November 8th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “patent”

  1. They walked into the dust wearing patent leather shoes. A train rumbled by, but they were not on it. And now they have dust on their shoes and a heaviness beyond compare.

    By Jeff Goodman on 11.08.2011

  2. i was the doctor and Stephen was my patent. he had a serious problem, it was a cut in his leg. it was so severe that he died. then i had another patent, her name was Clara, she had a case of the flu, a terrible one too. she died the day after she came to the doctor.

    By bobbyjoelikesapples URL on 11.08.2011

  3. A ne

    By Sick work bro on 11.08.2011

  4. Patent pending. Patents are for people who are ingenious enough to come up with a good invention that others can use. It reminds me of famous intellectuals who spent hours slaving away over blue prints and in laboratories, creating their masterpieces. Patents protect individual’s ideas and are in place for a good reason.

    By anna1993 URL on 11.08.2011

  5. I tried to get a patent once. I had the best idea ever. An idea to end all ideas and i knew it would be awesome. Turns out most people already knew what a widget was and didn’t really want one anyway.

    By jasmith URL on 11.08.2011

  6. I could have a patent on charm. Turning your lips upward just so. Closing your eyelids the right amount like dimming the lighting in a room. I can seduce and charm anyone. My laugh is coy and bashful leaking between my red painted lips.

    By deadutante URL on 11.08.2011

  7. I have no clue what patent means but I do know a couple words that are spelled about the same. Patient. Ummmmmmmmm. I don’t know anything else. I do know what pat means. I get a pat on my back when I do something well. WHAT DOES PATENT MEAN!!!!!!!!!

    By Bob on 11.08.2011

  8. A person sick but not I.
    A shoeshiny guy. Its obvious; he’s us.

    By Bill Kinnaird on 11.08.2011

  9. I don’t know what patent means?

    By Trev URL on 11.08.2011

  10. patent has six words

    By lil c URL on 11.08.2011

  11. thomas edison patented the long lasting lightbulb. along with many other patents to go with his own. he was extremely intelligent to patent his own invention.

    By onyx jacobson URL on 11.08.2011

  12. I patened my homemade lettuce so that you can’t make it but you could never make it because its a magic bottle. <3 :) <\3

    By zoe URL on 11.08.2011

  13. A patent is a friendly sea creature. They swim around all day doing whatever they want and helping people when they can. They live in the Atlantic Ocean. They aren’t mermaids, but they are their pets.

    By Kasey on 11.08.2011

  14. a licence you get on inventions

    By julia URL on 11.08.2011

  15. If i invent something I want to put a patent on it so Trent does not steal it like normal….!!

    By cbfan16 URL on 11.08.2011

  16. I don’t know what patent means sooooo I am going to write about how I don’t know what the word is! I don’t know what

    By Grace on 11.08.2011

  17. if you patent something you make it so that somebody cant make it or take its name.

    By cookiemonster100 URL on 11.08.2011

  18. I just discovered the historic inventors of patent.

    By Trev URL on 11.08.2011

  19. I’m not sure what this means buuuuttt yea idk…..

    By jacque URL on 11.08.2011

  20. i have know clue at all!!:P Is that bad!?!?:O

    By da bomb;) URL on 11.08.2011

  21. The little girl slid the patent leather shoes off her tiny feet with a relieved sigh. It had become clear to her throughout the day that even though the shoes were indeed lovely, and she had begged fo them repeatedly, one should be careful what you wish for. You might get it along with very sore toes.

    By Lisa on 11.08.2011

  22. I remember the black patent leather shoes for Christmas – by Easter, they were tight and didn’t match the pale pink dress my mom made for church. I wore them anyway.

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 11.08.2011

  23. I am NOT patent because stuff takes to long. When I went to the store I was waiting in line it was to long because there was a old person in front of line. ‘The person wasthe only one there’.

    By Joseph on 11.08.2011

  24. I do not know what patent means. I think patent means something close to paitent. I think I have to look up patent in the dictonary. I sure think patent is a word that most people do not know. I need a dictonary to figure out what this word means. I think that patent means something good not bad.

    By Shannon on 11.08.2011

  25. Hmm…, Patent. Isn’t that the color of water? But water has no color, for it is patent. That means it is clear. It has no color, but it is still crystal clear. I love things that are patent, because they move so strangely and it looks fascinating. I love things that are crystal clear.

    By Vivienne on 11.08.2011

  26. I think patent means like math and reading I don’t know

    By wil on 11.08.2011

  27. I think that patent means diarya. You can get it by eating the red berry’s that grow in the forest. I hate diarya.

    By Annika on 11.08.2011

  28. I remember the guy who makes the pizzas at one of the pizza places in my hometown telling me that if he could, he’d patent his idea for cereal flavored milk. I bet it’d go big. But he’s still making the best pizzas I’ve ever had instead. Win some, lose some.

    By Rebecca URL on 11.08.2011

  29. patent
    It happens allot
    you don’t like It
    It looks disgusting
    We hate It
    It spreads
    It’s nasty
    It happens when you eat to much candy

    By Giovanna on 11.08.2011

  30. As a child, she loved to dress up. A dress with a poofy skirt, white gloves and black patent leather shoes could transform a day from dreary to magic and a dirty little tomboy into the toast of the town.

    By emmystrange URL on 11.08.2011

  31. Very very shiney shoes. A little girl, so proud of these tight, stiff, shiney, tippety tappety things, just like mama’s high heels….how quickly little girls wish to grow up, how long they spend rue-ing the loss of their unreclaimable youth…….

    By georgie on 11.08.2011

  32. I think it’s hilarious how many people don’t know what patent means.
    But then again, I’m a walking dictionary.

    Someone should patent that.

    By Rebecca URL on 11.08.2011

  33. You have a patent for a hamburger. Which means you’ve got a patent on beef. Which means you’ve got a patent on genetically engineered cows. The beginnings of a mad scientist’s wet dream as he controls all the cattle in the world for scientific purposes.

    Elsewhere, a woman invents a new type of computer. Steve Jobs’ ghost snatches it up before it goes public. And all the while, people are growing rhino horns from patented genetic bacon cheeseburgers.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.08.2011

  34. intellectual property written down and and protected so that it can be owned.

    By Nick on 11.08.2011

  35. Your patent leather
    shoes tapped out
    a rhythm across
    the hardwood floor;
    I watched you
    grab your bag
    sling it over
    your shoulder and
    without a second glance
    leave my life
    and I can still hear
    the rhythmic
    of your patent leather
    shoes echoing
    through the
    hall and fading
    down the stairs

    By dbhurley URL on 11.08.2011

  36. I’ve always wanted to invent something really cool and get a patent for it. I also tried to develop my own business when I was just out of college… just never could come up with the right idea… got bored with it… hmmm… patent… patent leather… I had some really cool patent leather boots when I was 5 years old. They were red with laces up the front. Granny boots, everyone called them… badass!

    By Leigh on 11.08.2011

  37. Patent… hmmm I am not patent one bit I can never last two minutes with out getting angry I can not stand being patent I never was and never will.

    By Andrew on 11.08.2011

  38. My Mom looses her patent a lot.

    By Matthew on 11.08.2011

  39. I do not know what this word means at all I looked on the dictionary but it did not give me anything. This sic the first time that this has eve happened to me:(.

    By Anna on 11.08.2011

  40. I remember my friend Carmela wanted to be a paleontologist. In the fourth grade we had to take part in the invention fair. She invented some sort of little fan (which I’m sure already existed) to help her find dinosaur bones in the sand. She wanted to get it patented.

    By Evelyn URL on 11.08.2011