November 28th, 2012 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “past”

  1. The past is difficult to hold on to; yet me must be vigilant and never forget our sins and mistakes lest we repeat them. It’s so difficult to hold onto painful memories, wanting to forget but unable to so in order to prevent the past from become the present and the future.

    By KaylaS. on 11.28.2012

  2. My past does not define me. it is a part of me and it has given me many experiences that I value. I have made mistakes that I have learned from. it will not make me bitter, only better and stronger. I am not my past, but it is a part of me. I will remember it.

    By Erin on 11.28.2012

  3. my past does not define me although it is a big part of who i am today. i have had many experiences in my past that have taught me many things. i have also made many mistakes that i have learned from. my past wont make me bitter, only better and stronger. let the past be what it is.. the past..

    By Erin on 11.28.2012

  4. The past is sometimes the only thing we have to hold on to. Just don’t let it keep you there. Don’t let it be the master of your fate, but the springboard to it.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.28.2012

  5. It was the end, and the beginning, and she couldn’t be happier that it was gone. It was all in the past. Now was the time to move on from there.

    She smiled as she walked by her abusive ex.

    By Becky on 11.28.2012

  6. It’s something you can learn from. Something you can grow from. It’s not something to forget, but something to embrace. Whether you like it or not, your past shapes who you are. You can’t run from it, you can’t change it. But your future? That’s something you control.

    By Chelsea Contessa on 11.28.2012

  7. the time is past to do my grading.I didn’t take into account that choir would take up my time.

    By Amy L on 11.28.2012

  8. It scares me. Beyond all measure. Beyond all thought and comprehension. I am terrified. You can’t save me, and you say that you can, but you’re a liar and you don’t understand. No-one understands, no one ever understands. I am afraid of my mind.

    By Anonymous on 11.28.2012

  9. It’s not the future, it’s not the present. It can be both beautiful and dark, fleeting or vibrant. It’s all that’s certain, not changing, not up for debate. We may not change it, we live with it.

    By Mitharlic on 11.28.2012

  10. Past lives in the shadows. Is past sunny. Is it weak or strong? Is it always the same? It ain’t me. The future lurks off in the background as well. But all I want to do is travel off into that light I see. How come my past doesn’t defend me.

    By t0rri on 11.28.2012

  11. Grunting, groaning. Pain. The past was a place where I had no escape; I was stuck under him and he was bent on having me whenever he could. Pills were taken, concoctions drank to make it disappear, and yet I could never quite escape what he did to me in the past. I hated him. And he loathed me for being the thing he wanted most.

    By Lexi on 11.28.2012

  12. The past is like a cloud that drifts in and out of my consciousness. Sometimes it’s a harmless white cloud that shapes into happy memories. Other times, it’s a storm cloud that never ceases to torment me. But it always lingers, always hangs over me. A shadow that has seamlessly stitched itself onto the trappings of my soul.

    By Rachel L on 11.28.2012

  13. Amanda let out a long whistle under her breath. The danger is now past, she thought, as she watched the creature go stomping by. How had she come to be here?
    She remembered thinking about that strange world in the book she was reading last night, next minute she was there. Was she dreaming? How was she going to avoid those purple creatures that seemed to be everywhere?

    By Helen URL on 11.28.2012

  14. the past is a term that can describe was has happened in the previous moments of your life. there are many different reason of why one looks to the past some for good and some for bad reasons. regardless of the reason people will always automatically look back at their past and think about what they have done.

    By brandon novesellic on 11.28.2012

  15. The past is a reality. You’re never actually going to escape it. It’s like running in a dream and your legs won’t let you take off. Your past is attached to you. It’s lingering right behind you—it may not be in direct contact with your person but it is hovering just close enough to upset you, anger you, or make you just damn glad you have started to move on and focus on your present.

    By T on 11.28.2012

  16. My past experience with Indian cops have been bad.They are one of the most corrupt when it comes to government agencies. Some say,they are paid very less as compared to other odd jobs. That is why they get in corrupt practices by harassing people around and get some money out of them.

    By Pratheek on 11.28.2012

  17. history, hurts, good grade, the thing that defines you. Childhood. youth, nurturing, time, school,forgiveness,birth

    By Angel on 11.28.2012

  18. What a happier person I used to be. The worries I have now, the anxiety, and the headaches. Even thinking about the past makes me a happier person. I hate myself. I used to love me. My life was perfect. My life is destruction. My thoughts trap me in. I will never be able to be as free as I was. Depression. This entire post has become a past. I accidentally clicked the backspace button. I wish life was that easy. I get another chance to express my thoughts. Fix my mistakes. Only if this was like it in my AP English class where I continue to struggle. Maybe my depression comes from there. What.

