July 13th, 2017 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “lifestyle”

  1. we all live very different lifestyles, some are healthier whereas some are more laidback and care free.

    By Lizzy on 07.13.2017

  2. People try to tell you it’s a lifestyle you’ve chosen. It’s an option that you’ve taken as if the other one was inferior. They say that all your kisses are forced by some sort of hidden agenda that you’ve never seen published, or in a book on your nightstand.

    Best you can do is ignore them. That’s what I do, anyway. What do they know about the way we love? It’s as natural as breathing; we can’t shut our lungs off.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.13.2017

  3. Your lifestyle is how you live, some are organized, others are completely messy. Nothing wrong with any of those. Just do what makes you happy. Don’t stop being you because of, well, anything.

    By HHB on 07.13.2017

  4. It was one of the most visited landmarks. People traveled long distances to see what types of people lived there, how they survived, and to look at relics of their lifestyle. Most left in tears, the trauma raw and visceral. They stood dazed and unable to absorb the sheer waste and unrestrained greed displayed.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.13.2017

  5. Lifestyle: they call the gays a lifestyle. They tell you to develop your lifestyle. College is a place for you to figure out the way you want to life, to figure out whether you go to the gym or whether you down the six pieces of pizza you can *technically* get through a single meal pass. It’s deciding whether to pair up, pair off, split away or be single.

    By DJ McCauley URL on 07.13.2017

  6. Lifestyles of the rich and famous is an interesting show. I’ve never watched it, but honestly, why bother? It’s just designed to make you envious, and i’d rather live my life within my means happily than know what all i’m missing. I can’t imagine it makes anyboedy really happy to watch this show. Why do they bother? And why would someone go on the show, just to brag about what they own?

    By Zhelana on 07.13.2017

  7. I am not content with the lifestyle I am living
    I live in a constant cycle of nothing
    I need to fill my life with substance, but
    I dream of a future
    fitness classes
    [healthy meals
    exploring neon night life]
    I know what and how I want to live
    I’m anxious to start the life I want
    unafraid of what’s to come
    It’s the bubble of curiosity
    and the radiation of wonder

    By autumneyes on 07.13.2017

  8. the people above us, the people who get to live everyday as if they will never die– they have a lifestyle to die for.
    and then there’s us, the people on the bottom, who have to live everyday as if it is our last– we have a lifestyle that no one would ever want to live for.

    By shannon on 07.13.2017

  9. Noel received exactly seventeen stares while after walking for about a day. She knew because she counted every look, every judgmental glance, every hint of hatred people had for her lifestyle in their eyes. She had to, of course. She was collecting information. She was collecting names.

    By ramjetstardust on 07.13.2017

  10. The lifestyle is very hard in wild life.
    Lifestyle is easy in here.

    By Jessie URL on 07.13.2017

  11. life has many styles to it. Some are better than others, but many are different from one another.

    By luckylucj on 07.13.2017

  12. Life has many styles. Many are comparatively different from one another, but each have unique features that bring value to one’s life.

    By luckylucj on 07.13.2017

  13. A way of living. A way of breathing, of seeing, of feeling. The way we approach every day and handle the obstacles we are confronted with. It takes practice to get it right, but when we do . . . that’s real life.

    By A. Mauro on 07.13.2017

  14. Lifestyle is a think that can change a whole person. If you are poor you probably wouldn’t have been able to experience many things in life. If you were rich you probably got to experience everything you had wanted in life. So if you went from being a poor little girl to one of the richest people in your country, your life might have been an emotional rollercoaster. Just like (Y/N). As a child she had been a poor beggar who would have to beg for food and water. After turning 6 her life had made a big change, a rich-looking woman had walked up to her aggressively and looking like she was in a hurry and told little (Y/N) she would adopt her. (Y/N) was so happy she hadn’t noticed a black van pulling up beside them. The lady had told her to get into the car quickly and that, was (Y/N)’s first major mistake.

    By Anonymous URL on 07.14.2017

  15. Lifestyle can suck for some people, but for others they had lived a happy life and that is where (Y/N) comes in. She had lived a double live for almost 5 years as a sick experiment from the government. She was forced to live with two different families, one where the family was abusive-both emotionally and physically- and the other family was a middle-class happy family who would spoil her. (Y/N) had been going to two different girl-only schools and soon she was going to be transferring to a new school from her middle-class life and this particular school was a public school with both boys and girls this time. At her old school she was a loner since everyone had already chosen their friends. She had hoped that this year people would be more accepting and nice, but oh, was she wrong.

    By BTSCat101 on 07.14.2017

  16. As I entered the building, I could think of nothing but keeping my head down and get to the back of it. A shinier world was beckoning me, but I wasn’t even willing to part with the tenner in my back pocket. No. Colour, price tags, bar bills would be paid for by other people. I would only pay with sweat and blood.

    By Abhineeta on 07.14.2017

  17. Mylifestyle is not very balanced. I work more than I play/relax and I do not do a lot of exercise. I do not actively participate in any hobbies. I have a cat which improes my lifestyle for the most part, but she wakes me up a lot at night. I

    By Cat on 07.14.2017

  18. She inhaled the fresh air and tried not to smile at her own good fortune. She started stretching, clicking her music on so the vista was supported by a pounding bass and the trill of the voices over her headphones.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.14.2017

  19. It’s not her lifestyle, it’s her life.
    She is not her friend, she is her wife.
    There is no reason to question herself,
    since everything she feels is good and well.

    By Anastasia on 07.14.2017

  20. All i can think about with this word is Conor McGregor. He is the embodiment of his arrogant and yet beautiful lifestyle. He is both graceful and cocky and can switch between the two between one press conference and the next. Always finding that line of acceptable and then just reaching over it– whether its a pin-striped “fuck you” suit or flannel pants and a mink coat. No matter what, though, Conor McGregor’s presence commands to be felt.

    By Sarah on 07.14.2017

  21. His lifestyle rode on his body in bright, loose silk and on metal chains. His tastes shone in the jewels on his wrists and fingers. He expressed his personality in eyeshadow and lipgloss that smeared when he rubbed against life like a lover.

    By Acin URL on 07.14.2017

  22. His lifestyle at that time was full of the bright side of human life. Easy smiles, courtesy, comely people, a lot of small talk, dating, travelling, cultural programs, restaurants, movies, wine tasting… and all that stupid little things that can save you from your 10th-floor-apartment window. But all the same, he was always feeling that emptiness, that hollow nothingness inside him.

    By cup on 07.14.2017

  23. your choice. everyone is different. i prefer a laid-back, relaxed lifestyle, yet my life is usually hectic

    By ME URL on 07.14.2017