December 12th, 2014 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “pepper”

  1. I don’t like pepper. It makes me sneeze. Also, if it’s too hot, I can’t taste my food. I like a little bit to give it a little more flavor but when it’s too hot, I don’t enjoy my food. Black pepper is ok, that has not heat. But when I put other kinds of pepper, like habanero, in my food, it gets very hot

    By Rosie Briones on 12.12.2014

  2. One word is essentially a phrase that captures a lot of essence. Every sentence begins with one word and then grows out to convey the beautiful meaning author wants to convey. One word makes it all. One word for all, one word for life~

    By Venktesh on 12.12.2014

  3. it was a cool summers evening when my grandfather came back from the shed. I sat there looking at him in his old glory. So many things about the way he looked made me think about the future, the peppered look in his hair, and the smell he carried with him.

    By Hondo on 12.12.2014

  4. pepper makes my nose sting. peppers are a delicious vegetable that i like to put in stir fries. pepper is often a dog’s name..did my grandparents have a dog named pepper? maybe..i bet she was white and fuzzy with a little black spot on her face. Pepper also makes me think of peppermint, and peppery things

    By april on 12.12.2014

  5. i already did this word so im not sure what to do now. im tryong not to think but i don’t know how.think im starting to get the hang of it. it’s getting easier to not think.

    By SassIsClass on 12.12.2014

  6. Aux pouvre, said the spidery recipe, and I had to face with another sigh the fact that my grandmother’s language was still completely inaccessible to me. It had been a source of sadness for me, to some time, that I could not communicate with my mother’s recently European family, but had to silently watch them across the kitchen table, hands wrapped around cooling mint tea, as they whispered indecipherable sentences to each other in a hush, eyeing me from the side.

    By mouse on 12.12.2014

  7. I cried
    And cried
    When you stuck to my eye
    Like pepper
    You stung
    Like pepper
    You stuck

    By Aggie on 12.12.2014

  8. your lips taste like flaming pepper
    spicy and hot with rage
    your mouth burns
    and damages mine
    but i can’t leave you here.
    pepper is not venom
    or toxic
    pepper makes me savour
    sorrow and pain
    i can taste every goodbye
    and feeling of despair you’ve ever experienced.
    my mouth is burnt
    it stings to the core,
    at least i feel something
    i’m not empty anymore.

    By nani on 12.12.2014

  9. The pepper stings my tongue as I bite into it. Why did I agree to do this? I knew I shouldn’t have chosen ‘dare’ over ‘truth’.

    By Anonymous on 12.12.2014

  10. peppered through this story are my favorite moments of experiencing you…the drinks from happy hour that turned into us falling asleep on your living room floor
    the talks on the couch that leave me laughing and distracted
    the seriousness in your tone when we touch topics that are sensitive to you
    the way you look at me when I see behind the mask you try to keep up at all times, those are my favorite moments
    when i let you know I see you that I like what i see and that I’m not going anywhere

    By dj on 12.12.2014

  11. Pepper. It has the tiniest zest, almost spicy but not quite. That’s what she’s like, if he’s being honest. She’s unique and insane and beautiful, but she’s also generic and a little bit basic and simple and so easy to understand.

    He loves that about her best, how easy she is to understand. She doesn’t believe in bullshit or lies, and in a world like this, that’s what he needs. Someone who, in a world full of deceit, will always be truthful about what she wants, selfish or not.

    By Grace on 12.12.2014

  12. His hand slipped around my waist. I leaned my head back, resting against his shoulder. His breath was warm on my nose like a soft breeze.
    “Whatcha doing?” He asked, almost whispering.
    I grasped the wooden spoon in my hand, “Cooking.”

    By Cecilia Trint on 12.12.2014

  13. The taste of it reminds me of my childhood when my dad would make homemade fries and hamburgers. He was heavy on the salt and pepper for flavor.

