January 24th, 2012 | 160 Entries

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160 Entries for “plans”

  1. I couldn’t believe the company’s plans. My mom had worked her whole life to support me, and then the company was going to fire her! She had spent every day, from 6am to 10pm, working do hard, but the manager never had and never would like her.

    By NAVC 12 Green rocks on 01.25.2012

  2. I make Plans to kill a guy named qwerty because i am evil that’s right I’m Dr.SparklyRainbowUnicorn. I know my name is not evil,but that is what my mom named me. Anyway Iate for my date.

    By bk on 01.25.2012

  3. We had plans, big plans. But life happens without caring about your plans and here we are. Old and gray with no ability to plan for the future. Now life leads me when I should be leading my life.

    By Cheri URL on 01.25.2012

  4. An impish grin crossed Evelyn’s face. Her mother shook her head and walked away, knowing that the plans that passed through her daughter’s mind were always wild and fun. Evelyn was her father all over again.

    By ritajuanita URL on 01.25.2012

  5. We made plans. But like a fragile piece of glass so carelessly tipped off the edge… they were shattered. The shards and fragments could not be put back together without leaving ugly cracks.

    By Noelle on 01.25.2012

  6. i had had plans as to what to say and do to my father when i met him for the first time. but the moment was completely utterly the most strangest circumstance i had ever witnessed.

    By davy on 01.25.2012

  7. Plans, have I got them, well I have loads of wishes that I would like to create in my life and now I have to change them into plans, active plans not plans of dreams but plans of

    By Eliza URL on 01.25.2012

  8. When I spied
    A thin stream of smoke on the horizon
    I told myself
    Go there

    The collision of mouth, finger
    Flexing, sinewed grace
    Tangled in your long hair
    Is explainable by chemists
    Yet unimagined before you clasped my raw hands

    I walked into you
    Like a dinner-jacketed gentleman
    Disembarking a doomed liner –
    Last onto the lifeboat
    How could I even know
    My rescuer

    By david URL on 01.25.2012

  9. i want to interrupt your plans. i want to make your day. turn it upside down and make it the best surprise you’ve ever felt. i only want to mess things up a little. i’m sorry in advance, but i can assure you, you won’t feel the need for my to apologize. just enjoy the plans.

    By Abra URL on 01.25.2012

  10. Plans, plans are what you break and ultimately break. Plans are what you hope to someday do, to fulfill, to grow. Make plans now, and look back on them again in elder years with a fond sadness of what should have been but never was. Plans get made, are they always finished?

    By WuTed427 URL on 01.25.2012

  11. I had so many plans, scattered around my thoughts like pages, post-its, maps, and crusty glasses on a desk. It’s almost funny how they pale in comparison to a diagnoses such as that.

    Marla is crying in the next room. She had plans too.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 01.25.2012

  12. I laid out the shiny, reflective knife before me.
    Along with the other seven sharp trinkets I had.

    Planning was good.
    Planning soothed me.
    Planning prepared me for the delicious gore that was to come.

    A giggle ran through me as I heard him begin to stir from his slumber of opiates.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 01.25.2012

  13. It was never meant to be this way. But then again, maybe it is.

    For some reason (Faith, maybe? Positive thinking?), I am certain things will be amazing — not necessarily the way I want them to be, but amazing.

    By mar pimentel URL on 01.25.2012

  14. Something that always goes wrong

    By Ivaylo Nikolov on 01.25.2012

  15. My plans were clear, nothing really special, just typical hit and run strategy. Our scouts were supposed to shot snipers from watchtowers, then we go in, throw few grenades aiming for armory, ten quickly run away, while heavy support gives us cover fire. Easy action I would say.

    By Omnix URL on 01.25.2012

  16. plans are planes that you make when you what to go some where…;];;];];];];];];];];];];];];];]];];];];];];];];];];]];];];];];]];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];]];];];];]];];];];]];];];];];];];];]];];];];];]];];];];]];];];];];]];]]…jaisen brown is sexy

    By Cody URL on 01.25.2012

  17. I have a lot of plans, but I don’t make them happen. I hate when that happend but I think that is life. Plans are wery important to me because they gave my life a sence.

    By Isidora on 01.25.2012

  18. I have plans to go to friends house or stay after school.

    By iconic girl URL on 01.25.2012

  19. I have plans to write a story about a plan. It is about how plans is like a rabid monkey but that is a plan for later.NANANANANANA. See what i mean? No?

