November 25th, 2016 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “piano”

  1. He played the notes of his melody– a melody he created from his very first piano when he was still learning all the world had to offer. This is when he still believed nothing bad could break him, but he was proved wrong.

    By Emily URL on 11.25.2016

  2. Barry played piano, and Trisha trilled on the flute. Their parents danced together as their duet progressed, from bouncy to somber, to nebulous and then back to bouncy. I sat in the corner of the living room, watching the choreography and listening to the melodies and harmonies, sipping a glass of whiskey that was older than I was. When the piece was done, I politely applauded, and all four members of the Wright family bowed.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.25.2016

  3. The piano sat ghostly silent,
    at the bottom of the deep blue sea.
    Its keys were green after under the waves
    Its wooden body rotting away little by little.

    The sunken ship it had been ejected from sat nearby.

    By Lee on 11.25.2016

  4. the tortuous piano of life, beats one
    beats two
    beats strife when its time to face the reality enclosed in the envelope
    but there are ions and wavelengths coming out of tunes
    that repudiate the sender of that letter
    its only black print
    on plain paper
    propensity for greatness proliferates when stubborn as metal clothes hanger-lines
    reach for scrapers
    don’t settle for scratch papers
    one key
    three key
    four key five
    I’m ready to jive whenever zealot fragrances pushing off my atmosphere behooves me
    stay positive in your eyes
    or thus loose me

    By Milad URL on 11.25.2016

  5. I’ve always wanted to play the piano. Shame I am content to listen to others playing it. I have no real intention of making new music, but would play those songs I have fallen in love with.

    By Taciturn URL on 11.25.2016

  6. The great barrier reef stretched across the piano’s new sunken home,
    the pit-less bottom of sand and fish excrement,
    the titanic sailed off for a long-standing good bye
    to all its sailors’ favorite amusement from work
    a length live animal beneath the sea, just stood
    plainly glaring at the piano
    note-less, the piano’s keys began pushing down
    bubbles floated from each key,
    in the form of bubbles,
    ruined all the sea’s troubles!

    By Milad URL on 11.25.2016

  7. Dean pressed down on one of the piano keys, causing Amber to look up. “Would you like to hear me play something?

    She nodded, a soft smile playing upon her pink lips. “I’d love to.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 11.25.2016

  8. “How much for the piano?”

    Laura frowned at the older man with grubby fingers. She moved to stand in front of the family heirloom, spreading an arm across the keys as though protecting it. “Not for sale. My grandmother gave me this.”

    The old man rolled his eyes, then walked away. “I’ll be back, young lady!”

    By Ethereal Angel on 11.25.2016

  9. they played a song
    of a dream turned into

    they played a song
    of a willow by a river

    they danced with the
    black and white keys
    and the song came alive

    By Pandyfish on 11.25.2016

  10. I would love to learn how to play the piano, but ii don’t think I have the talent to.

    By kyla on 11.25.2016

  11. See stories folder.

    By Ellaandlara on 11.25.2016

  12. I would like to play the piano. To be honest, it is the most beautiful instrument i can think about. Not just because of how it sounds, but mostly because of all

    By Roquiles on 11.25.2016

  13. The piano was in the window. Left there all alone. Memories faded from the melodies once had.

    By Ericka Renee on 11.25.2016

  14. my fingers gently touch the keys
    the tune is soft, barely louder than a whisper
    i want it to be louder
    but i don’t know what will happen if i apply any more pressure
    i’m scared

    By stranger on 11.25.2016

  15. The piano. I enjoy playing it since I was a kid. It expresses the soul. My happiness, sadness and all that comes in between. I often felt that it was the voice of someone else inside me, never me.
    Music, what a beautiful language.

    By DF on 11.25.2016

  16. the sonorous sound
    i thought about moving my fingers across the keys
    i wondered if i’d remember.
    there was nobody quite so disappointed in me as my piano teacher.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 11.25.2016

  17. kjkkjkljkjlkjkljkl1

    By Ellaandlara on 11.25.2016

  18. Her fingers brushing over the keys,
    her soul slipping into a melody.
    The music soothing her ears,
    an innate feeling of peace;
    resurrected by the frequency
    of an unfamiliar tune.
    Happily she hummed along,
    to a song she’d never hear again.

    By Lexy on 11.25.2016

  19. She glided through the empty house, just like her fingers glided over the keys of the piano. It was a Sunday afternoon, her favorite time of the week to be alive. She was alone but she liked to think that the emptiness was better company than anyone else. The silence was comforting.

    By Anushree on 11.26.2016

  20. I reached out to touch one of the keys. A pleasant chime came from the piano. I then pressed different keys to make a nice little tune. I smiled at the sound. The way a piano sounds has always been one of my favorite little things in life.

    By Brianna L on 11.26.2016

  21. The keys they sing
    Upon pleasant strings
    Each note is pure
    For stress, piano music is the cure

    By Brianna L on 11.26.2016

  22. I am looking for an old timey piano like the one I grew up with. I miss it and wish we hadn’t given it to my cousin I got my daughter a grand piano electric keyboard but it isnt the same! Something about those old pianos and they way they sound and look that is more special.

    By Wendy Wms. on 11.26.2016

  23. She sat at her piano and played the notes that she would never hear.

    By Blanca on 11.26.2016

  24. Er spielte ein langsames, ruhiges Stück. Fasziniert beobachtete Ruby, wie Niks Finger langsam über die Tasten strichen, sie liebkosten.
    Langsam bewegte er sich im Takt. Sie lächelte unwillkürlich..
    Nik wirkte entspannt und sie war glücklich.

    By Cwidea URL on 11.26.2016

  25. It was unusual to hear her play – the soft notes as dainty as her fragile mind, her gentle fingers skimming the keys. Yet it was beautiful, and I admired her: the small smile on her face and her focused eyes made my chest swell, leaning against the doorframe as she played peacefully.

    By Sharna on 11.26.2016

  26. I was sitting by the piano when Thomas entered the room.
    He looked as if he had come from the war. Completely messed up, ragged, his hair dirty, full of dust. Not the usual Tom.

    By Luiza on 11.26.2016

  27. wow.. it’s amazing word! I like it and actually I love it because i play piano and i really love it. its very amazing intrument.. .

    By nani6788 on 11.26.2016

  28. Play me a song where the angles meet
    Black and white together and mysteries repeat
    Tell me you love me in 88 ways
    And I’ll tell you I love you for the rest of my days

    By smattc URL on 11.26.2016

  29. I see the piano. Standing in the corner of a room in a house filled with decadence. The children asleep upstairs, so unaware of the life they are living. A life full of beauty and love and comfortable normality. Of dance lessons and football and homework and school. I leave the piano. Alone. And return to my life.

    By Daisy Leason on 11.26.2016

  30. Piano. Favorite instrument.
    I used to dream having a love story with a blind pianist.
    He would be tall and dark-haired with blue eyes of course.
    Am I totally romantic or what?

    By Mathilde on 11.26.2016