March 15th, 2012 | 529 Entries

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529 Entries for “pattern”

  1. pattern for dresses. when i was in high school i learned to read dress patterns and discovered my love for sewing. it was something i always wanted to learn how to do. to create my own clothes that i could wear and express my creativity

    By Danisha Griffith on 03.15.2012

  2. i like patterns. there are many of them in the world. complicated patterns, simple patterns. curtain patterns, carpet patterns. tile patterns and so many of them. however, if you don’t like patterns then i wouldn’t advise them. they are for people who KNOW what they want. if you don’t then you could spend hours trying to find one you like. shit. that’s not good. you don’t want to spend that much time on it otherwise you could miss the one thing you really want. something simple. patterns are hard.

    By Eleanor Punter on 03.15.2012

  3. it repeats and repeats. You may fall into it if not careful. It builds structure in your life. It bores you to death. I fear it the most but cant help crave it.

    By Andy on 03.15.2012

  4. Theres a pattern in my life of fights, happiness, fights, and happiness.. i wish it would go away.. but who knows if it ever even will… :/

    By Gaby on 03.15.2012

  5. Pattern is found in various things. For example in curtains, wallpapers, bags, clothes and other things. But a pattern can also be something that explains things people do regulary.

    By Aneleh on 03.15.2012

  6. pattern. lines up down criss cross
    side to side they make life go round
    is round a pattern?
    patterns or no patterns
    are they real?
    who knows, maybe patterns are a figment of our imagination
    pitter patter.
    patterns of raindrops falling on the roof
    listen to the world as it works its magic

    By Sierra Smith on 03.15.2012

  7. The pattern of her dress caught his eye as she walked in. He couldn’t place what it was about her that he was so drawn to, despite their different in status… all he knew was that she was more interesting than any other girl he’d met before.

    By Em on 03.15.2012

  8. There was no pattern to the way he was moving. It was like trying to figure out when a random accident might happen.
    The End?

    By Nik.... on 03.15.2012

  9. pattern are things that while they may change always share one thing in common or build off of each other. while we may never fully understand them there is always going to be something we can recognize within them. even though the familiarity is comfortable a pattern will always be able to build off itself.

    By Caroline on 03.15.2012

  10. There aren’t very many patterns on this page. It’s quite simple, really. However, the deck of cards bext to contains plenty of patterns, and my pajama shorts have one too! I used to obsessed with cheetah print, but now I do not care for it.

    By Lana Jordan on 03.15.2012

  11. The pattern of the setting sun riddled its way across the ocean. Nothing was as it had been a moment before and the moment was passing too quickly to capture. Only the birds, flying low across it, woven into the pattern itself, could make sense of it.

    By kate on 03.15.2012

  12. A pattern is something that you might see on a shirt. An example of a pattern would be plaid or zig zags. A pattern is a sequence that is symmetrical. A pattern can also be a specific set way of doing things.

    By Cody Patrick on 03.15.2012

  13. I love flowers. Lovely flowers. Patterns made of flowers make me think of an old comfy house. The kind of house an old woman, a grand ma, lives in. Sitting in a corner, on a rocking chair, knitting. It seems peaceful, yet lonely… The grandma seems nice though. She’s all alone, yet asks for nothing else than to sit there, kitting something that never seems to have an end. Peaceful, yet… pretty sad. With her flower patterned wallpaper.

    By Johanna on 03.15.2012

  14. the pattern has been set before for us to follow. If we stray from that pattern how else will we learn what the history makers wanted us to know. We will be doomed to follow the same mistakes over and over again until eventually we fall into ruin and ultimately this will lead to our demise. In the end, we must adapt the pattern of peace in order to be saved.

    By Holly on 03.15.2012

  15. I see a definite pattern in my behavior lately. I struggle with being nicer, being vulnerable. I am nicer to friends & strangers than I am to my husband. I pick fights with him after a long day. I have no reason other than I can’t seem to break the pattern.

    By mamafeelgood on 03.15.2012

  16. i see this patterns in all you do, i just cant find a way to tell you in words. in a simple way. so you understand how impossible you are. you have been my subject even though i rally would like to stop, oh for so long now, and you still dont know. i must know you now so much better than your own creator. you are, just like me, wonderfully disgusting.

