December 7th, 2011 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “platinum”

  1. i glanced in the ornate mirror and a stranger stared back at me. her eyes were a shining vibrant blue and her hair was a gentle strawberry blonde. her body was flawless, perfectly curved and not a pound too heavy. a silvery dress clung to her figure, and strappy platinum heels added 5 inches to her height. she was lovely and foreign and entirely not me, which was all i had ever really wanted. unbidden, Johnathon entered the room. he gazed up and down, taking me in. “Do you like it?” i asked, hope creeping into my voice. “Sure,” he replied, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes.

    By Dulcie URL on 12.07.2011

  2. I saw his stare from across the room. He had platinum hair and a million dollar smile, but I’ve seen those looks before and I am no fool.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.07.2011

  3. Silver, good deals, Hair!,When I become platinum I hope……

    By Jenni Hourihan URL on 12.07.2011

  4. the platinum diamond shone across the room, it’s light blocking the view of the exiaminer. it’s bueaty unmatched by any others. it’s history unfold as the diamond was touched, it’s riches told to the nearest man as it’s deadly wisper and it’s broken promises reached into the ear canal of the

    By Gary URL on 12.07.2011

  5. I used to be obsessed with No Doubt’s album “Rock Steady” and one of the songs was “Platinum Blonde Life”. It was one of the more rock-ish songs on the album. I miss the older pop music. I feel like it was actually good, that it was actually pop as in popular. Now, pop is all hip hop and dance club hits. Where did all the good music go?

    By Evelyn URL on 12.07.2011

  6. It was there anniversary. It was suppose to be a celebration on their lives. How could this magic end?

    By Karen on 12.07.2011

  7. The twinkling of the history,
    Hinted across the black canvas of night,
    Promising to fulfill the ends of all hopes and desires,
    But you are wishing to the past,
    To the bright lights that no longer shine right,
    Putting faith into something so gone that you would not notice disappearance,
    And then you cry and say it’s unfair,
    That everything you ever wanted did not show up,
    Sent from the stars,
    I can only shake my head with disdain,
    For you were weak enough to believe in something nonexistent in the first place.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 12.07.2011

  8. platinum, it sounds cheap
    nothing in life is deep
    i can’t study, i want christmas and i was sleep
    so badly
    no more books, or essays or shakespeare
    just not right now i want river and roads
    beautiful world

    By Mackenzie URL on 12.07.2011

  9. Grayish white metal.

    By jAne Oh on 12.07.2011

  10. Platinum

    Why do they keep changing the color of my credit cards? Like I care? Keep it the same darned color and add whatever benefits you want, but stop trying to impress me by changing its color. No one knows what the colors mean anymore anyway!

    Remember when a “Gold Card” was a big deal? Now when someone pulls out a gray card and it could be gray or silver or platinum or… titanium! Heck you could pull out a green card and it could be KRYPTONITE! Gold is so yesterday.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 12.07.2011

  11. This shit is gonna go platinum.
    Yea I said it. Like a crasanthumum.
    That’t not spelled right,
    but fuck it, I dont give a shit.
    All I can think of is Gambino lyrics
    that’s so not creative
    but maybe not everything in life has to be creative
    as long as it is what you feel and think
    That is all you can do.

    By Manboobs on 12.07.2011

  12. platinum is the ring i would like on my finger, a shiny ring with a giant diamond, that way when the divorce comes I can trade it in and be reimbursed for all the agony

    By Jess URL on 12.07.2011

  13. It is what people have for their albums when it reaches 10,000 sales. It is a element more expensive than gold and it is the best you can have on the Olympics.

    By Jonathan Sumiguin on 12.07.2011

  14. Leaving behind platinum footprints and strawberry kisses
    she twirls and
    longs to spin
    under the moonlights pallid grin,
    until winter is dead
    spring is alive again.

    By jAne Oh on 12.07.2011

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    By golden brumby URL on 12.07.2011

  16. I wanted platinum for so long. I had Silver, but it wasn’t enough, then I applied for Gold, but still I was thirsty for more. When my platinum card arrived I was so excited I jumped in the pool with my clothes on.

    By Paul Day URL on 12.07.2011

  17. Platinum is worth more than gold and is far more useful. It’s a rare metal that is great for industrial, electronic and aesthetic purposes — there’s nothing like getting Platinum jewelery for the one that you love. Platinum (Pt) – Element 78 on the Periodic Table of Elements. Did you know that each and every one of us has trace amounts of Platinum in our bodies? Consider that fact the next time you feel that you’re completely worthless :P.

    By Shaunak URL on 12.07.2011

  18. The most expensive of all of the metals haha. I love platinum. It is a mix of gold and silver. The new and the old. One is silver and the other gold. Except platinum is both. So naturally I love it :)

    By Cristina on 12.07.2011

  19. Platinum hair came into view above the shelves in the library. I smile to myself. He was never quite tall enough, it seemed, but he towered over me. Quinn walked toward me, a grin breaking out as he saw me sitting at the table I’d saved for us.

    “Hey, Xander,” he said.

    My heart beat sped up in my chest. “Hey, Quinn.”

    Quinn kisses the top of my head playfully as he sits down. He then tells me all about his day, which was apparently amazing.

    By Kasey Nicole URL on 12.07.2011

  20. Her platinum eyes stared back at him. Tyler took a deep breath, trying to break past the barrier of porcelain and platinum that had been shoved up in front of her face. Sapphires were her eyes, but they were empty and blank, like she was wiping her soul. White hair framed her face, sitting straight like untouchable ice. She was untouchable, thought Tyler, but that was how she made herself. She was greater than bronze, silver, gold, or even diamonds. She was platinum.