    By Trisia Lashon on 12.13.2014

  14. pepper was the smallest of the group, she liked to laugh and she loved to dance, but having no legs meant she coulndt dance the same as the others spiders. One day she met up with the renown dancing star Phillipee and she started to learn how to dance with her legs.

    By mark on 12.13.2014

  15. Pepper me with insults pepper me with love pepper me with spittle from your head on high above. Pepper it with sadness pepper it with spite pepper it with hope just a little for tonight.

    By Burger Clap on 12.13.2014

  16. My eyes burned badly and crying made it worse. What did I do to deserve this? I was just simply walking home. Did she really think I was a pervert following her?

    By Alice Shina on 12.13.2014

  17. The pepper made made her sneeze as it’s particles entered her breathing cavities. She lunged for the glass of water on the tabletop, but her foot slipped on the varnished floor and she toppled onto the ground, her limps splayed out in every direction.

    That’s when the red liquid began to seep out from underneath her still head, Miranda’s glassy eyes staring at nothing but the boorish ceiling.

    She was dead.

    By M-G on 12.13.2014

  18. Ashley checked the place settings once more. Did the spoons go on the right or left? She’d have to Google it before her snooty new in-laws arrived. The timer on the oven beeped, and she ran to retrieve her casserole. She stared at it for a good five minutes, recalling her

    By Soft URL on 12.13.2014

  19. Pepper reminds me of my home made gravy and soup. It had everything. spice, salt which i love about my home. And where ever I drink it, it reminds me of my home.

    By throughmyeyes on 12.13.2014

  20. With the considerable assistance of his lawyer, Dave managed to avoid any serious repercussions from his outburst. Visitations went ahead, albeit sporadically. Dave noticed that while Tom was bonding with him better, peppering him each time they met with questions and reports of his schoolwork, friends and toys, Nana was becoming somewhat reticent, and withdrawn. Dave knew that she always got like that when something big was worrying her. They would have to talk.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.13.2014

  21. I don’t like pepper so much because is really bad to my mouth and I more other things to eat

    By Michelle on 12.13.2014

  22. Many thanks to the neanderthal from millennia ago who bravely pioneered life as we know it and selflessly sacrificed his well being to answer the once crucial question: is it a pepper or poisonous fruit?

    By asavas on 12.13.2014

  23. He sings a song called “Chili Pepper”
    It’s about a girl he loves.
    And it’s cute.

    By Scarlett URL on 12.13.2014

  24. my darling pepper.
    we are both so lonesome.
    will we ever make it out of this mess.

    By galoot on 12.13.2014

  25. She must not mean that much to him, for it feels like she has been sprayed by a pepper spray, his silence has been that stinging to her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.13.2014

  26. His pepper-sprayed strands speak so much more than the bland, common silky black hair locks on a younger head. They speak of the past, full of adventure and mishaps, of joy, and of pain. They speak of the future, of human’s inevitable mortality that is only starting to show itself. They speak of a life lived.

    By andyprue URL on 12.13.2014

  27. Pepper.

    You’re hot.

    I like you.

    I wanna be you.

    I sometimes cry about you.

    Of how I am so different compared-

    To you; I am so mild in taste.

    By Troller URL on 12.13.2014

  28. Breathe.

    If you feel overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions.

    If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.

    If you are moving too fast, breathe. It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more.

    Breathe, and enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.

    – Leo Babauta –

    By Ella URL on 12.13.2014

  29. We named our cat Pepper, it was her decision, not mine. But I loved her for it. She was tender, almost like the breeze after a storm. We let our cat sleep with us during our worst days. They were both tender and warm.

    By vivian URL on 12.13.2014

  30. He had never been one to try unconventional food combinations. Apples and hot sauce, jam and cream cheese, strawberries and pepper. He had never seen the point – why couldn’t things remain as they should be? He liked order.

    Once, he met a girl with chaos branded on her knuckles and spontaneity braided in her hair. She smiled and her teeth beamed disorder.

    Her cheeks were red, like a strawberry peppered with freckles.

    By Reane on 12.13.2014

  31. x

    By mia on 12.13.2014