May 16th, 2019 | 16 Entries

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16 Entries for “looking”

  1. i am constantly looking. looking for approval, looking for love, looking for a laugh. I am constantly looking for something to make this life worthwhile. Being too observant can make you bitter, and resentful when all you see are people looking past you.

    By yes on 05.16.2019

  2. “Look,” they said,” “look at who you were and who you will be. This will affect your test.” He stared down at the paper before him. Only one word was left on it milky white page. Look.

    By Satan-Chan on 05.17.2019

  3. “Can I help you with anything?”

    “No,” replied the old man wearing a top hat. “I’m just looking.”

    He proceeded to shuffle his way into the culinary section, and for the next twenty minutes, he proceeded to stand there, admiring every toaster he came across. He seemed especially fond of the chrome toasters – glistening royal blue and bright red – but certainly didn’t touch them.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.17.2019

  4. Tony loved looking at Steve and Bucky together. He sometimes could believe how lucky he was to have found not one, but two people who to love in his life. The best was when he looked at them to find them looking right back at him with a matching gleam in their eyes.

    By Aoife on 05.17.2019

  5. eyes advert gaze
    to the squirrel
    crossing busy road

    don’t look
    eyes don’t meet
    the fuck did they just say

    squirrel not dead
    made it to the curb
    car hits biker

    they hear crash
    they look cross street
    they scream

    eyes stay still
    dont look at them scream
    tabletop feels cold

    but the sun shines
    down on biker
    biker gets up

    tears roll down cheek
    eyes still on
    safe squirrel

    they look back
    oh the biker’s okay

    wait why are you crying
    they say
    no sorrow filled voice

    don’t look
    cant meet their eyes
    teeth clench instinct

    you fucking
    broke up with me

    you’re crying cause of that
    they sigh

    i thought you knew we
    weren’t doing good
    words punch in gut

    double over
    grab the tabletop
    look up

    teeth clenched
    eyes not adverted
    tears full force

    i am in love with you
    eyes shift
    they look away

    they can’t dare see the pain
    because they knew
    from the beginning

    they never loved back

    so much for dinner at the park tonight

    By Alanna on 05.17.2019

  6. Se quedo viendo con nuevos ojos a su esposa. Ella seguía bella, radiante como el primer día y él se mantenía enamorado como cuando la conoció. De hecho, en cierto modo cada día era como conocerla de nuevo, el Alzheimer había avanzado demasiado.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 05.17.2019

  7. I’m looking for someone to be my friend and boyfriend. I know it sound weird but I’ve never been in a relationship before and I really just want to experience everything. I like this guy but I’ve never spoken to him, what do I do?

    By Kaitlyn on 05.17.2019

  8. I’m looking for someone to be my boyfriend. I know it sound weird but I’ve never been in a relationship before and I really just want to experience everything. I like this guy but I’ve never spoken to him, what do I do? I feel that I’m not worthy to talk or start a conversation, especially since I won’t see him again until maybe September. I can text him, but that seems weird.

    By Kaitlyn on 05.17.2019

  9. I couldn’t stop, even though everything was in slow motion. Everything. I should’ve moved, I should’ve done something, anything, but I couldn’t pick up my feet, I couldn’t scream into my phone, I couldn’t say the things I’d always wanted to say because I couldn’t stop looking at it. Coming toward me, the thing showed no mercy, it showed no interest in who I was, the only meaning was what I was to it. Dinner.

    By Ian on 05.17.2019

  10. Looking through a looking glass; looking at stained glass; looking through a telescope; looking through a binocular, Owls looking at a book; Looking out the window

    By Dani on 05.17.2019

  11. I was looking for him. I’m always looking for him. I’m looking for him in everything i do. I want to find him and sometimes I think I might, but he’s not there. He is nowhere that my looking will work to find him. I could spend my entire life looking for him, comparing and judging. But he will never be there.

    By Devon on 05.17.2019

  12. He was looking through the stone. No one knew how.

    “Tell me, how do you know it’s contents?”
    “My eyes. They are like stones.”
    “I don’t believe you.”
    “Touch it, and you shall feel nothing but hardness.”
    The man raised his hands and touched.

    By Verayrog on 05.18.2019

  13. I’m looking foward to pass the exam. But when I am looking to my chidren I’d rather spend a

    By Rafael on 05.18.2019

  14. I still can’t see through the window. I press my face to the glass, the frost freezes my cheeks, but I wanted to see through the mist, through the ice, through the closed curtains, and into the warm inside. I closed my eyes and for a second I thought I could smell the fresh bread. It warmed my skin, my heart beat faster. I heard my grandfather say, “Nina, come,”

    By Ian on 05.18.2019

  15. Looking for some means of finally killing off these devils. |More than 50 years is a long time to carry around the weight other people created. It’s making me sick – sicker. To death sick. Anger is poison. It washes over every aspect of my life, leaving a greasy, blackish patina on everything and spoiling my view of life. What life. I’m bored.

    By WriterWriter on 05.18.2019

  16. I’m looking for a new apartment but I couldn’t find a nice one with a sea view. I’m always an adventurer who is looking for troubles yet I love traveling.

    By Abdelrahman Aly URL on 05.18.2019