October 6th, 2012 | 241 Entries

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241 Entries for “possible”

  1. I stared up into the sky towards the billions of twinkling lights ahead of me. A rumbling sound came and the rocket shot up into the night sky with the ferocity of a lion and yet the gracefulness of a swan. I thought to myself, perhaps the impossible is possible but yet the impossible must exist somehow.

    By Gabriella on 10.07.2012

  2. is it possible to dream myself into a reality that can further my intellegence and being. I want to become everything possible in any reality and i want to experience all. dreaming is my key, but does that make me insane. living in dreams is for the ill.

    By Eve on 10.07.2012

  3. maybe it’s possible that i really will shatter like glass, and the heat of your hands will melt me down into a purer form, mold me into a better person. you already did it with my heart, can you not do the same with my soul?

    By Katherine on 10.07.2012

  4. possibilities are nothing but the what we have in a short span of time that would give us a chance to shine and brighten our path towards success. missing out on possibilities may be seen as a misfortune and will eventually go away from us.

    By Nuwan Waas URL on 10.07.2012

  5. Nothing’s possibly impossible. The question; is it possible itself is unnecessary.

    By Furkan on 10.07.2012

  6. It’s almost impossible to imagine living in a world without such possibility at every turn. We are given countless chances to prove our worth, and if we don’t do anything with it, what have we done other than to have squandered the chance to change?

    By Tyler URL on 10.07.2012

  7. can’t describe it, without making use of self referential irony

    By washington irving on 10.07.2012

  8. everything is possible, you can do whatever you want whenever you want, no one can stop you.

    By Constantinescu Madalina on 10.07.2012

  9. Is it possible to pay me a decent amount of money for the hard work I have done? I stood on my feet all day and served food and then when I thought I was almost done you made me work even longer. In the end you said how wonderful of a job I had done but you still shorted my five dollars on top of an already shitty pay.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 10.07.2012

  10. It wasn’t possible for me to say, everything i wanted to say at that very moment. His eyes locked in on mine, i became lost for words, suddenly speaking became a crime. I kept his gaze and pulled him closer to me, we kissed, all was right with the world.

    By Ann-Alicia Fagan on 10.07.2012

  11. It takes a while to understand, you know what I mean? To understand that nothing is possible but at the same time everything is possible. It’s a hard emotion to grasp. I don’t like it, sometimes I just want to give up. But I can’t. Everything is possible, they kept telling me in grade school. But as I got older, I realized that not everything is possible. It’s broken. You know?

    By Sabrina M. on 10.07.2012

  12. this is something that can happen, but therefor not automatically will. And that makes it adventurous. Everything is open. You wait for the outcome. Maybe a disappointment will follow. But you know things can happen.

    By Hilde Van Gool URL on 10.07.2012

  13. Something that is humanly attainable and can be accessed through the journey of supposed human spirit or common destine.

    By Andrew on 10.07.2012

  14. There are so many things that are possible in this world. often we get hung up on impossibilities. but why do we spend our time worrying about what we cannot do when it only prevents us from doing the many things that we can. Anything is possible of we give it a go, and if it isnt possible we certainly will not know until we try. We have so much more skill and ability than we tend to think because we often find ourselves drowning in self criticism. Why are we so negative?

    By Natalie on 10.07.2012

  15. audrey hepburn had q quote which said even the word impossible has possible in it. So i think everythng is possible too. Einstein had a quote similar to this also. I dont remember it. cool…-.-

    By Merve on 10.07.2012

  16. Anything is.

    Why do I go blank? Apparently writing is not possible for meeee. But I’ve done better. I love writing. Only, no one knows.

    By Kat on 10.07.2012

  17. of course it is possible said the rat to the squirrel. The squirrel looked up at his retrieved nut. Rat looked at him and said, go for it friend!

    By Victoria Beale on 10.07.2012

  18. anything is possible, believe in what you can achieve. Keep dreaming, never give up and always have faith in yourself. Be humble and be a follower as well as a leader!
    Have fun!

    By Divyanshu URL on 10.07.2012

  19. Is it possible to have your loved ones with you, all the time?
    No, of course.
    Man, they have their own responsibilities you see.
    They have a life to live in.
    That, is a fact you can never deny.

    But of course,
    you can always be with them, in your prayers.
    your du’as.
    in the power of du’a (:

    By Surviving Swan on 10.07.2012

  20. anything is this
    whilst i respect it i worry about it
    worthless definition

    By nick on 10.07.2012

  21. is it possible that allthings in the world are made of cheese? i think is is possible because cheese seems like a pretty amamzing substance. there are many different types of cheese and even thought the world may stink, it would smell wonderful to a mouse.

