December 13th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “patient”

  1. I have a short term of patient with some people I love my son to death so I can work on that just for him. If I am able to work on that the it wouldn’t be a problem having my own business one day. that what I want to do.

    By Beautiful URL on 12.13.2012

  2. As we sat in the room, we saw her smile fade in drug-induced dreams. SHe could fake it all she liked in the waking hours, but in her sleep, we knew, she was dying.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.13.2012

  3. at the moment I’m not patient at all… waiting for the email stating that I got the internship I’m glued to the screen.

    By hannah on 12.13.2012

  4. I am a patient, being treated for lung cancer.. i

    By nicholas URL on 12.13.2012

  5. She stood outside for over fifty years waiting to get in. She’d had thousands of children and saw thousands of her elders die. She’d pounded on the door and banged on the windows and stood her ground outside. Finally, in 1920, the door creaked open. Still, she had to push pretty hard to step inside.

    By penny dreadful URL on 12.13.2012

  6. I am a patient at a hospital. I am patiently waiting for the doctor to arrive. The walls are white my dress is white the lighting is white sallow white like nonfat milk or milk that has been mixed with water. Everything here has been mixed with water diluted the world is hazy and fatigued.

    By Erin on 12.13.2012

  7. True love is Patient. God is Patient. Many people don’t understand the word or don’t have it. Patience is a rare thing. A beautiful thing. Something I wish I had more of, and something I should excercise more.

    By Kat URL on 12.13.2012

  8. I am patient. I am happy, but I need patience to be happy. If I’m not happy I normally don’t have patience.

    By crazygoose92 URL on 12.13.2012

  9. I guess I sort of expected it sooner or later. She was becoming distant and her breathes were getting fainter as the sweet smell began to fill the room! Ms. Emmanuel was my first patient and I knew that she wouldn’t be the last when she looked at me and smiled and said thanks for holding my hand .

    By ldydai22 URL on 12.13.2012

  10. calm, collected, ready to wait for anything and anyone you deem worthy enough for you to be patient for. alternatively someone who is in need, someone who must be taken care of by someone who is patient enough to take care of you. either to be sweet or to have someone be sweet to you.

    By codie on 12.13.2012

  11. You just have to be patient, love.

    I have seen so many girls, just a few years older than I, rush into marriage, pregnant, and under 20. I don’t understand it.

    Except when I’m around you. All I want right now is you. You make me feel so happy. You don’t turn me into a babbling idiot. I can breathe around you. A couple butterflies, but nothing too bad. I just love talking to you. I could spend hours getting to know you even better.

    And I want to hold you. Just give you a hug. If more were allowed, I would probably take it.

    But it’s a bad idea. Oh, it’s a really bad idea. I am more than my desires, you are smarter than that. I would never want to push this too far. And I don’t say anything because there’s nothing we can do right now anyway. I don’t even know it you feel the same way.

    All I can think is, “Please don’t screw this up. Be patient. I hope I don’t screw this up.”

    But it’s not easy, waiting for you.

    By Me URL on 12.13.2012

  12. cough bleating
    iv drip drop glucose sleep
    needle pricks
    the candy stick
    vein in vain
    remembering how you saw someone once
    like this
    the patient remains patient
    to oncoming slumber
    you’re about to be
    another number.

    By Matty M. on 12.13.2012

  13. She was beautiful. I’d never known anyone like her before, She had all the best qualities you could look for in a person. Calm, kind, sensitive, intelligent, patient. So patient. She would sit with me and just listen. I’d go on and on and talk about my problems without letting her speak and she’d just patiently wait until I was done.

    By Ema on 12.13.2012

  14. I have days where I do not have patients, and then bam! Out of nowhere, I will have the patience of a zen priest. My emotions seem to drive my patient ratio and I really don’t like that. I would like to be more patient… maybe by just realizing that life is short and this doesn’t matter.

    By Marlena on 12.13.2012

  15. I have days where I do not have patients, and then bam! Out of nowhere, I will have the patience of a zen priest. My emotions seem to drive my patient ratio and I really don’t like that. I would like to be more patient… maybe by just realizing that life is short and this doesn’t matter.

    By Marlena on 12.13.2012

  16. Sometimes we never appreciate those who are patient with those. We knock them down again and again because we are too close-eyed to see the sacrifices they make for us.

    By Carol Oliveira on 12.13.2012

  17. I love her. I support her. I do everything I can to help her. But everyday after visiting hours, I leave her in the care of others in that white prison, that heaven preparatory. I leave her there while I go home, to my own prison.

    By Grace URL on 12.13.2012

  18. Tick. Tick. tick. Don’t get antsy. It’s just a clock. If someone’s coming, then they’ll arrive in their own good time. I mean… EVERYONE can’t be dead. This is a high security facility. I’m sure… SOMEONE will come. Eventually.

    By Mr. Vortex on 12.13.2012

  19. I can be very patient in waiting for you to come back to me. Cause who knows, that might be never.

    By Jason URL on 12.13.2012

  20. I was waiting in line. It was so irritating to have to be patient. Mainly because, i mean, waiting is boring. I have to just stand there, do nothing. It starts to hurt. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to wait, but I want to go on the train. It only comes once a year! What do I do?!! “Be patient” says my dad. I can’t stand it! I sigh. I start complaining because I don’t know what else to do. I want to start crying, but I don’t.