    By Elsi Shu on 12.07.2011

  21. I look up at the stars, a playground for someone to explore. The moon is platinum against the darkness of the sky. It’s face is shining down toward mine. I find comfort in it, comfort in the thought that at least someone is watching me, at least someone cares, even if they’re make believe. I want to be an astronomer so badly, yet I don’t want to leave this earth…

    By Amanda URL on 12.07.2011

  22. I thought the song of my life was heading for number one with a bullet. The album was going to hit platinum on the charts. But missile-like it’s spiralling downwards. The backing singers were lip synching, the b@stards. The producers have disappeared with my cash. I can’t get airplay. I just wanna sing my song. It’s all gone so wrong. Yodel-lay-e-hee.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 12.07.2011

  23. I just got my platinum CD of Selena Gomez today! I was so happy! i met her in NY! She autographed it for me to! It was a dream come true!

    By Alyssa on 12.07.2011

  24. just this once, i would like to ask ‘where did the order go? where did the control run away to?’ because every time someone who’s not you looks at me i want to cry because i miss you even if you’re right there. and i’m not supposed to miss someone who’s right in front of me, but i do. i’m stuck loving the ghost who used to tell me to pull myself together because i need you to hold me and tell me everything will be fine. otherwise, it won’t be. nothing is going to be fine.

    By stapedius URL on 12.07.2011

  25. I waved my platinum ring in front of my mother’s face.
    “Look who just got engaged… to a billionaire!”

    By Raahs on 12.07.2011

  26. I march into the store, determined to give back my credit card, determined not to waste another. Single. Cent.
    “Hello,” I say briskly to the assistant, “My name is Rebeka and I would-”
    “Rebeka?” she says, slowly smiling, “Rebeka Smith?”
    “You’ve earned a platinum card!” she says, handing me a brand new shiny card. I stare at it silently for a full minute.
    “It comes with a free 5 dollar off offer for your first shopping spree!” she says helpfully.
    Oh god.

    By Jocelyn URL on 12.07.2011

  27. Her hair glittered as her head broke the surface of the water, her eyes flashing in an instant of blindness, before her vision cleared.
    “Sophie!” she called, her soft lip beckonng me into the warm mirror-pool quarry.
    He breasts heaved, pale in the moon light, as she dipped down again. this was the night everything would change.

    By sophie on 12.07.2011

  28. It wasn’t what I wanted in an engagement ring, didn’t suit me and all that. I’m kind of more of an aluminum girl, but you couldn’t have paid me enough diamonds or rubies or pearls or any precious metals to tell Greg that. He wouldn’t have cared. Nothing but the finest for me. But I guess what he didn’t understand was that to me…less was finer than more, and expensive didn’t always mean better.

    By Ashley on 12.07.2011

  29. With a hesitant hand, she nudged the platinum heart. Feeling, the metal become hotter, she became confident, and applied more pressure. More and more, until it fell over.

    By Mandy URL on 12.07.2011

  30. She tossed her platinum hair, a curtain of poison sheathed in a long ponytail. My scowl unfurled like a carpet, a curving shape like the spine of a cat. We almost made a castle together, her tower of tallness and me, the drawbridge, knocked down and trampled upon. I hated her, she hated me. What more could a castle atmosphere be?

    By squeakable URL on 12.07.2011

  31. silver strong love hearty beautiful hardy steel gem diamond sparkle crystal gold earth stone uncontrollable

    By harsh on 12.07.2011

  32. the moon shone in the sky like a large luminescent platinum disc in the dark of the night.
    she stood as the edge of the wide pier with her feet dangling down, teasing the water with her boots.
    the boy looked upon the gazing girl and smiled to himself before walking over and sitting himself down next to her.
    she turned, surprised and he saw her face illuminate brighter than all the stars in the sky and even the moon itself…

    By Summer Paige URL on 12.07.2011

  33. Platinum hair shone in the heat of the sun, sweat trickling like honey down lightly bronzed skin.

    By Two Halves URL on 12.07.2011

  34. Controls how the world spends it’s precious money. One card, two cards. Where do they end? No one knows because they dont. This gold card, platinum card, debit card, credit card, insurance card; they all tell us where to go and what to do. How about learning to live in a free land?

    By Drea URL on 12.07.2011

  35. platinum. platinum album, like one x by three days grace. platinum blonde hair. platinum coloured nails. things that are shiny, hard to achieve.

    By SophieA on 12.07.2011

  36. Platinum may be prettier or more perfect, but I’ll take my silver over her any day.

    By Nick Rassi URL on 12.07.2011

  37. The girl with a platinum voice had a sadly limited vocabulary. True, when stacks of sheet music riddled with the whims and worries and woes and wraths of its writers, she could sing it all. She could tell stories, ballads, epics, or she could sing lullabies, prayers, hymns.

    But when she was offstage, something changed. It was all, “Yes, sir,” or “Yes, ma’am,” or “Thank you.” And as she smiled and waved at her fans, her father stood with that same limited look peeling off his face.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.07.2011

  38. Her legs were bare, i remember that, her eyes cold and grey as she bore herself against the cold. There was a color in her cheeks I had never seen before, a new smile on her lips that exhilerated and scared me at the same time

    By platinum URL on 12.07.2011

  39. Platinum, Silver, and Gold. The colours of the rainbow, made into metal and shined to “perfection”. Such a horror, defiling the colours to a metallic sheen just so that other will think they are of value, when all that really remains to be seen are the pure colours.

    By Rainbow URL on 12.07.2011

  40. I opened the tiny box under the tree, and what should it be but a platinum ring. It was unreal. I guessed this meant we were taking the relationship to a whole new level. I was floating on air.

    By Lindsey on 12.07.2011