February 18th, 2018 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “penguin”

  1. Look at me – I’m dressed to the nines. I’m a dapper f***ing penguin, I am. Watch me waddle to the buffet and stuff my face with cheese balls and chocolates until my cheeks are sore. I hope there’s music, because when I dance, I’m shimmying all over that sleek linoleum. Hate all you want, but I’m a fat tuxedo’d motherf***er who don’t need no man and can crash any party like a pimped out limousine.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.18.2018

  2. penguin is a beautiful a

    black looking it is wonderful
    I have seen many penguin cartoon

    By sanoop on 02.18.2018

  3. “Penguin,” he spat, hackles up like a displaced cat. The name made him want to scream; it made him want to claw the eyes out of each and every one of those smirking, muscle-bound imbeciles. But he could wait. No need to be hasty and lose his advantage. He had the patience of a mountain lion waiting for the right moment to strike.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.19.2018

  4. ´´ he was fishing with his head held high´´, said the observer
    ´´That is as a penguin can be nature and beauty at the same time´´, replied the tourist.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 02.19.2018

  5. One of the reasons I want to go back to south africa is to meet the cute little penguins at one of their beaches. I hear they are stinking cute, quite literally but I dont think I will mind that at all.

    By Tara on 02.19.2018

  6. It could be small and cute but it could live in a cold weather. Can we ever survive the weather as human? We look so strong and less cuter than penguin however can we overcome the coldness of nature?

    By Juicenae on 02.19.2018

  7. arctic
    flightless bird
    slide on their tummies
    look like a duck

    By Ms. Miller on 02.19.2018

  8. This is a birt that i like, it is white and black that lives in thae Artic ocena. The bird have o have snow that allow it to sled dow the sleet are a near the pond. I wonder as a penguon how to ever live with the

    By Shontay Love on 02.19.2018

  9. The penguin left the group not knowing what is waiting for him. When he went over the edge to go for a swim. a pack of sea lions spotted him luckily he was fast so he ran as fast as he could. He finally made it back to the flock, the birds chased off the sea lions. From that day one he never left by himself again.

    By autumn on 02.19.2018

  10. Penguin, small and compact. Cheerful creatures who go about their business in a matter of fact way. The males hatch the eggs, how interesting, she thought.

    By jassy URL on 02.19.2018

  11. She watched them through the glass, waddling around, not a care in the world. She hugged her sweater tighter and tucked her legs under her on the bench. She could sit here all day.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.19.2018

  12. The penguin looked curiously up at him, big black eyes staring into his. He cocked his head. The penguin did too. He opened his mouth. The penguin opened his beak.

    By Shadow on 02.19.2018

  13. She said I looked like a penguin dressing up to go out on the town. I commented that there were no towns in Antarctica, just research stations. She said that was just like me to make a joke out of her statement. I said that was a statement? She said more like a criticism. I said hmmm.

    By Chuck URL on 02.19.2018

  14. I once watched a documentary on netflix where a research team built robotic penguin look-a-likes that they hoped would blend in enough with the rest of the penguins to get some really up close and awesome footage. The penguins saw right through the ruse however, and the robots themselves were both hilarious and horrifying. Then one lonely penguin tried to plow one of the robots and that might have been the first time in history that a photographer tricked an animal into having sex with his camera. What an amazing time to be alive.

    By Fair Enough URL on 02.19.2018

  15. Penguins are beautiful animals. There is an aquarium that hatched a baby penguin, and they named him Loki. He is a super cute penguin.

    By abbie on 02.19.2018

  16. She picked up the baked clay figurine and brought it up to her eyes.

    “What is it supposed to be?”

    He stared at her. “Isn’t it obvious?” And when she looked at him blankly for a few more seconds, an affronted look crossed his face.

    By Riannon URL on 02.19.2018

  17. Ice. Walking around the empty street you feel like a penguin. Did you know that penguins love one penguin for their whole life. They never love another penguin ever again. At least they only have children with one. But thats how you feel. Ice cold surrounding your heart, thinking you will never love another person ever again.

    By Olivia Palmer on 02.19.2018

  18. Flappy wings and whitey belly came into one and that’s when you appeard

    By Roxi on 02.19.2018

  19. Lets get this flow on the go, lets get the show on the road. The penguin dives off the cliff shooting yards into the water. sky fall dive straight through
    awkward looking fella on land wobblin around
    in the water, it flies, flapping its wings, useless in the air
    what a scene, i that’s quite fair.
    it’s flowing like the main of a mare
    but dont worry if it dies cuz i got plenty of spares
    we’ll kill em off in pairs
    only if you dare

    By Jake Sim on 02.19.2018

  20. Im a mother fucking penguin
    dont fuck with me cuz youll never win
    im so slippery, im fucking impossible to pin
    i run so fast ill make your head spin

    you come marching to my place making such a din
    ill slap you upright the head with my fin
    and put you in a can made of tin
    to be fed to my fish to be fed to my twins

    By Jake URL on 02.19.2018

  21. Lets get this flow on the go, lets get the show on the road. The penguin dives off the cliff shooting yards into the water. sky fall dive straight through, he shot her
    awkward looking fella on land wobblin around
    in the water, it glides, flapping its wings,
    but in the air, no use to be found
    what a laughable scene, i think that’s quite fair.
    it’s flowing like the main of a mare
    but dont worry if it dies cuz i got plenty of spares
    we’ll kill em off in pairs
    only if you dare

    By Jake URL on 02.19.2018

  22. I hate this fucking shirt.
    I pull at the collar, loosening it. My skin is sweaty underneath the layers of polyester.
    What kind of cheap suit is made of polyester?
    I clench my jaw and stare into the mirror, looking myself over. My button-up is tucked into my pants, the blazer is too big and makes my shoulders look broader than they are, shrinking my head.

