September 22nd, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “people”

  1. People cannot be trusted. I’ve never met one that won’t hurt me.
    Movies prove that. People will most likely break your heart or kill you. You’ll never be more than a pawn in their games.

    By Amarie URL on 09.23.2012

  2. i love people… There are so many, so different so much more alike… All of them resemble me of that someone who always wish to be loved .

    By tit on 09.23.2012

  3. people are selfish,
    humans are the most inhumane creatures created.
    Most people suck.
    Let’s put all of the good people in one place,
    and all the evil ones somewhere else,
    like heaven and hell,
    but while we’re still alive.
    we have to die to figure it all out?
    what good is it to us then?
    we’re already fucking gone.

    Still… people, are just, people,
    and I guess we can’t blame them for being what they are.
    Just like we can’t blame a fish for not knowing how to fly.

    By Dominique on 09.23.2012

  4. People are funny creatures. I’d rather look at people in an airport or in a mall than go to the zoo sometimes. People can be amazingly kind or amazingly horrendous. I wish I soulc be a better person. I wish

    By kathy on 09.23.2012

  5. The scariest things aren’t ghosts, monsters or weapons. It’s people. They are always two-faced, doing everything for themselves and don’t spare a thought for others. The drowning heart of a human is beyond cruelty alone. It’s just that, weapons don’t have hands or legs to start going around hurting others. It’s the people who use it, and ghosts are the remains of that scary, little living being.

    Maybe monsters are real, but maybe… it’s you.

    By Zeoru URL on 09.23.2012

  6. People are kind. People are mean. There’s nothing more to say. I once killed a small child. It was no different than killing the old woman last week. I once killed a man. It was no different from a woman. I once killed another murderer. It was no different from a nun. We’re no different from each other. You are the same as I am.

    By Megan on 09.23.2012

  7. people are all over the world. they live in the earth. i am people. you are people. everybody is people. even abraham lincoln was people. people breath, eat, sleep, eat some more and fart. they sleep a lot too. they do anything and everything that aliens dont do.

    By faaizah on 09.23.2012

  8. My roommate is killing me. I’m trying to deal with her but she’s just so ridiculous. She has so much crap she can’t even easily open the window, which is what she’s doing right now. My one word for her is ENTITLED. I love my other friends, they’re great, and they make college awesome. But my roommate is just obnoxious. Oh my gosh.

    By Anonymous on 09.23.2012

  9. are superficial. artificial. benevolent. i might be xenophobic though. they can be disappointing at times. maybe magnanimous also. but mostly selfish.

    By priyanka on 09.23.2012

  10. Love them hate them
    You will never change them
    Love them
    You may do what’s never been done

    By Terry on 09.23.2012

  11. I think that you’ve still a million more words to go, that these people you’ve been dreaming of becoming are still just shades to your endless imagination. I think that you have potential – gods, all the potential you have – but that you’re still afraid to stretch with it. Afraid of what others might think, or say. You’re not nearly as alive as you’d like to be, and I’ll blame the rest of humanity for messing up who you could – should be.

    By Thirteen URL on 09.23.2012

  12. many, different, happy, colorful,

    By Monica on 09.23.2012

  13. I remember the world when i think only about one word. may be it is because words word and world are similar. one contains everything at once.

    By hilal on 09.23.2012

  14. crawling, sprawling, running, falling
    climbing over one over the other
    across the sky, across the desert,
    through the waters, into the abyss

    By Erwalton on 09.23.2012

  15. In this world there are all kinds of people. Good people, bad people, crazy people and smart people. I am none of them. I am not people. I look like people but I’m not. I’m an alien. I’m from Jupiter. My name is Kevin.

    By Imagine on 09.23.2012

  16. people are different, they are difficult to understand and differ in appearance and personality with each individual. A lot of people are ass holes, some more than others, but some are not, they are cool as. people.

    By Elliot on 09.23.2012

  17. i hate people they suck the always seem to do the dumbest things. and they always seem to do it in a manner that will really piss me off. I just don’t understand some people’s logic sometimes, probably because they have no common sense but they think they do so how much sense does that make at all I’m supposed to write about people not sense, what am i thinking?

    By kali URL on 09.23.2012

  18. People with their surreptitious words that they use when describing me. Why can’t I feel okay with myself; its because I haven’t anything to show for myself to show who I am and what i’ve achieved.

    By hayla on 09.23.2012

  19. I look around, still trying to see straight. Why are there so many people here?? It’s such a change from the quiet country I used to live in, where you could easily go a few miles and see no one except your family. But here it’s packed. You barely have room to stand.

    I don’t think I like it here.

