April 3rd, 2011 | 724 Entries

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724 Entries for “plans”

  1. adventure lists and wishes that never come true . plans are aspirations and the way in which we see our future. plans never happen. plans always are a framework of what could have been and how miserably you deterred from it.

    By erika on 04.04.2011

  2. ‘The best laid plans of mice and men are aft to go awry.’ How profound that saying by Robbie Burns is but without plans we just drift about aimlessly however, in the making of them and the fruition, there’s the rub. Unfinished or even unstarted plans can leave us feeling worthless and indolent but perhaps the few we see through to completion is the stuff that takes us into the realm of angels or devils!

    By Cally on 04.04.2011

  3. I like to make plans. Who does’t. Big ones, little ones, happy ones, long term ones, short term ones. What else is there to do in life? Making plans.
    But why do we make plans? Perhaps there is something else to do in life/. Perhaps we shouldn’t make plans. Perhaps we should live instead.

    By Georgia on 04.04.2011

  4. Plans are goals. We make plans to accomplish our goals.

    By Erika on 04.04.2011

  5. The best laid plans are put to rest once they are shot to pieces. What was just discussed is of little or no relevance. No relevance at all. i don’t like being put to the test like this.

    By Abhinav Krishnaswamy on 04.04.2011

  6. planlar aslında çok da önemli değildir.. hatta sıkıcıdır da plan yapmak filan, neyi ne zaman yaşayacağını bilmek, en azından öyle sanmak çok da mükemmel gelmiyor kulağa. sahnedeki grubun bundan sonra çalacağı şarkıyı hatta bütün playlisti bildiğinizi düşünün mesela.

    By srcnertn URL on 04.04.2011

  7. Rudger’s plans weren’t even close to what Dr. Fudo had in mind. To the scientist, they were terrible – something he wouldn’t even think of doing. A few nights passed, night after long night, and Dr. Fudo slowly began to realize the truth – it was going to be Rudger’s way… or no way at all.

    By Rei-chan URL on 04.04.2011

  8. Plans always felt to me like hope. I desire for something farther down the road. Built into that is the assumption that things will work out. While plans rarely work out entirely, at least we’re still hoping.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 04.04.2011

  9. plans are great. They do not do much other than give the person an idea as to where to go, but they are useful for sharing these ideas. blah blah blah.

    By Peter Cartledge on 04.04.2011

  10. I have big plans for this world.
    The exectution- shaky
    The confindence- shaky
    The earth below me- shaky
    But that doesn’t matter because the more we shake things up the better.

    By megan URL on 04.04.2011

  11. I begin each day with plans. When I’m going to write, making time to read, maybe get some exercise. And then somehow I drift into chatting with a neighbour, or slipping into a cafe for coffee, and the morning has gone. I wish there were a way to make plans and stick to them!

    By joey on 04.04.2011

  12. Plans often, in fact frequently go astray: Robert Burns had it right, but expressed it more poetically. Sometimes going astray gets you to a better and more interesting place, so go with it.

    By teresa URL on 04.04.2011

  13. I have a lot of plans this weekend. Shopping, going to the mall, going skating, most likely going to the park, and sleeping. Those are my plans basically unless something changes or comes up.

    By Eden URL on 04.04.2011

  14. Plans are often made and broken. Whether they’re just dinner plans or plans to take over the world; every person has a plan in life. More than one plan, tons of them. Not all are carried out.

    By Brooklyn URL on 04.04.2011

  15. i have plans i want to write but everyone wants to have a book published i want to marry the one i love but i wouldn’t tell him because he doesn’t want to marry me, not yet i plan to use punctuation in all future pieces of writing but i’m limited for time here my whole life is circulated around plans but i don’t even know what i really really want i can plan to be happy but what good will that do me how many seconds are left

    By Alex on 04.04.2011

  16. I never think I’d be able to do things without plans. But today, I finally did it! I left my house without even thinking where I am going today. At first, I felt like I was a little bit anxious. But finally, my adventurous self began to emerge from within. I took the bus

    By Grace Harjono on 04.04.2011

  17. my friends me a j and some food, i love plans do not fucking stand me up thats some bull shit you stick to plans man.stick to em.i love making plans running that shit.plans MUST BE FUN. no one likes boring plans.

    By delia URL on 04.04.2011

  18. I have plans today mother so I do not want to do the dishes. Plans would be a word to describe what you are doing for that day. Or maybe the plans to construct a house.

    By Micah URL on 04.04.2011

  19. making them is often arduos but fun – without them life would be aimless and lack surety and drive. With them you can achieve what you want, that is if you believe in them. Without that belief plans become dreams and dreams are often forgotten.

