June 11th, 2016 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “pathway”

  1. “So what do I do now?”

    The counselor I was sitting across from didn’t look the least bit enthused while responding. “Frankly, I only see one pathway for you,” he intoned, “if you don’t pass senior English – and that’s summer school. There are plenty of programs that would be willing to take you in…”

    “Or,” I countered, “you know, I could just drop out and continue to work at the car shop because it’s kind of what I want to do with my life – that’s two pathways now, isn’t it?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.11.2016

  2. The engulfing forest was dark and full of strange noises – the chirping of insects, the call of birds and noises which sounded like giant jaws eating. The children held hands and continue to walk. “Let’s walk faster,” Annabel said to her brother. “I can barely see the pathway.” They continued on, afraid to go forward and afraid to stop. When the light vanished altogether, they slid their feet across the smooth surface. Finally, they had to sleep.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.11.2016

  3. The guiding way, the one that tells us which way to go to move forward. Those not on the pathway are in the wilderness, those in the wilderness must be lost. Isn’t that what we are told? Isn’t that how it is portrayed. I have always thought it was that way, always looking for my pathway, my golden ticket to a happy life. Perhaps my pathway is more like a trail though, and it is not the pathway that has been the problem but instead my idea of what it should have been.

    By ABot on 06.11.2016

  4. your synapses rapid-firing, one neural pathway after another – these are the last wet choking seconds of your life — flicker, flicker as the fire dies and fades.

    By devin URL on 06.11.2016

  5. I walked along the way, and came to a bend in the road. The road turned up a hill, and the brown-gold paving stones turned into stairs. But these steps were not also stone, but books, dusty and leather-bound and worn from their time in the dirt. At first I was appalled, vowing to climb through the brush instead of step on such books. But they were steps toward knowledge and greatness, I realized, and so I climbed.

    By Courka URL on 06.11.2016

  6. The highway is empty, cars are coming very fast next to us, it is highly raining and it is night. This is Germany. No holes, everything is simple and perfect. There is only one way forward. The rain is pushed to the sides in a uniform rythm, like in the Major Tom – the german one. This is the road simplicity for a long time. I will be home some time in the future. Don’t think about time. Concentrate on the next minute. And don’t go to sleep.

    By Zephirus on 06.11.2016

  7. Singularity

    1. a snowfield
    blank paper
    a heavy canvas sail
    snaps in the backing wind

    2. aerial views
    a vacuum
    negative sound
    as in negative space

    3. a man places his key in the door
    enters his house

    4. sleep

    5. a series of flashcards
    an apple, with leaves

    6. wake

    7. walking
    deep winter
    lost pieces
    remain so

    8. a man enters his house
    intimate and familiar
    as a kiss
    a house lit by
    the tidal force
    of absence


    By david URL on 06.11.2016

  8. “Nothing” is the pathway to wisdom

    By dunson on 06.11.2016

  9. going through a deep feeling na

    By Ashwini Wanjari on 06.12.2016

  10. Pathway is a path which leads from one place to another.
    sometimes it is easy to find a path and sometimes you require someone’s help like google maps.
    same goes with your life.
    sometimes you exactly know where to go and sometimes you just need to stumble and fall down n divert to find the right pathway to happiness.

    By priyan4 on 06.12.2016

  11. going through a deep feeling and it is complicated you realize all you want is nothing but a long beautiful pathway where you can walk through and have some time with yourself.

    By Ashwini Wanjari on 06.12.2016

  12. She looked down the forest, watching the worn path twist into the unseen parts of the light. Where did it go? She itched to follow it, but she turned on her heels and walked back to her house, shaking the thought out of her head. Temporarily.
    She saw the path in her sleep.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.12.2016

  13. Long and winding as it stretches out to the horizon. Broken and scattered smooth stones cover the quiet earth

    By Nomdore Gnike on 06.12.2016

  14. i walked through the parkway.
    the pathway was fun
    i loved walking through the pathway

    By Mahathi S on 06.12.2016

  15. I walked down the white pathway, strewn with flower petals.
    He smiled at me, and I smiled back.
    The crowd was in silent suspense, and instrumental romantic music played in the background.