    By Tree URL on 01.25.2012

  20. I don’t have a plan for my life. I am kinda running around crazy. My parents try to make me plans for stuff, but I don’t like it. I like just figuring it out as it comes.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 01.25.2012

  21. plans are things you think you are going to do kinda like goals. you use plans for a lot of things.

    By twiz URL on 01.25.2012

  22. my plans for my future is to become a musician or an artist or marine biologist.

    By Izzy URL on 01.25.2012

  23. cody why would you put that on your one word haha grossssssss

    By S-man URL on 01.25.2012

  24. let’s think about
    what may lay ahead,
    time out the things
    we’d love to do later.
    just me and you.
    we can map out
    an evening out
    or talk about
    the what if’s that
    we always wanted to do.
    just me and you.

    By NuSol URL on 01.25.2012

  25. do you ever fell………………………………………
    like you just want to party?
    ‘Cause i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So just party like you have never party before
    Just be yourself don’t be afraid of anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By fancy girl URL on 01.25.2012

  26. I have plans to be a big fat nerd for halloween. With pocket protecters!!!!!!!!!

    By zebra woman URL on 01.25.2012

  27. I have many plans.

    By just582 URL on 01.25.2012

  28. In my mind, I had all this plans for how my life was suppose to be like. I still have them. But some of them haven’t worked out. Maybe it’s for the better. Maybe it wasn’t ever suppose to work out. Maybe maybe maybe.

    By Catherine URL on 01.25.2012

  29. “For I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” Jeremiah 29:11
    I lay my plans at the cross, because I know you have much bigger things in mind for me. :)

    By laughalot on 01.25.2012

  30. Ruined plans, created plans.
    Haphazard plans, beauteous plans.
    All plans and no plans.
    Have you a plan for me?

    By Violet on 01.25.2012

  31. Plans, the best laid plans usually are never finished, at least not in my house. Something or some always interferes. My name is the most common sound I e
    hear. So, I stopped making plans.

    By Sheila URL on 01.25.2012

  32. The plans were to go on a day long tour of the countryside and take photos of whatever they liked that they saw. Plans changed when a thunderstorm rolled through and drove them inside a diner in the middle of nowhere.

    By j.renee on 01.25.2012

  33. Plans – everyone has them, but no one does. I sometimes plan, not enought actually. I’ve had really good plans and I’ve had not so good plans. I’ve wondered why I don’t like planning – I like executing a plan and concluding a plan, but maybe I don’t plan because i don’t like where its going? You can plan too much just as easy as not planning enough.

    By MB URL on 01.25.2012

  34. things to do when people ask you to go out. time for education or time for friends. Something to keep you busy and keep you occupied. a list of things to do or places to go. goals for the future.

    By lexy hodge on 01.25.2012

  35. I have so many plans this week. I barely have time for myself. I don’t even know how to execute some of them. It’s just so stressful having so much school work to do. I have reports, projects and quizzes an stuff. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t the least bit tired because of some things. And other unplanned stuff as well! I just found out that I’m supposed to go somewhere, but I already made plans to go somewhere else! Ugh.

    By GottaPanic URL on 01.25.2012

  36. beach bound,sun sea, and serenity.Fish of every color never know what you’ll find.

    By Janice Bender URL on 01.25.2012

  37. “I have plans you know.”
    “What kind of plans?”
    “Plans for a great future. It will be wonderful.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I will create a world for myslef. And you and I will be the rulers so that no man will no fear or hardship anymore. It will be the rain of elysium.”
    “Sounds an aweful lot like a dictatorship to me.”

    By Padme on 01.25.2012

  38. The plane tickets, the new furniture, the movers! oh my god! what about the car? the kids will be here to take me out to the property and get the house ready for the .. the.. wedding! I am so nervous that the plans seem to be scattering like puzzle pieces across the floor.

    By Seansj URL on 01.25.2012

  39. Plans were made that didn’t include me. I didn’t mind — I’d have the house to myself for a change. I could do anything I wanted with the time. Unfortunately, I had no plans for my time, so I just screwed around all day, the same as I would have if they’d all been home, hanging around, getting in my way. In the way of what, I’ll never know now.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 01.25.2012

  40. I have plans to visit my friend this Saturday at Starbucks.

    By Bethany on 01.25.2012