    By Ghandi El-Chamaa URL on 04.04.2011

  20. A map of phenominal complexity, beyond the realm of any draughtsman or artist, even the ankgor temples with their carvings and symmetry paled in comparision to the wonder of natures plan- from the neural network of your average naked ape, to the great oak tree, with its far ranging roots and branches, all clothed in a textured and living bark, with the distribution along its capillaries feeding growth.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 04.04.2011

  21. i need some. man plans, god laughs. without plans its hard to succeed.

    By Kalman Jacobsohn on 04.04.2011

  22. best laid up in flames but keep going its not too late wait and stay don’t go away find

    By cyd on 04.04.2011

  23. Headed to Costco for Brooklyn whitefish salad, fantastic on a toasted bagel with a cup of Vermont coffee, and morning NY Times. Sounds like a plan.

    By goroy URL on 04.04.2011

  24. Everything that i want to do in life used to come from a plan, i realized though that a life based on plans is a boring life none the less. Live spontaneously and live fun because you never know whats around the corner.

    By Aaron G on 04.04.2011

  25. Oh don’t you just love plans. Plans mean that you can change your life. With the right plans anything can happen. I often spend whole days just making plans. Making plans and writing lists. Lists of things that I have to do to implement those plans. And when I have implemented my amazing plans life will be worth living. …

    The trouble is that once I have finished planning there is no time left to carry out the plans…

    By Deborah Smith URL on 04.04.2011

  26. I have a great plans for the vacation however, I could not help my self to have my close friends to conceive them.

    By ezgi altunc on 04.04.2011

  27. I wish I had more of them. Or that I could pick which ones to follow. Such as writing, art, music, losing weight etc…and I somehow think I am actually accomplishing these! God has been faithful. He is the one who helps make my plans. In fact, He is in charge of them. Good. Gives me comfort. And helps cut confusion. For sure.

    By Rhema on 04.04.2011

  28. I have a lot things to do for this summer. My first plan is to take a vacation with my friends abroad, the second plans of mine is to get together with my family members.

    By ezgi altunc on 04.04.2011

  29. My plans for life are – as a whole – more interesting than my current life. My biggest fear is that I won’t live up to my expectations because I feel failure to live up to them will ultimately lead to a boring lifestyle. I feel it should be everyones responsibility to make themselves less boring.

    By Jezeah on 04.04.2011

  30. we all have a lot things to do in our daily life such as having the proper list of our plans which makes our day particularly complete to perform our liabilities in time.

    By ezgi altunc URL on 04.04.2011

  31. When I see the same number over and over I can’t help but wonder.
    What are in our plans, where does the heart stand?
    I can’t help it anymore… my heart is on the floor.

    By Cam URL on 04.04.2011

  32. Plans are meant to be changed. People follow them for a while and then they screw it.

    By Ian URL on 04.04.2011

  33. My plans for the day were different then what actually occured. I guess you could say my expectations didn’t match up with reality. Sort like all those gifs people on tumblr put on their blogs.

    By Maggie URL on 04.04.2011

  34. wow, this is tough. i’m a senior in high school, so the word “plans” is at the forefront of every conversation, every email, every worry and dream and thought. i plan to attend the university of michigan and study cello performance with richard aaron. i couldn’t be more at peace with this decision.

    By ruthie on 04.04.2011

  35. I always have plans. They’re not always good plans, and very often bad. My favourite plan is always “plan to not have a plan”, but somehow there seems to be irony in planning to be without a plan. Spontaneity is great; I can’t say that I do very well in life with constant structure looming overhead. Too restrictive for my liking.

    By David URL on 04.04.2011

  36. I love to plan things. I have a problem with doing things spur of the moment. I have to plan ahead. It saves alot of time. It saves time from day of when your trying to work our minior details that could have been fixed way back. You know whenr going, how your going to get there, and what you need to have. It makes everything go smoother. Theres alot less drama and stress involved. I guess thats just the control freak in me. I need my life to be organized or slese I feel like im missing something important.

    By Caitlyn on 04.04.2011

  37. ive been making plans today. but i dont know what to do. plans are over rated. theyre never concrete. often quite unreliable really. the only reason to make plans is to have something to look forward to. thats all plans really are. there are many songs about plans. but they dont really have to do with any event. they are just songs. i dont know how they go.

    By anna reinalda on 04.04.2011

  38. he stared at the plans for the coming day. complicated… but direct that is his way of work. if the incompetent officers under his command could follow them victory would be complete and he could go home to his wife and son.

    By Brendan on 04.04.2011

  39. are necessary to get ahead with focus but they must be flexible either

    By Ralf Dilger URL on 04.04.2011

  40. i have no plans, sometimes i think plans have me and that sucks a lot. maybe if i had plans i wouldnt be here writing about plans and i wouldnt be here stuck in this dead end job and i wouldnt be alone an sad all the time. i hate you plans.

    By danielle kylie on 04.04.2011