July 12th, 2017 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “points”

  1. When the man in the blue wide-brimmed hat is asked for directions to the train station, he doesn’t hesitate. He points toward a small, squat yellow building and spits out of the corner of his mouth. The group of tourists lug their bags across street, their black boots blending in with the black asphalt, and appear to melt into the air once they get far away enough. They become shadows, while the man in the blue hat sticks another wedge of tobacco into his maw.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.12.2017

  2. Major points. That’s all that was at stake. Arlee didn’t need points, she needed a way out. This place was dismal on its best day. If points were shovels, or better yet, explosives, she’d work at earning them in a heartbeat. It wouldn’t even really be work. She could beat these other yahoos hands down.

    By Andrea on 07.12.2017

  3. The game was tied 24 to 24. The winning score would be 26. The girl serving was thin and beautiful. She had no overhand serve. She had precise aim. The parents sitting in the stand, especially the girl’s, held their breaths with her serve. It landed into the one area of the volleyball court where no one on the opposing team was even close. 25 to 24. A hush cast a shadow over the court. Nobody was breathing now. The opposing team closed ranks at that spot. So the girl served into the large empty court. 26 to 24. Game over. We won, we won.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.12.2017

  4. There are many points of view in which we may agree and disagree. But we can respect each other.

    By joicekelly on 07.12.2017

  5. points are dots, they are sometimes black or other colors. You can see points everywhere. Points are simple. I like big points with colors inside! You should always think like a big point! Also a line is made of many points.

    By Johanna Lee URL on 07.12.2017

  6. Hello, points remind me movies. Also a tv with a point in the middle. Points are boring but maybe if you put a lot together you can create a figure! That is all i can think about points, haha.

    By Johanna Lee URL on 07.12.2017

  7. He examined the room thoroughly for any points of interest, but sighed heavily when nothing caught his immediate eye. He’d spent hours looking over every room, every wall, every floor, everything, just for the chance to find something that could perhaps save him.

    By ramjetstardust URL on 07.12.2017

  8. Ching. Ching. There, that is enough for today, I thought as I dropped the knife. Enough good deeds to win me enough goodness points. I can move on, now, I thought happily, looking over my handywork. The bodies lay unmoving.

    By Kimberly Sheridan URL on 07.12.2017

  9. often associated with winning and losing. but also the different points in your life are the most important things in life.

    By Lizzy URL on 07.12.2017

  10. You get points for doing something good, but there’s nothing good in points if you don’t learn anything. Oh, well. I don’t know.

    By HHB URL on 07.12.2017

  11. The amount of molly I had in my system was overkill. 4 points, my nose hurts, and everything feels like the sun. People talk about overdosing all the time but I never thought that it could happen to me. at least not at this point in my life.

    By Harpa on 07.12.2017

  12. There comes a certain point in your life where you begin to look back at everything you have done. You can search back to a time where your innocence had been untouched & then fast forward to points where this innocence has been lost. And you decide whether life was better then or now.

    By Shineapple URL on 07.12.2017

  13. They all make sense and they’re all pushed aside,
    Some basic logic taken in stride,
    Bullet points pointing bullets, creased list read aloud,
    Until the open, flatten, fold on repeat is the only sound;
    Head nods, bit tongues, begrudging agreements abound,
    What’s here is clear, yet solutions are left to be found,
    Like unpaid taxes on a heartbeat, interest accrues,
    Souls worn down to raw fiber like old hiking shoes
    Carried through a journey, or three, or too many to count,
    Worn-out phrases and reasons dissuade neither certainty nor doubt,
    Here they are, in frayed folds, of paper and mind,
    Pen wavers, ink drips, names remain unsigned.

    By Ai URL on 07.12.2017

  14. points on the scoreboard. time is running out.
    there is never enough time.
    i am never enough.
    sneakers on the floorboards. my feet are sore.
    my lungs are screaming
    and, swish!
    now like my lungs, my team is screaming
    shouts bleeding from their mouths
    arms reaching for me
    points on the scoreboard. i was enough this time.

    By sara on 07.12.2017

  15. You will get more points if you win more than the others.
    This is the point!

    By Jessie URL on 07.12.2017

  16. The tips of the beast’s spikes protruded from its grizzly hide, tipped off with gore and gristle from unwary travellers.

    By Daniel Aleckson on 07.12.2017

  17. “The sign points this way,” Radamant said confidently. “It’s upside down you doof, the sign fell over in the flood last night when the pirates came ashore.” The Skeleton king lifted the sign and placed it back where it had been. “Swiss Family Robinson” Radamant said. A wide bony smile grew over the The Skeleton King’s skull.

    By Rover URL on 07.12.2017

  18. How many points do you get for haing the highest GPA in history?
    “I mean, what does it get you?”
    “Nothing. It’s not like I aimed for it. i just got it.”
    “so now what?”
    “Now I’m here, and I wait until I turn 18 and then decide what to do with myself.”

    By Zhelana on 07.12.2017

  19. Points? I definitely don’t get any of those with my current life choices. Who is behind this facade I am presenting? What a joke.
    There isn’t a scoreboard for me. If there were i would be in the negative. However, those that benefit from me making these hasty decisions see good. I guess i’ll do the human thing and look at myself through their eyes.

    By Oravalia URL on 07.12.2017

  20. Most people tend to just do things for the sake of being able to say that they did it. Perhaps, it’s a feeling of having much more points than anyone in life’s game.

    By humanly URL on 07.12.2017

  21. one day I woke up
    and forgot how to point out
    our weak spots
    what is the point
    of that anyway
    100 points of praise
    for noone

    By too stable URL on 07.12.2017

  22. It doesn’t matter how many points you score in life. What matters is what you’ve learnt from it. Don’t ever run after points…in the end they never matter.

    By Janaki Srinivasan URL on 07.13.2017

  23. Points, I surely did have enough of them. Good ones, by the way. Very good ones.
    But when I first realized I had to explain most of them, I ran into a problem. Not many people would bother to understand a whole life story at once.

    By Anastasia on 07.13.2017

  24. She tossed the ball in the air and grinned at him. “What are you, scared?”
    He rolled his eyes and snatched it away from her, dribbling it and arching his shot cleanly into the basket. “Scared for you, maybe?”
    She intercepted his rebound and ran to the other side of the court.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.13.2017

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    By Muoi Nicklos URL on 07.13.2017

  26. He points to the sky as the airplane takes a nosedive. “She’s coming in too fast! Everybody run!”

    Chaos ensued. Panicked people trampled each other as they tried to run for safety. But it wouldn’t come. Not now, not ever.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 07.13.2017

  27. She points to a bird chirping high in a tree. What does it want? The purpose of its cries are never made known. Suddenly it falls silent, flails its wings, and falls gently to the earth. Leaves crunch lightly beneath its body.

    By Dara on 07.13.2017

  28. One word is one word without other words. It is a word on its own with no nothing around it. One word is one word. LOL

    By Sharon Chanyau URL on 07.13.2017

  29. The sign points towards a giant turtle-crap.
    Thi script says: the World’s largest brain. Ever.

    By cup URL on 07.13.2017