    By missingram on 10.07.2012

  22. Everything is possible if you think it is but if you don’t, if you keep doubting, then where will you go? There’s a place for people like that. In the corners, muttering, saying dark things, gossiping. Saying it’ll never be. Love, you can never find, truth you’ll never see, if you keep thinking it’s impossible.

    By Shubhs on 10.07.2012

  23. Anything is in the realm of reasoning. Actually, you’d get further if you abandoned that ship. And the white birds fly above the white space in your mind. You can widen your eyes and light floods in. Then it doesn’t matter what your parents think or what this state is trying to tell you, because you’re at peace with the inner elements. And anything becomes possible.

    By Lydia on 10.07.2012

  24. It wasn’t possible, and she was sure of it. Well, maybe she was sure of it. Serafina wasn’t quite sure if she understood the word possible. It wasn’t possible for a woman like her to marry a commoner – that had happened. It wasn’t possible for her to leave the Empire – she was now a spy against it. So what couldn’t be done now? Could she save Samaria at her own expense?

    By Elsie Shu URL on 10.07.2012

  25. anything is or is it fuck this fuck that is that wwhi you are love is only possoble if you llet it ie and start again live love

    By jeff on 10.07.2012

  26. If it were or were not if it is or is not is there a difference? Shall I believe? Can I choose to believe if I do not believe? Had I been able to believe, would it be possible then? Is it still? I have to believe it is but fear it is not…

    By Deb on 10.07.2012

  27. Anything is possible…life is full opportunities. Its what we make with the opportunities when they arise that separates us.

    By chris on 10.07.2012

  28. impossible to think about things that you can’t change. Anything is possible if you believe it, have enough money to buy it, work hard enough to figure it out and surround yourself with others that can help. The impossible is possible, if only in your head.

    By Blanca on 10.07.2012

  29. just earlier

    By saurabh on 10.07.2012

  30. “Mrs. Johnson, we discovered a body at the bottom of the dam this morning. We believe it is your son.” Her lips trembled, but she remained silent. The police had been searching for her son for two days, ever since she found the note. Her baby. Her boy. “Mrs. Johnson, would you be willing to ride to the morgue with us and identify the body?” A slight nod gave assent. The world swam past in grayness and shadow. Soon there was the morgue. That broken and split body couldn’t be her boy. It wasn’t possible. Not her sweet baby. She had failed him.

    By Doug on 10.07.2012

  31. Is it possible for me to fall in love with the wrong person? It may be, since my heart has been broken once again. Is it possible for me not to understand the ridiculousness of the situation? Is it possible for me to overcome my fears? Once again, that question stands unanswered in my mind.

    By lilly castellanos on 10.07.2012

  32. There is not a definition possible to encapsulate what “Bad Decision” means.
    Nor is there one to tell people when you’ve made the best decision under the circumstances.
    I’d rather there was a word, just a phrase, maybe…enough to get it across – I did what I had to do.
    I’m sorry if I stepped on your toes, if you’re angry, if you’re sad/hurt/crushed.
    I’d like to know what’s up next, if it’s possible.

    By Thirteen URL on 10.07.2012

  33. everything is possible if you believe in yourself. believe in yourself to achieve.

    By mouza on 10.07.2012

  34. Possibilities are plentiful. They’re endless. Doubt refutes them. People diminish them. The rare few seize them and succeed.

    By hlyhly on 10.07.2012

  35. What is the difference between possible and impossible? What defines what one can and cannot do? Some say it all depends on the person, while others say some things were just never meant to be done. And myself? I prefer to put thoughts like those out of my head and just do what I can; I’ll find out if it’s possible or not when I’m done.

    By Michiru on 10.07.2012

  36. “if you loved her, you’d let her go” said people who had never loved her

    By isa on 10.07.2012

  37. is it possible to do the things i want to do in life? is anything possible? i have no idea anymore! i dont know if its possible for me to write any more!

    By kris on 10.07.2012

  38. How can we deduce what is and is not possible? Our capacity for knowledge is limited by ourselves; we only know what we have words for. And if we can’t know what is possible then how can we say that everything and anything is possible?

    By EmilyH on 10.07.2012

  39. ‘im’possible itself says i am possible! well according to me if we’ll run behind the impossible than we can make it possible or close to possible. the possibility of this happening is very high.we have many examples where something considered impossible was made possible by some great people who ran behind the ‘impossible’ & gave their 100%.and were successful.human is a powerful person with limitless powers and when put into good use can change the whole scenario and work wonders. ‘impossible’ is a myth ,a barrier which stops the person from reaching great heights and achievements!

    By kiren on 10.07.2012

  40. Anything is possible, they tell you in school. In life. At sporting events and every day we defy the odds. I’ve learned, in recent months, that the possible expands to new horizons, to new incredible creations and solutions, when you work as a team. Two can achieve more impossible things than one. And me, I like to think like Alice and imagine 6 impossible things before breakfast.

    By barefootink URL on 10.07.2012