February 6th, 2011 | 509 Entries

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509 Entries for “pills”

  1. Pills. That word can mean to many things. It means suicide, death, living. The evilness of the word is overbearing to me. I can’t think when they are around. But I can think straight if they are in me.

    By Izzie URL on 02.06.2011

  2. chicking in my handbag for that moody little pill
    knowing that without it i cant for in for the kill
    walking to the pub on a saturday night
    without my pills i’m emply no character in sight

    By the night owl URL on 02.06.2011

  3. addiction
    adderall makes your brain bleed and turns you into a damn zombie. pills pass through highschool hallways like the feet of the students who take them. It’s sad but true

    By Joseph on 02.06.2011

  4. she looked at the pills in her hand. No job, no way to afford more after this pack. After that, she awaited the pain to come. The cysts had come to control her life now, and taken her ability to have children. How could she survive? How would she get through each day without them?

    By Daniela on 02.06.2011

  5. You eat pills to stop yourself suffering from deceases or other illness. I rarely eat pills, because I figure that the body should be able to reestablish itself and not helped.

    By August on 02.06.2011

  6. I got out of the hospital bed, and threw off the gown. I walked out the door, and ran. I don’t need those pills anymore.

    By Coban3 URL on 02.06.2011

  7. i take lots of pills, some people go overdrive on pills like ketamine or lsd or ecstasy but escstaxy is kinda shit you dont really feel any thing, anyway bnack to pills, ummmmmm americans are known to take too many antidepressants like i cant remember any names of antidepressants but they can change the way you think

    By Georgia on 02.06.2011

  8. pills are to be avoided. they may be people who are hard to swallow or they may be little bits of medicine that will change your chemical make up from what your creator intended.

    By d'blank on 02.06.2011

  9. They were everywhere. Lying on the bedroom. ON the counter. They made realize that I needed something. SOmeone. A thing to take me away. TO throw me into a different place. And then it hits me why? WHy do I neeed something. And the answer is simple. chemistry. We are all just testosterone, and dompaine. ANd the rest of it. You pop one thing you feel one thing and then another.

    By Fidamont on 02.06.2011

  10. I used to have perfume and books near my bedside, now it is packets and packets of pills and it isn’t as if I am acutualy ill….just a sign I guess of getting older, I’d throw them away if I was a bit bolder.

    By Ann URL on 02.06.2011

  11. I have no desire to write about pills to be honest with you. Of course, that’s probably just because I associate them with so many negative images. People overdosing, people becoming addicted, people with problems, etc. I prefer to think of happier things. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with my writing. I’m too happy. I avoid talking about darker things, and that makes people lose interest…

    By Kristen on 02.06.2011

  12. you take them when you are sick. People abuse pills and use them for suicide. Pills can make you better when taken in correct dosages. They are sometimes colorful. You usually swallow them with water. They are hard to dry swallow.

    By Kerrie on 02.06.2011

  13. i took pills because of the sadness it would go away and i couldnt hide from it it was all i could do not to take to many i had people who still cared about me even if i didnt care about myself i had to think of them not just me what would they do without me what would they do if i was no longer here with them

    By Auden on 02.06.2011

  14. pills. they’re atrocious. the epitome of attention-seeking little high schoolers who want to think they’re doing drugs or attempting suicide but they’re actually just taking tylenol.

    By C.H. URL on 02.06.2011

  15. i take a lot of pills, uppers, downers, rebounders, doesnt matter, they help me cope with life and they make me forget things.

    By sdg on 02.06.2011

  16. Take them. They will kill you and I won’t tell anybody but you have to trust me.
    Take them. They aren’t like those liars that steal from you.
    You can take them. They won’t kill you.
    They might cause a hallucination or two though.

    By hnilla on 02.06.2011

  17. pils are ba , tyreeally no goo, and people say it is to cue people , but desoys people , i’ll never take plls but i just nature medicens , that the nature gave us
    not all that chemical bullshit

    By Rani on 02.06.2011

  18. the day I decided to take the pills was my last
    I traveled to my cold bathroom and opened my cabinet
    here I watch my family grieve over me
    my foolishness
    because of those people and those pills

    By Lindsay on 02.06.2011

  19. When I took the pills I hit the floor. No really. I hit the floor. Couldn’t feel my legs, they felt like wiggly noodles underneath me, and I could no longer support myself. I did a faceplant in the middle of the sidewalk and have a cut on my lip.

    By Miranda URL on 02.06.2011

  20. are something i take to hide the pain that I have. Or at least I think I have the pain, perhaps I’m just making it up. I feel better when I take them anyway. I wish I didn’t need them. They are important to me.

    By hollyblue on 02.06.2011

  21. Pills is sorta a broad topic. xD It depends what kind of pills you’re talking about… but when I first read this, I thought immediately of the last word I had written about: suicide. Funny, isn’t it? Pills are used for suicide, probably, just as much as for medical purposes. No, actually, it’s kinda sad. How something that was invented for the sake of human longevity twisted into a window to death. Through death, even. I just finished Thirteen Reasons Why today; it’s really creepy that pills would be the word when the girl who committed suicide used them to perform the treacherous deed.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 02.06.2011

  22. One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small; and the one that, your mother gives you, don’t do anything at all. Go ask Alice; when she’s ten feet tall.

