December 11th, 2010 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “possibility”

  1. The possibility was endless. What could it possibly be? I don’t know what you did, but the possibility of it being real in my life is slim to none. What are the possibilities of it happening for you? I don’t know anything as fact, I can only play the possibility.

    By Chuck K. URL on 12.11.2010

  2. The possibility of achieving what ever you desire depends on how deeply you believe you can achieve your dream. No hedging, no little voice telling you it won’t happen. Just full force belief in yourself and the goodness of those around you who can help you make it happen. Believe in yourself!

    By peaceable URL on 12.11.2010

  3. What is a possibility? A lot of things. Every second is a possibility. For life, for death, for love, and for hate. Every possibility has an outcome. That could change you forever…

    By Will Bosha on 12.11.2010

  4. There is a possibility that i will be someone, someday. There is also a possibility that i will die tomorrow. anything is possible they say, although many things seem impossible, you must believe.

    By Mariah URL on 12.11.2010

  5. Hope. A new view. A new jumping off point. The ability to grow. Learning to see with new eyes.

    By Michelle on 12.11.2010

  6. the possibility of happiness. possibility. such a funny concept. why isn’t anything certain. like probability, a useless concept. everything should be yes and no, no grey or uncertainty in between. why do we construct possibility?

    By Kim Kemper URL on 12.11.2010

  7. The possibilities were endless. By allowing me to go to America, they were giving me the possibility to achieve my dreams. Why in America, your grasp is as far as your reach, so they say. My life had once seemed like a bottomless pit, swallowing me, engulfing me in its darkness. But I came to America and realized that there was a way out, and I knew, that my life had only just begun.

    By Feather&Tears URL on 12.11.2010

  8. Oh, the possibilities of living without you.

    You, always on my mind. You, always in my thoughts.

    Do you know the freedom it would bring to forgetforgetforget everything you’ve ever meant to me?

    By Little Shark URL on 12.11.2010

  9. endless possibilites, could go on forever and noone knows if they can reach their true potential because they don’t know how high their true potential really is. if you set the bar low you will not be disappointed except that you will be disappointed, you will not feel fulfilled because you will know deep down that you can do more.

    By Laura on 12.11.2010

  10. There are so many possibilities. The possibility that you’ll lose something or someone, the possibility that you aren’t doing the right thing, or the possibility that you never know what the future may hold. Life is measured in these possibilities.

    By Emily on 12.11.2010

  11. there was a time when anything was possible. Not invisible, not higher than the mountain. but possible. everyone had everything, and everyone could fly, and everyone reached their dreams. then they came, and took it all away. it was the darkness, it was the sadness. the possibility had died. and my mother told me never to give up ,not ever, but sometimes its too hard.

    By Alex URL on 12.11.2010

  12. There are endless possibilities in the world. We can choose to explore these possibilities and open our eyes to the potential in our lives or we can see these possibilities as threats and view them with fear, thereby limiting our potential experience of the world and its infinite “possibilities.”

    By slf on 12.11.2010

  13. there is little possibility that things will turn around from this point. he’s already saying that he loves her so much. I can’t possibly expect him to love me. I can’t ask him to. If I wish for it, I’m being selfish to rob that wonderful girl of his wonderful qualities. even though I love them.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 12.11.2010

  14. theres a possibility that my vagina may have ladys speed stick inside of it. There is also a possibility that my husband put it there while i was asleep. The possibilitys are endless.

    By skeeter on 12.11.2010

  15. Steven knew he would end up alone again tonight, but he often liked to relish in the possibility of taking someone home. It was a moot point, though, he was aware of the disdain he drew out in people’s faces when he spoke his mind.

    By Sean on 12.11.2010

  16. There’s an infinite possibility that nothing exists outside my own mind. Everyone I know is a figment of my imagination. Parts of myself, reflected in others. But does it matter? Why shouldn’t I believe what makes me happiest, if I’m just going to end up dying? I know that’s morbid, but it begs the question, why should I tell anyone else what to believe, if what makes me happy doesn’t necessarily do the same for them?

    By laine bruzek on 12.11.2010

  17. The blank page with the pencil ready. Where do I go from here? The possibilities are endless, how can I possibly choose? What would make me happy to write, but what would make others happy to read?

    By Allison URL on 12.11.2010

  18. Possibility refers to the chance that something, usually something extraordinary if it’s important enough to think about, can happen.

    By Muri on 12.11.2010

  19. There’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, always a light at the end of the tunnel, but often it’s hard to see. In the midst of our struggle, there’s no light and no possibility. It’s overwhelming. But that’s when you learn to trust. To lean on someone other than yourself and find hope. Hope is always a choice…. John 16:33. Read it; it changed my life.

    By Amy Greenlee on 12.11.2010

  20. possibility is the only thing that is sure, the only thing that is always there. Without possibility we have nothing to live for, no reason to care or try. Life is full of possibilities. That is what life is about.

    By Christina on 12.11.2010

  21. There are so many ways in which i can direct my life. This first love, this first kiss, could lead to something beautiful. However, in light of these beautiful, extraordinary, out of this world possibilities, i can help but doubt.