    By Ian URL on 02.19.2018

  23. penguins are a lovely flightless bird
    several climates, always ocean
    they eat lots and lots of fish
    mating is unique and courtlike
    a male determines a female worthy
    and presents a perfect pebble
    later he watches their egg as she provides

    By Ashley URL on 02.19.2018

  24. frosty winter days.
    the frigid climate almost unbearable for humans, but somehow
    we still destroy the ecosystem.
    polar bears. penguins.
    loosing ice, loosing their homes.
    if a force we couldn’t control started stealing our homes, we wouldn’t be very happy, would we?

    By Abby URL on 02.19.2018

  25. It was feeding time, and the trainers in high-pitched baby voices called out to each penguin by name, while tossing freshly dead fish into their greedy mouths. The flock rocked on their feet, swaying as if drunk from salivating. An occassional bark ripped from their mouths, teasing the watchful crowd.

    Three older penguins, lay their white, brown and black bodies on artificial ice. They faced each other, their eyes turned away from the trainers’ calls, their ears closed to the oohs and aahs from the crowd.

    I stood alone, close to the edge of the penguin pool below me, unwilling to leave the three penguin hermits. Their isloation fascinated me. It felt familiar.

    By LifesGrey on 02.19.2018

  26. Clad in a simple monochromatic, the penguin was clad in gloom. It could see no one on the white landscape, none of his group or friends. His happy chatter was now an echo- too much for global warming- Peppy Penguin thought!

    By Milauni Pujara on 02.19.2018

  27. They say that penguins mate for life. All I can think is…I want to be a penguin, but I am struggling to find my “lifetime mate”. I am involved with chronically unavailable people and I exist on the fringes of my friends’ lives while my friends become the very core of mine.

    By Adva URL on 02.19.2018

  28. Penguin is an aquatic animal found near see shores. It is predominantly present in Antarctica region.

    By URL on 02.20.2018

  29. Look, it’s a penguin!
    The bird in a dapper suit.
    Who waddles in the frozen wasteland that it calls home.
    With their buddies in a suit.
    Waddle, waddle waddle.
    It’s cute look belies a tough body.
    Underwater, its like a torpedo.
    Shooting though the water.

    By echuaco URL on 02.20.2018

  30. penguin.

    Sorry I was so used to typing tests I just typed it, haha.

    I think penguins are one of my favorite birds.

    my college was in FL and we voted Penguins to be their new mascot.
    They vetoed, but still.

    By Drew Allen URL on 02.20.2018

  31. a penguin is a very interesting animal if you ever got to know it. They love, honk in your face, and they take time. I once thought getting one was a good idea. now I’m not so sure

    By Lea Fisher on 02.20.2018

  32. The penguin’s eye
    went flying by
    That’s when he knew
    There were pirates in the zoo
    From the balcony a sad clown pops balloons
    Below a small child is being chased by babboons

    By Kirsten Logerquist on 02.20.2018

  33. The penguin was indefinite, if you’d like to put it in one word. He waddled from town to town, wondering what would happen if he stopped.

    Of course, he could not speak. Nobody saw him as human, simply due to the fact that he was not! Not a what, you say? Some people may put it as “not-human”.. which means the same as inhumane. But really, even as an animal, he is more human than some of us.

    By Addy URL on 02.20.2018

  34. Polly the Penquin.

    Polly was happy,
    Polly was snappy,
    Polly loved to laugh and play,
    Polly had everything her way.

    By Kit kat URL on 02.20.2018

  35. I love penguins. They are so cute and adorable. I feel peaceful watching them. I have always wanted to own a penguin as a pet. Maybe that’s not legal. It is my wish to be born as a penguin if I have another lifetime.

    By shalini on 02.20.2018

  36. Penguins are cute
    Penguin lives in cold climate
    Penguin lay eggs
    Penguins can hop
    Penguins can swim

    By Zane on 02.20.2018

  37. A baby penguin was lost one morning. It was below 0 degrees, and he was not only shivering, but he was hungry. He had lost his mother three days ago, and was in desperate search of her. Without a word, he decided to find his was home.

    By Sable on 02.20.2018

  38. There’s no other for him as he cradles the egg with his warmth and his care. “Zeus” – that’s what the others and I call him from our perch back at the lab. Fiercest male penguin in the colony this year. A close second would be Apollo. It’s ironic considering Zeus’ namesake. Still he’s unwavering as he waits for his mate. Athena, we note in our surveillance logs, is in the water today and remains unpaired. She’s Zeus’ older daughter from another mother back in another year. This is the third consecutive year she swims beyond the colony for most of her day. She comes back at night. But sometimes is gone before first light. We have no idea where she goes once she slips past the other tracking devices.

    By Tale Tail Tell URL on 02.20.2018

  39. ping when, peng win, pin gwun, pen guan

    By okayfine on 02.20.2018