    By Halima URL on 02.06.2011

  23. It happens to the best of us. We get caught up in every day life and we just need a release. A release from the ordinary. A release from the mundane, same old thing. It happens to the best of us. We can’t help it. So we take them. We take them to escape, to relieve pain, to heal, to hurt, to help. It doesn’t matter. It happens to all of us. And these pills are what we take.

    By Rose URL on 02.06.2011

  24. The pills again. Always the pills, No escape from the wicked rattle of the container as you extract another slice of happiness from its plastic innards. Where does it end, where will it stop.

    By Regravity URL on 02.06.2011

  25. can’t take them. they won’t take the pain away. I want to tell her. I want her to know I want to be with her. and it can’t happen. it just can’t. please someone help me. these little pills of life there’s hope with only a gulp don’t take her away though she’s already gone please little helpers go down to the end for us all the open mind the way away from it

    By LuckyAsianBabyDoll on 02.06.2011

  26. no more i’ve done this before this endless mind game of back and forth continually repeating that which can never end pills pills pills…a circle continuing on in misery please don’t send this to me again i’m lost without the sight to be found don’t swallow these again

    By LuckyAsianBabyDoll on 02.06.2011

  27. Pill popping, electro-listening, tea drinking, crumpet munching, lady loving, TV watching, marathon running, rude hating, sky diving, canvas drawing power punk. That was Frank in a nutshell, bit long to fit on a t-shirt though.

    By fionars URL on 02.06.2011

  28. I work in a pharmacy. Pills are a part of my life but it is so interesting how much of an impact on daily life they have and how much of a stir they cause. Every day I get tons of calls and tons of complaints about little pills. Sometimes, you have to tell people to quit sweating the small stuff.

    Thanks to pills, I have a job, and people have something to worry about.

    By KaylaNichols URL on 02.06.2011

  29. “Frogs legs, and spinach, eye of newt and cat whisker.” Lody stir the brew while mumbling the spell. Steam rose in wispy tendrils from the black cauldron.
    The pills were taking effect, and Lody was living the part.

    By Helen URL on 02.06.2011

  30. A cacophony of colours spilled out from the glass bowl atop the table. Green. Red. Purple. White. Cream. Orange. Lilac. But my eyes were drawn to blue. Hello pretty blue, puffy and pale like the sky. I pincered it between my thumb and forefinger, raising it close to my face.
    ‘I’m going to eat you now blue,’ I explained slowly. ‘Please make my happy’
    With that I popped it into my mouth and swallowed dry. A different colour every day until the sadness stopped.

    By fionars URL on 02.06.2011

  31. a lot of people take pills they are often not very good for the body but sometimes they are natural supplements which are not the synthetic pills which most pharmaceutical companies make. These natural things aren’t fda a pproved.

    By Dennis Vargas on 02.06.2011

  32. Pills, little capsules that can destroy or aid. One word that can kill or save, there are people whose lives depend on them to keep them living, and those who depend on pills to keep them in a state of the living dead. Drug zombies, the smeagols and gollums of the world. I suck at this stuff, timer up yet?

    By Minibit on 02.06.2011

  33. The one thing thing that has the ability to make or break my potential happiness. One keeps him sane, but one is never enough. For the rest of our lives we will be a handful of pills away from an emotional apocolypse.

    By Acacia on 02.06.2011

  34. pills are white, round, pink, oblong, bitter small, easily hidden. Some people smoke them, some people need them to have sex, others have to have them hidden in pudding. Pills make you healthy, make you happy, make you better make you forget.

    Alice took a pill and look where she ended up.
    Neo took a blue and look where he woke up.

    Some people kill with pills. some peple heal with pills.
    Swallow your pills. Choke on your pills. Pillhead. Hide your pills under your pillow. In your ass. Sell your pills for other pills. Who makes all these fricking pills? Twice a day, as needed for pain, every 6 hours. If you foget a dose, do not double your dose.

    By Elisa on 02.06.2011

  35. geez. pills. that seems fitting right now. i wonder if she is really off the pills. i bet shes still drinking at least. how can she not be when shes still over in that situation? i want her to leave that place. i want him to die.

    By Katie on 02.06.2011

  36. My hand slowly crept to my blade as I set down the small bottle of prescription pills. How much longer could I take this? It was the same routine, over and over. Pills, cut, pills, cut, pills, cut. Sleep. I didn’t know if I could survive any longer. I didn’t WANT to survive.

    By Alyssa on 02.06.2011

  37. How could something so small, so minuscule compared to everything be harmful. Just one too many would end her life. And that’s what she was searching for- the one too many. She couldn’t help but feel nervous as she shook out the pills. They were bright blue against the palm of her hand.

    By Stephanie Cheng URL on 02.06.2011

  38. I used to take pills once. It was for my depression. I didn’t think they worked all that well to be honest because I never felt like I was getting better. Oh well. I think I might need to go back on them, I’ve been pretty depressed lately. Maybe I should tell my doctor and get a therapist or something. Maybe. Always maybe. I can’t write anything else

    By Jesse on 02.06.2011

  39. there are only four things a man needs. Three can be discounted and the fourth is ‘pills’. There are multiple things a woman needs, but she can be discounted also.

    By Gareth Fox on 02.06.2011

  40. they control headaches, make you feel better, make you healthy, for birth control, they’re vitamin packed, they make you sleep, they can be harmful if too much is used, they can be good for you too

    By Alyssa on 02.06.2011