imgining cement being poured it’s quite weird weilfdcersdnolg,vnrtdlxgvctrdfgcx

    By kdskf on 06.17.2012

  16. “Well, you do have to make this right. Stop being kids, both of you, fuckin’ grow up and realize that your behaviour is affecting us all. This is just amazingly stupid and immature. What was the result eh? Neither you got the girl, neither him.”

    “Yeah I know. I’ll talk to him day after.” I don’t know what I’ll say. How do I tell him that I don’t care about any of it anymore? I just want to be left alone. She helped make sure i don\t talk to him anyways, guess disappearing should be easier now. “Please pour me some more. No, not water, more whiskey.”

    By unkitjc URL on 06.17.2012

  17. The rain was falling, drenching my hair, turning it to a dark mahogany color. I tried to scurry away from it, but it always found me, pulling me back into the depths like a monster. I would hide behind a stone wall, a tree, inside a cathedral, but still it would come, clawing at my clothes, dragging me into its mouth, waiting to devour my soul

    By Lyric on 06.17.2012

  18. Pour me a drink please.
    I don’t usually drink but this news calls for assistance.
    So he is married. Great.
    Good luck to her.
    Okay, I had dreams of getting back together.
    But this ends that.
    Good. I can get on with my life now.
    Soon, eventually, tomorrow.

    By Robin on 06.17.2012

  19. emptying a vessal that holds water is meditative, pouring out your heart in tears also relieve the dry places in your soul that have chapped from lack of feeling. Being.

    By annabelle on 06.17.2012

  20. I glance outside through the windows once again, and turn back to my book when I see no movement. Looking back at the page, I realize I have no idea what’s going on. I haven’t read this page at all, or the one before. It’s pouring outside, and I worry. What if they don’t come?

    By LILYhibiku on 06.17.2012

  21. Pouring rain. Beautiful water coming down from the sky, from heaven, from the very seat of God himself, washing, cleansing away my sorrow, my fears…

    By firemosca URL on 06.17.2012

  22. Water pours through the fridge, day and night. We don’t know how, we don’t know why. It just leaks, the water pouring, ice or not. It pours into the drawers and fills it all up, it gets wrappers and bowls wet, coating cans in cold water and strange liquid. We need a new fridge.

    By Linoosh on 06.17.2012

  23. The rain has been pouring down since the week before. It ended summer on this note like a little teary farewell. I bid farewell to the sticky nights and the prickly heat. HAH. Tears of joy.

    By jambobuleh URL on 06.17.2012

  24. as i pour the steaming tea into two mugs, Charlie looks at me and smiles. I can tell that, just like me, he looks forward to these cozy mornings spent together with no one to tell us who we can and can’t be.

    By Bridget URL on 06.17.2012

  25. On that dreary day, I stared out the window, at the rain pouring down and marveled at the idea of school ending in a rainy day, and opening into summer, full of happiness, fun and sweet romance.

    By Bridget on 06.17.2012

  26. If pouring was what the rain called itself doing then I could call myself merely “sighing” for the way I was hyperventilating. This was hurricane weather. I had never known it; only heard the way Andrew Craft the Weather Watchman sprinkled words about it here and there, but it was here now. Yes, Timens County was seeing rain. A hell of a lot of it.

    By Shai on 06.17.2012

  27. the rain pours down my cheeks when i remember the day you left me.

    By haj angeli on 06.17.2012

  28. The rain was pouring down her windowsill. It was probably cold. Refreshing. But she would never know. She put one hand up to the cold glass window, realizing she might never feel the rain pour again.

    By jelly on 06.17.2012

  29. I’m pouring water down in a glass.

    The water is a sign of my emotions.

    Pouring. Falling. Like a sea of sadness, free-falling into the deep



    Think of this scene: a crystal clear glass

    in a sea of nothingness
    gray walls

    and the water



    By DBrisk on 06.17.2012

  30. It was raining outside. Actually, it wasn’t just raining. It was pouring. I was completely soaked by the time I got home, and it is only a five minute walk from the busstop.

    By Annabelle on 06.17.2012

  31. The sand in the hourglass was falling down rapidly. I knew that I needed more time. Sixty seconds. I needed more than sixty seconds. I needed sixty days, sixty months, sixty years. I needed time. I needed to see you again. Your beautiful face, the smell of your hair, the touch of your skin as you kissed me in the pouring rain. Oh, how I loved you. But all we had left were sixty seconds, and a lifetime of memories.

    By Annabelle on 06.17.2012

  32. water, sea, ocean, life, ecology, valley, snow, wine, beer,

    By Marion on 06.17.2012

  33. The rain was pouring down last night… Teardrops were rolling down my eyes. My heart was filled with pain. I don’t want to lose him..

    By dg on 06.17.2012

  34. pour into a cup and drink the liquid down, once you enjoy the sweet nectar of hard word stop and take in life and remember that it only took just one pour to remember what life is all about.

    By Jai on 06.17.2012

  35. Pour your soul into all that you do. It will make you one of the few truly happy.

    By jo on 06.17.2012

  36. a nice big glass of iced tea from mcalisters. ummmm the best tasting. knock of ice in the plastic cup. sweet tea on my tongue. loads of sweet yumminess going on. i want more but it gives me a headache. must be the tea buzz. i love tea.

    By Teri Su on 06.17.2012

  37. pour a liquid into something like a flower pot to grow roses. they turn blue cause theyre princess roses and their magicall. Magically delicious and they eat snails (cause snails are mean and kill gardens). They love turtles cause turtles are thee shit c:
    and yea then maybe pour bubbles into a bath cause baths are cool especailly bubble baths. After a long day at the beach pour yourself a niceee old bubble bath ! and scrubba dub dub in the tuuubbbbb
    lalalllaa how long does this thing go for ?
    taco bell
    pour sounds like whore
    lemme pour some whore into your oer notsure how you spell that..

    By kim on 06.17.2012

  38. melt my heart, pour
    it into whichever icecube
    moulds you please.


    as i shout and scream
    and bitch and fight and
    laughlaughlaugh at me.

    Am i here for your amusement?

    By Kim on 06.17.2012

  39. Pour your drink into that lake. Don’t think about it after that. If you do, you know you need it. If you need it, you’ll know that you aren’t as strong as you really are. Being as strong as you can be is vital for your life.

    By Mackenzie Wolff on 06.17.2012

  40. I just poured myself a glass of wine and am going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday night with the best company I can think of – myself.

    By Patricia on 06.17.2012