February 10th, 2012 | 128 Entries

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128 Entries for “pony”

  1. Florence’s thighs ache from riding her horse for hours that day. She loves her pet and she thinks back fondly on the day Carey had brought the pony home. They can’t have children, but they make due together, they make due with their pets.

    By Cassie URL on 02.10.2012

  2. The pony she rides through the desolation is white with black spots. Or maybe he’s black with a white swiss cheese pattern over top. Who knows, really, and frankly anymore who cares? No one is around to know that she took the pony from the corral at what was once the circus, no one to laugh at the way she trembled at the idea of riding a real horse, or blanched at the idea of how much she would need to find to feed one. To her, the old, tired but sturdy pony is an ideal choice, and really it’s kind of nice that there’s no one to tell her otherwise.

    By Katie on 02.10.2012

  3. pony?

    By t URL on 02.10.2012

  4. I couldn’t help but wonder if this ride was worth the torture. If this mind was all to blame. If the thoughts that I’d succumbed to, were like clouds I’d chosen, over solid ground for me to step.

    By Ruben URL on 02.10.2012

  5. Pony, not yet galloping, nearly immobile; one day it will run far away, but until then it will remain in a little girl’s dream.

    By Anthony on 02.10.2012

  6. Always wanted one. I want some, once I am older, on some cute ranch in Wyoming. They will be named murphy and sal and henry and ericson.

    By mara on 02.10.2012

  7. I wish I had a pony to ride on, I would ride on it proudly taking it to all places & having viewers watching me with jealous, hmmm, feels good :)

    By Karthi on 02.10.2012

  8. cat
    cat in the hat
    moth balls
    with me
    chris brown
    brown sugar
    sugar we’re
    going down.

    By K on 02.10.2012

  9. “You got me a pony?!!!!” Sara asked. “YEEEE! A pony! A pony! a real live pony!” Her parents looked at each other, starting to rethink this idea. “No Sara, we didn’t get you a pony. We got the farm a horse, that you can ride sometimes. But it has to do work around the farm.”

    By RedQueen URL on 02.10.2012

  10. i once wanted a pony. then i grew up and came to know the ‘pony’ size beer – popular in the late 80’s at the beach.. ahhhhh i could use a pony right about now. snowy day in berlin and beer sounds about right.

    By aly on 02.11.2012

  11. Ponies at the fair, tied together and going nowhere. Who wants a ride? I did, but don’t anymore. Let them be. Just a pony and me, side by side walking away.

    By Leslie on 02.11.2012

  12. He ga

    By Niya999 on 02.11.2012

  13. I remember the envy I felt when I was 8 years old. When the little rich girls parents looked at her beaming standing at her bus stop, a pony’s reigns in there hands and a bow on it’s head. All I had wanted was a way to feed my brother that night. I stared holes through them from the bus window learning for the first time how unfair life could be.

    By Nicole on 02.11.2012

  14. I rode down the dirt road, blinking rapidly in an attempt to see past the tears blurring my eyes. Everything was going wrong; nothing was the same any more. All I knew was that I needed to escape. This would be the final time that I rode along this path; no more looking back.

    By VanessaTechlan URL on 02.11.2012

  15. I was never one of those girls who wanted the pony. I didn’t see the need for one. Or the practicality behind owning one. I had no space to keep it, nothing to feed it with, and no time to take care of it. How would it live? I never thought about it.

    By Walli URL on 02.11.2012

  16. This is the cuteness for a litter Girl.

    By Lovlesh on 02.11.2012

  17. They are everywhere know … I’m afraid to go outside, what if pony is waiting there. Waiting with his devilish look in his eyes and dagger in his pocket.
    Yeah, that vision looks quite interesting … Pony and dagger. I WANT TO SEE IT !

    By Omnix URL on 02.11.2012

  18. Her pony braids will unravel,
    grazing the star lined freckles
    at the small of her back.
    Her fingers tug on yours,
    Pleading for you to do it again.
    Our papoose.

    By Jocelyn URL on 02.11.2012

  19. He enticed her with the mention of a pony: woodland stables, carrots and sugar lumps. Hand in hand they walked away, the CCTV losing them the second he ensnared her up the lonely path. She’d always wanted a pony.

    By Laura URL on 02.11.2012

  20. He rode over the rolling green hills dotted with beautiful wildflowers, but they formed just bits of color shooting at the edge of his vision, because he was concentrating too hard on just trying to stay on his pony.

    By Holden URL on 02.11.2012

  21. The little Pony crossed the road as We were turning into my father’s farm the other day. He dashed across the road in front of us as we turned the corner and nearly got injured.