    By mars on earth on 06.12.2016

  16. I walked through a pathway.
    I got lost in the pathway.
    I found myself in the pathway.
    I will never go into the pathway again.
    I seriously hope I don’t have to go into the pathway again.
    I hate the pathway.
    Well, maybe I like the pathway a little.

    By Mahathi S on 06.12.2016

  17. Too many pathways to possibly choose from had opened up before me. I’d have been better off with none. At least then I’d know, I could say, “Hey, no choice here.” Because in a way an abundance of choice, the sort that overwhelms you like an immigrant from a third world country standing lost in a grocery aisle dedicated solely to hundreds of boxes of colorful cereals, works the same as someone taking away your say. You can speak and point, but there’s no power in it. You’re still frozen in place, you still lack any useful knowledge, you’re still hopeless.

    I wish someone would just point me in the right direction.

    By Amanda on 06.12.2016

  18. Doing this is much harder than I thought – watching the EURO games and trying to think of something to write with this word.

    Carmel Pathways. That was the name of the homework organizer in HS, but now I’m thinking that was Carmel Connections, and Pathways was the name of it in Jr. High. Weird what info we remember, yeah?

    By B URL on 06.12.2016

  19. The pathway that led up to the old fashioned mansion was littered withe dead leaves and fallen branches. The house itself had a forbidding and menacing appearance. The pathway only made it look more unwelcome.

    By confused doc on 06.12.2016

  20. There are many pathways to take in this false reality that we choose to follow. From here on now, the person you have come to create; is just another chosen pathway that has led you to become what you think you are. You will go on, and chose another path and find you own way.

    By chris on 06.12.2016

  21. She took flight and suddenly there was a pathway in the air. It’s not possible but it was there–and she followed it. Suddenly, she was no longer on Earth, and she didn’t know how to get back. But she didn’t worry about it.

    By Audrey on 06.12.2016

  22. I walked down the pathway to the store and i ran into a whore. She was sweet tho, in fact she didnt even seem like a whore. What does a whore seem like anyway? So after I got my shit i walked back up the pathway.

    By Ioan Delice URL on 06.12.2016

  23. The narrow pathway down the hall. Dark, alone, empty. Run. Run as fast as you can down it, slide on your knees and laugh by yourself. You aren’t alone in this world, you know. You always have your own company.

    By Heidi P. on 06.12.2016

  24. I like of pathway with my love.

    By Raelisson Walter on 06.12.2016

  25. The pathway leads any where you want it to go it can go, to the future, the past or you can stay right were you are even if the road is maid of lava it won’t sink as long as you believe.

    By Rebecca on 06.12.2016

  26. The pathway was blocked so we turned back. Stumbling over branches and roots, we felt as if we were hardly moving at all. At last we came out of the clearing into the bright sun.

    By MsShel330 on 06.12.2016

  27. Tell me it matters which pathway I take…I only need to choose a path-any path-instead of being paralyzed by fear and inaction, and standing at the crossroads, looking at the pathways.

    By Sharon on 06.12.2016

  28. I walk along the dying garden’s pathway. I’m barefoot. I sense the dryness of the land beneath my tender souls as crisp grasses and dead vines scratch and poke. The dust I stir with each step cakes into the creases of my freshly oiled skin. Upon my brow I bear the Crescent Crown. The ritual is a journey to the Sanctuary. Within there’s an Azure-silk bed yet the destination lays beyond the sheets. Mars, Jupiter and the Moon align in triangle above the golden dais through the skylight in the open dome. I pass between rows of Mother Goddesses at the threshold of the Sanctuary and note the cleverness of the artisans. The statues begin to leak milk and honey from their marbled breasts. Beneath the pillared bases are smoldering coals. The wax plugs have fully melted now. My pacing is perfect. The first step into the Sanctuary refreshes me as the stone is cool to the touch. Soon the heat evaporates from my skin as a chill prickles across my chest. Beyond the azure curtains, reflecting the light of all the gilded torches amid the ambiance of stars above, are a set of eyes not my own. And so it begins. Until dawn…

    By Intuition on 06.12.2016

  29. even after all these years, there remain many choices
    not one of them considered ‘right’

    so don’t you dare impress upon me your values
    your ideas
    your thoughts
    impose on me your precious opinions

    you may pick your path
    but I’ll pick mine

    By ;; on 06.12.2016