    By Annie on 03.15.2012

  17. A prdictable series of events or circumstances, also a predetermined cannon to follow to recreate something. Many people follow a pattern, while some… Very few, make the patterns for others to follow. which are you?

    By Sam on 03.15.2012

  18. I like stripes. I also like dots. Patterns can also be red, blue, red, blue, etc. Or, they can be circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle, etc. I’m not wearing any patterns right now.

    By Mia on 03.15.2012

  19. I’m stuck in this pattern… Vicious cycle. I starve. I binge. I starve. I binge. I gain weight and my insecurities deepen. I’m so stuck.

    By laughalot on 03.15.2012

  20. triangles on triangles on triangles. underneath the bridge, where graffiti artists can use the gray concrete as their blank canvas. hundreds of black triangles, circling each other in interlocking patterns. I stared up at these triangles and wondered if they had any meaning, or if they were the product of someone’s imagination only.

    By Emily URL on 03.15.2012

  21. Patterns remind me of picnics and flannel shirts. I wear a flannel shirt at least once a week. The colors have to be right though. Also I prefer a two color pattern as opposed to multiple colors. Simplicity is something that goes a long way. Things that are overdone do not appeal to me. The pattern of the wallpaper at work is the most boring outdated pattern I have ever set eyes on. Circa 1991.

    By Morgan McCormick on 03.15.2012

  22. All my relationships have followed the same pattern. As though my subconscious had taken complete control of who I am and with whom I want to be.

    By lahijadelcanibal on 03.15.2012

  23. Pattern. There I typed about the word. Would anybody like to post about waffles? If so tell me.

    By Blazing_Angel URL on 03.15.2012

  24. a pattern is how something is done in a special order and that is what a pattern is

    By briley URL on 03.15.2012

  25. A pattern is an order that keeps going in the same order.

    By imoto URL on 03.15.2012

  26. pattern is what you do when you sing the song “Follow The Yellow Brick Road.”

    By Jconrad URL on 03.15.2012

  27. Signs,patterns,and pattern.

    By dominik2 URL on 03.15.2012

  28. a certain way something is made or layed

    By bayleigh URL on 03.15.2012

  29. There is a pattern
    Wherever you happen to look
    There is a pattern

    By Ambrose on 03.15.2012

  30. a pattern is repeating. ababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababbababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababab. is a pattern.

    By SarynDayle URL on 03.15.2012

  31. A pattern is something that continues over and over again. Something that repeats itself. A pattern go’s on forever.

    By Jamie URL on 03.15.2012

  32. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………….. i shouldnt have to explain this word if you dont know what it means then you need special help

    By epiclysiver URL on 03.15.2012

  33. A pattern is something that you make. It’s like A B A B. Pancakes are yummy!!!!!!!!

    By jasminemelissa URL on 03.15.2012

  34. when i hear the word pattern it means something that keeps happening like people taking a lot of pictures of you when they dont need to

    By hailey URL on 03.15.2012

  35. Pattern. Perhaps the pattern of one’s heart, beating arrhythmically in their chest as they think of the one who lives so far away; maybe the pattern on the dress of a bride, or the pattern on the dressings of a dead girl who’s life should’ve been so much longer…

    By Katerina Fink on 03.15.2012

  36. Patterns are very beautiful I believe when they are random. Like the bottom of a shoe. A window’s dirt. These lovely accidents.

    By Sarah on 03.15.2012

  37. a pattern is something that is repeating or or changing at the same rate each time.

    By just582 URL on 03.15.2012

  38. i like to see pretty patterns on the wall

    By Angela on 03.15.2012

  39. My pants have no pattern! i eat cake and not ice cream but ill poop on you for c

    By Peter Peter URL on 03.15.2012

  40. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Etcetera.

    Simple pattern. Sometimes they aren’t so simple. Most of the time people spend their time doing one of two things: blindly following patterns, or vainly attempting to decipher them. Unfourtunately for those chaotically-inclined, patterns are efficient, and you’ll need them to do your precious deciphering.

    By Hawkeye on 03.15.2012