    By victor walkes URL on 02.11.2012

  22. The pony wandered into the middle of the field – his main shining brightly, his ears at alert. he had a good life, and he knew it. He was the darling of the stable, as he was the pampered pet of the children of the house. A pet that had been brought in to help with grieving – and help he did! His star shines brightly!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 02.11.2012

  23. She could reach no higher than my hips, even when she stretched up her neck, searching for imagined treats with her up-curled lip. Beneath the fast sinking sun, an occasional breeze making the irises bounce against our ankles, I tore up a cleft of grass, offering it as if from my pocket. The shetland chewed for a while, fixing an intent gaze upon me, perhaps genuine indignance, that I must have baskets of apples somewhere in those pockets.

    By Sam URL on 02.11.2012

  24. “pony up, girl.” He lowered his head and stared over the cards at me. “It’s a man’s game.”
    I wasn’t playing. I laid my hand down and stood up, giving him a solid stare. “You made the deal. Now it’s my turn.”

    By Jen Sullivan on 02.11.2012

  25. I remember the days when a pony would be the best present
    And sparkles were everything to me
    Barbies were little friends

    But it all went wrong so damn quick
    I need to figure it out
    Just for me
    So I can breathe easier

    I just wish people could understand the way I do,
    But if people weren’t different what kind of world would we be living in?
    A boring ass one…

    By Kidd on 02.11.2012

  26. Standing alone a field. The pink, plastic pony was lost amongst the long grass. She stared out, tried to find her voice to call out to the little girl who had left her.

    By Bec URL on 02.11.2012

  27. Ponytail-swinging, romcom-loving, chocolate-eating girly girl. Nice to look at, nice to hold, but given the chance these innocent-looking creatures will stop your dreams cold.

    By B.R.Bellerophon URL on 02.11.2012

  28. I’ve always wondered why I didn’t want a pony. Perhaps it was because I didn’t care for animals. They make more problems than the happiness they supposedly give. Wind flying through my hair for a few minutes? Manure, cleaning, pet bills and many other headaches are more likely.

    By E.P. Hantera on 02.11.2012

  29. I stood and hacked at her withering mane with a brush. Then, I brushed the rest of her body in smooth, wide circles. It was calming.

    By squeakable URL on 02.11.2012

  30. When I was 8, I had a friend who boarded shetland ponies. She would give me a leg lift and I would hop on it’s wide back, my legs dangling over each side. I’d grab onto its mane, press with my heels, and go. It’s smell was heavy and dusty, like old leather and knotholed wood.

    By mere URL on 02.11.2012

  31. ponies. there’s nothing much to say about them. just that girls like them so much. but what good is a pony? it takes up space, craps everywhere, and needs so much love, and the investment you get out of it is really nothing. unless you actually eat pony meat.

    By Nicholas Ng on 02.11.2012

  32. short distance

    By rajan on 02.11.2012

  33. I always dreamt i’d have one, and i liked riding a lot, even as a boy. Well, I think I will have a horse some day, they are pretty awesome.

    By Jasper on 02.11.2012

  34. The pony was huge. I struggled to clamber up, but somehow I managed. I whacked it and off we galloped. My laughter filled the field along with the pony’s grunts. I’d never felt so free. Then – oh God why didn’t I put on stirrups or a saddle? – I fell downwards until my head hi the ground and my vision went black.

    By Kathryn on 02.11.2012

  35. Już był kucyk.
    Nienawidzę kiedy kucyk jest znów. No po prostu doprowadza mnie to do szału i mam ochotę wszytskim kucykom świata zrobić z dupy jesień kucykowego średniowiecza.
    Na pohybel kucykowej bandzie kolorowych kucyków.

    By Żebro on 02.11.2012

  36. Oh my gosh! When I was a child, I wanted a pony so badly. I thought that would be the coolest thing. I eventually did get a pony — a Shetland pony — in my early 20’s, and he was the most stubborn, obstinate creature on the planet. I didn’t keep him long. Sometimes, you DO have to be careful of what you ask for! LOL!

    By judyb on 02.11.2012

  37. beautiful majestic beast. tall. circus. chloe. flea market fair. carrot. poop. big poop. large poop. run. not a unicorn.

    By Cindreia on 02.11.2012

  38. A pony is a little horse. People think it’s cute. It can be a little vicious if you put your finger in it’s mouth. It can bite you in some ways. Just to tell you, it hurts! I couldn’t stand the bite of that pony.

    By Ben Worton on 02.11.2012

  39. One day there was a poor boy. He didn’t have any money. One day his dad went to work and he told his boss, please can you give us some free money.

    By Garrett on 02.11.2012

  40. Her pony tale bounced back and forth as she ran accross the field. This was her element. Running. Kicking. Playing. Soccer was her thing and this is what she loved. That signature pony tale is how everyone knew her.

    By Alex on 02.11.2012