May 24th, 2019 | 11 Entries

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11 Entries for “plaza”

  1. Some of us didn’t know what they were about to do. Plaza seemed like a perfect spot to be.Writing love letters to each others. It was the perfect time for such a thing. We were once again wonder fantastic kids. Thinking about comitting a crime. Never minding who the victim was. Time goes passing by..

    By Stef on 05.24.2019

  2. The plaza glows dark at night, the neon brights illuminating the dark street. Robert walked this street every night, searching for the same thing. His urges grew stronger, and he became more irritated.

    By uwu on 05.24.2019

  3. Today I will be start writing my journal entry for medical school. I’ve successfully contacted veteran’s hospital for volunteering opportunities and cosmo for shadowing. In the process of waiting right now. currently taking two prerequisite, and thinking about studying mcat soon. maybe couple hrs a day

    By mzerostone on 05.25.2019

  4. We took a walk downtown, braving the warm spring winds before settling in the plaza. She bought two ice cream cones and ate them both when I couldn’t stomach the sugar. I settled on a cup of cold tea, unsweetened, as we sat on the old bench dedicated to the fifteenth mayor of the town. He had managed to double the population during his tenure, so I guess that was worth something made of metal.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.25.2019

  5. one day as I was in the plaza with my friends, we noticed a strange man sitting across the plaza staring at us. we wanted to go ask him who he was or why he was staring at us, but we were too scared.

    By Tayla Miller on 05.25.2019

  6. “Today was a beautiful day so I got some tickets to the plaza would you like to join me ?” said Sarah “I would love to” Answered Mark

    By Najmwasalaam on 05.25.2019

  7. …and yet the little girl in the bright yellow coat still smiled, wildly chasing golden leaves as the ash drifted like snowflakes to the cobblestones.

    By ace on 05.25.2019

  8. I went downtown and as I drove around the street Quebec I noticed that they opened up a new plaza and I would love to check it out, ill see if Brittany will accompany me.

    By Najmwasalaam on 05.25.2019

  9. I drove around the plaza for almost two hours before I could find a good parking spot and when I did, I realized it was worth the wait! I think you’re going to love it.

    By Najmwasalaam on 05.25.2019

  10. I was at the shopping plaza when I heard an ear-splitting sound, felt a reverberating thud and a second later, heard people howling. The air was filled with smoke, choking me and burning my eyes. In an instant a luxurious building had turned into a post-apocalyptic battleground of a dystopian novel.

    By Shalini URL on 05.26.2019

  11. I used to go visit Helen at the plaza. We have had two events each year on our plaza. A plaza is a good place to begin. It’s also a good place to end. What will you do at the plaza? I think there’s not a real reason to go to the plaza. We are going to the plaza today. Please take your time at the plaza.

    By michaelbuzz on 05.26.2019