    By Tenzin on 12.13.2012

  21. I am a patient person, however everyone has their limits. This may be just a theory however letting a persoon wait for 24 hours for something meaningless might cause a breakdown.

    By Phil URL on 12.13.2012

  22. a patient with only so long. the window being their only solace. the stars outside are full of light, leading others along in thier life. but here the patient sits, distraught with the thought of death knocking at their door.

    By delaney on 12.13.2012

  23. Patience is a virtue. My dad is the most impatient person I’ve ever met. I love him so much though anyway. Patient is a simple word.

    By Arden on 12.13.2012

  24. My patience is dwindling….I’ve always been taught that “patience is a virtue,” that it’s something I need to learn. Maybe it’s more evident now than ever that I have trouble waiting for you. A week seems too long, even though I know I should be able to stand a lifetime without someone with your reputation. But I can’t help it. With everyone else I had to convince myself, with you i can’t help it and I don’t care anymore.

    By RobiiOne URL on 12.13.2012

  25. I am being patient with you. I am trying my best to see your point of view, but it’s hard. I have waited so long for someone like you. Someone who understands me, someone who makes me laugh and smile, someone who is there when I need them. I have fallen in love with you, that much is easy to see. So why won’t you just share your feelings with me? I am being very patient with you, and I know I told you I would wait for you forever. But I don’t know if me and my heart are strong enough to go on without you…

    By Annick URL on 12.13.2012

  26. I find it hard to be patient most of the time with small children. I wish I had the patience of my parents
    It must be hard for doctors to keep track of all their patients. I know I’d get bored
    I like the idea of being a patient. It has a motherly sensation to it. Even when I fly the nest I’ll still have someone to care for me. Not someone I can trouble incessantly but a person to care for my petty grievances and ailments that I exaggerate with the fastidiousness of a hypochondriac.

    By Billy on 12.13.2012

  27. Hospitals are a bit like waiting rooms. Strangely enough, those that are sick are called patients-being both ill and having to wait around for treatment.

    By Kate on 12.13.2012

  28. She sat, watching the time inch by, waiting, waiting. She was always waiting, but still she waited more for the inspiration she so desired to strike and for the words to begin to flow as the dam broke.


    By Charlie URL on 12.13.2012

  29. patient is another word for lazy, patient people wait for things to come to them, they wait for opportunities to walk over to them and say hi so they never get things done. Not silly things like the laundry but they spend their whole life waiting, they exist, they don’t live.

    By Matilda on 12.13.2012

  30. Patience. Rafael closed his eyes and tried to remember. He tried to ignore the kid.
    He blocked out the incessant laughter, the ceaseless bouncing.
    He let his anger drop slowly, like the temperature of a thermometer going down.
    He found a smile.

    By Anarchy on 12.13.2012

  31. Patiently he stroked the ridges of her spine and murmured stories from another life about her life, her kids, her ventures–stories she had forgotten about. And as she straightened up, her eyes glittered, dancing to the tempo of her heart’s wearied fire…in memory of her past…

    By Rene Emerson URL on 12.13.2012

  32. It’s about being able to listen, to be a gentleman. It allows people to stop, analyse situations and see them in a light that most can’t. It is a truly valuable asset to have.

    By Michael Cogley on 12.13.2012

  33. Be patient. Those are words of wisdom, they are. Patience is a virtue for a reason.

    By hbcarbonleaf URL on 12.13.2012

  34. I am absolutely NOT patient. I am not one to be cared for or to wait for long periods of time. Either way it is indicative of being out of control.

    By Trish Duffy on 12.13.2012

  35. A kind an patient woman paces the long hallway. She looks down at her feet, her toes wiggle in the plush carpeting. A car door slams outside. She runs to the door with open arms, swings it wide to see her youngest daughter run up the driveway.

    By Sarah on 12.13.2012

  36. I am not a patient person. But I have the patience of saints compared to my four year old daughter. How do you teach patience? Is it something that can be taught? Or is it something that must be learned on one’s own?

    By kelli URL on 12.13.2012

  37. Please be patient with me. I know I’m frustrating, I know I’m complicated, I know I’m difficult. But I’m trying. Really hard. So please…be patient with me.

    By aura.rayne URL on 12.13.2012

  38. To be patient is something to always work on. I consider myself, generally, a patient person. I person who can take on a lot. But all patience is tried, and exhausted. Its how and when it breaks that its interesting and important.

    By nana on 12.13.2012

  39. I struggle with patience. The anticipation and the anxiety eat at me from the very bottom of my stomach. Waiting? I can’t do it. My toes begin to jiggle and my fingers start to tap. Lines are the things nightmares are made of. No, I don’t have patience. Screw waiting.

    By Josie on 12.13.2012

  40. The first thing that comes to mind when I see this word is the Bible verse that everyone says at weddings. You know, Love is patient, love is kind, love doesn’t envy, love doesn’t boast..etc etc.

    I went to a wedding this weekend. I watched a girl and boy my age get married. I am happy for them. I hope their marriage goes well.

    By Mary on 12.13.2012