    By MF on 12.11.2010

  22. Everyone’s always telling me how abundant the possibilities are, but all my life everything has just been so narrow. Everything but my own imagination. And I’m suffocating, because my world isn’t big enough to hold all of the possibilities I have created, all of the possibilities I’m still creating.

    By Julia A. URL on 12.11.2010

  23. possibility. this word holds so much power. the possibility that someone can be cured from a disease. the possibility that a miracle can occur. the possibility that true love can flourish between mere friends? who knows? only time will tell.

    By agirl on 12.11.2010

  24. i like to think about all the possibilities that there are before acting, and i never end up doing anything because i can never choose just one. possibility equals choices, and i can’t deal with choices. i am afraid of picking something wrong, and having to deal with that consequence for the rest of my life.

    By sam on 12.11.2010

  25. dreams. destiny. opportunity. choices. to pursue? or sit on the couch. to enjoy. to love. to live life. the idea of something more. you need to know that there are endless ones in your future.

    By Amy Carpenter on 12.11.2010

  26. Love, like life, is full of possibilities. Full of ups and downs, good times and bad, challenges and laughter. I look forward to finding the challenges and seeing them through. To hearing your laughter and your mockery of it. To feeling you reach out and touch me for the first time, finally unafraid of all that is possible.

    By Jeran URL on 12.11.2010

  27. I’d rather be alone
    than have the possibility
    of stress and indecision.
    Thinking every move you make
    means something
    to someone
    at some time.
    Thinking that you’re not
    good enough,
    like an ant crawling on a log
    on a celery stick,
    stuck in the peanut butter,
    losing its track of where it came from,
    who it was before.
    I’d rather be alone
    than find the possibility
    of a ruined relationship,
    a torn friend,
    a broken dream.
    I’d rather be alone
    than find the possibility
    of love.

    By Scythe42 URL on 12.11.2010

  28. There was a whole world out there, one filled with all kinds of sights, smells, sounds… Things he had never experienced before; places he had never been to. The land outside of the island was wholly new to him and he longed to see what was out there– to explore as much as he could.

    By Courka URL on 12.11.2010

  29. the possibility is wide open

    By amber URL on 12.11.2010

  30. I forced my eyes to blink, and stared forward stunned. My limbs trembled and I tried to make words come through me, but couldn’t.

    By Christian on 12.11.2010

  31. Twelve children flocked around Sprinkles the Clown, rifling through his pockets. “Give me a balloon! Give me a toy!” they chanted, not even considering the possibility that a clown could have a bad stomach virus. “Please…” said the dyspeptic merry maker, “…you’ve got to move back!” The children laughed and cajoled, pushing and kicking him. “Give me something! Give me something!” they yelled.

    The cramps doubled him over in agony. This allowed Billy to pull off his pink wig while Carlo grabbed his plastic nose, scraping the bilious buffoon’s face, which then erupted a gallon of acrid, gastric rainbow. The deluge splashed all over the pint-sized mob.

    Wiping his ear-to-ear grin, Sprinkles said, “Ask and ye shall receive. You’re welcome.”

    By richpee on 12.11.2010

  32. LIfe has so many possibilities available and just think how often we don’t take them. What if it is possible that we are missing out on some of the greatest times of our lifes. IS that possible?

    By cLrineyy on 12.11.2010

  33. There is a possibility of anything in day to day life. It’s a possibility I might die today, or one of my best friends might die. It’s a possibility I might fall in love, or even out of. Life is full of looming possibilities… and probabilities. And we should really live life to the fullest, every second we can.

    By Mollie Bryan on 12.11.2010

  34. the possibility of everything being coincident is not something i like to think about. its not of the mind and matter and of anything useful. i wish i could try harder once in a while without the fear of anothers eyes on mine. try hard, play hard.

    By alexander on 12.11.2010

  35. There once was a boy who had the world at his hands. He was someone who was full of promise and possibilities. His name was Alex. I liked him.

    By Paige on 12.11.2010

  36. There were so many things that he could’ve done with his life. At least that was what his father had told him, ruffling his hair and walking away, as he always did.

    Well, he’d shown him.

    He’d shown him, hadn’t he?

    Emir dropped the kitchen knife. It clattered to the ground, scattering droplets of blood on the kitchen floor.

    By Danielle URL on 12.11.2010

  37. it is what could be, what is to come, and mainly it seems to mean to us what we hope as people. it is unknown and never for certain, but it seems to me what possible is spoken of, it is mainly in the sense of the good things in our future that have yet to occur. sometimes though, possibility is a mere cover up, soothing what we know will never be.

    By Meaghan on 12.11.2010

  38. It might be the possibility that frightens me
    Having never really framed it in that way I know that
    It is the uncertainties that make me anxious
    Not knowing what the future will be
    Unsure of how to get where I want to be
    My breath catches in my chest

    By Amiee URL on 12.11.2010

  39. the endless possibility… how much has been obsessed over this one simple little word? you find it in the reasoning behind physics, the aspiration of men, the dawn of a new day, the movements of even the little honey bee.

    By grace URL on 12.11.2010

  40. There’s always a possibility.

    The question is whether or not to shoot for it.

    You could end up wasting your time for nothing.

    You could end up using your time for everything.

    Whatever you’re going for, it better be worth it. Even if things blow up in your face.

    By Iceman on 12.11.2010