    By tez on 09.23.2012

  20. I’ve already written about people, but I can always give it another go. Why do people hurt other people? We are all people.

    By Kali on 09.23.2012

  21. The people in my life constantly inspire me. Stay open the others, for you’ll see the best, the impossible, the new, old, and be thankful….if you choose, to follow the leads!

    By Rose West URL on 09.23.2012

  22. precious

    By Erwalton on 09.23.2012

  23. People are stupid. We depend on them, but in reality, they are what make our life so hard. Of course, that shouldn’t stop us from interacting with them, but it should provide us with some sense of caution. To put it simply, you never know who someone is or what they’ll do, so be careful.

    By Amy on 09.23.2012

  24. People are great. They help you. Sometimes they hate you. But they’re always different. Sometimes they speak to you with words of love, sometimes they diss you off and try to hurt you.

    By Braddybaby on 09.23.2012

  25. I’ve already written about people. Here’s some more stuff. God made us all. And we fell from His grace. But he gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, and through him, all of us bad people can become free, reconciled, forgiven, and loved.

    By Braddybaby on 09.23.2012

  26. People are odd. You can turn your head and he may be picking his nose. You’ll be driving down the street and you’ll quickly glance to your left and she will be putting her make-up on while driving. People are weird.

    By Spenser Blake on 09.23.2012

  27. people are always staring at me, with their big dumb cow eyes. they have no soul, I can tell. they shuffle about waiting for the world to hand them something they dont deserve, or waiting to just plain die. My heart turns black with rage as I watch them “live” their lives. They tell ME, when it is I who should be telling THEM.

    By Robert Paulson URL on 09.23.2012

  28. people live with fear, hate, success and happiness. But what if all of those were taken or lost. Would we still be considered as people?

    By Sten on 09.23.2012

  29. People can be cool, they can be horrid and they can be like me. I am a person, that doesn’t mean anything because I don’t know what i’m saying. Whatever…

    By Deryck King URL on 09.23.2012

  30. they more quite loudly
    which is somewhat of a hyperbole
    but I guess that doesn’t matter
    because they really don’t mean to
    all they want to do is
    get to wherever it is they think they need to be going
    and that’s really sad
    but still okay I guess
    because aren’t I just the same?

    By StarlitSunrise on 09.23.2012

  31. They freaking suck I hate them so much, WHy must all people be complete assholes not giving a shit about anyone else but themselves, like, seriously there are few human beings I’ve known in this world that actuallly are thoughtful and considerate. Everyone else is a major DICK

    By Lauren on 09.23.2012

  32. “Never-ending mysteries. It is so insane that everyone is completely and utterly different than everyone else in the world, but that is what makes life exciting; figuring out people and loving them.

    By Louise on 09.23.2012

  33. are great. They have heads and bodies and body parts and private parts and toes. They are really interested in clothing and money and cars. they also care a lot about the ways of the earth- although they seem to know nothing. People come in different colors. They are brown, black, orange, yellow, white pink and whatever else – not really. they aren’t blue- that’s aliens. And apparently aliens are here to take over the earth one

    By bella on 09.23.2012

  34. everyone in this town
    only has black hair or brown
    but hers is blacker than yours
    i see her in places she doesn’t reside

    By isa on 09.23.2012

  35. People bother me. Almost every person does. There’s always something I can find that I can’t stand about someone that makes me dislike them. That’s probably not a good thing. But what is a good thing is that I’m not the only one that hates people. That’s the only way I have 3 of my closest friends, because we all hate people, but we love each other.

    By Sammy on 09.23.2012

  36. People are fickle. People are cruel. People can also be kind. They can restore faith or they can destroy it. Both I have seen today. One I love has destroyed it countless times, and strangers have restored it. People can love and hate.

    By Matt Marsella on 09.23.2012

  37. The reason I love Manhattan.

    By Naomi on 09.23.2012

  38. People are probably the worst thing to happen to Earth. We’re desperate, selfish, dirty little creatures who keep building up new structures and creating new whatevers that really hurt the world more. We can’t love each other or ourselves, and eventually we are going to blow Earth up w

    By kelsey URL on 09.23.2012

  39. people are so weird sometimes like i don’t even know if i like them i don’t know if i like myself what is this? also, i never used to write like this. i want to be a writer. people people people. they can make or break them and i don’t like that. how dare they? with their varied tastes and inferior minds…how come they have this power?

    By Neha on 09.23.2012

  40. are every where, some are cool some suck, i like being part of people, animals are better tho, they love you more than they love themselves, people make us happy and sad, people are all weird!

    By lize on 09.23.2012