    By Haylie kang on 11.28.2012

  19. The past is like a flower. It blossoms at the time and then it fades away.One does not simply remember each flower in their life but they do remember the special ones.The ones from a boy they liked or one from the kind old man on the street corner. The past defines us good or bad. The past is what happens in order for the future to happen. The past is like a moonbeam.It waxes and waynes coming and going.Certain things trigger memorries of the past and they slowly come in and out of your brain.A moonbeam can be bright and light your way or it can be small and hindering to your sight. Just live every day thinking about what it will be thought of in the future. Will it be a moonbeam drifting in and out of view or will it be flower forever in your brain or will it simply be the past?

    By Marlo on 11.28.2012

  20. the place where i never want to go back to again. the worst holiday ever, the service was horrible and the food… yuck. and where I stayed? well the road was really dirty so when I had to stay there for 3 weeks, it made me feel like I had no money. I did have earn a lot of money though, only to find I had to buy drugs with it and privilege myself instead of doing something useful. but everything has changed now, because now… I’m happy.

    By lily on 11.28.2012

  21. I agree with Marlo!!! D

    By #WritingSwag on 11.28.2012

  22. The past is something that is unattainable; what happened, happened, and there’s nothing you can do to change it.
    What you can do is live with no regrets, to always look to the future with good spirits, and live in the now because you don’t know what will happen next.

    By Kiran on 11.28.2012

  23. You can write a lot of deep and meaningful stuff when it comes to the past. You can say something along the lines of how your past does not determine your present or your future. You could say something like ‘ every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future’. The concept of ‘ the past’ seems to mean so much more to people than one would initially assume.

    By Ashli Jade URL on 11.28.2012

  24. Shes lives in the past
    The ghosts keep her there
    Whispering sweetly into her ear
    They’ve tangled their fingers into her hair
    She is dusty and cloaked in cobwebs
    Hearing his voice and feeling his touch
    Fragments buried deep within her skin

    By Tarryn on 11.28.2012

  25. And it’s painful sometimes when I close my eyes and flooded with my memories, my regrets, my disappointments. How they’re all self inflicted, and I can’t bear the thought of doing such sorrows to my enemies yet I do it to myself every waking moment of every day. All I am is a disappointment to myself

    By TrishIsh on 11.28.2012

  26. times and places, events and occurences. where you leave your demons, and your monsters behind. where all your memories take you back. its hard to let go of and sometimes youre not sure whether or not to live in it

    By Tianna on 11.28.2012

  27. Past can hurt you or it can help you.What ever is in the past should stay in the past but its always present. People detuermine their future dependinng on if their past was

    By Silent C on 11.28.2012

  28. I owe many things to my past. I owe my son to my past marriage, even though it failed. I also owe my true love to my past, which was dark and pushed me to find the light. The past is not something to be feared, or to dwell upon, but is something rather to learn and grow from.

    By Kim on 11.28.2012

  29. wow past is a lot… i mean theres a lot thats happened in the past, things that i cant even begin to think about and some things that i want to think about.. idk i think i think i regret some things or would take back things from the past but really i dont regret anything at all cuz i wouldnt be who i am today. past is a big word. bigger then me. past is everything.

    By andie on 11.28.2012

  30. wow! how could I possibly get this word? PAST its what I have been thinking about for a while now, always wishing that I could go back and change it, or deal with something that happened then.

    By Imani URL on 11.28.2012

  31. I was sitting in my room wondering what to do next.
    I had just finished reading 50 Shades of Porn and all I could think of was…
    Why the hell did this woman give this man such an emo past.
    I mean seriously. what the hell?!
    Yes I know it was originally started as Twilight Fanfiction…
    and I could see the similarities…

    By Violet on 11.28.2012

  32. My past is unbelievable. For only being 14, I’ve experienced way more pain and love and happiness and hurt than I should have. Drugs have become a problem in my life, as well. Constantly faltering between being a pothead and just occasionally smoking.

    By Yum Yums URL on 11.28.2012

  33. Um… uh…
    Michael Vick was a pokemon trainer in the past. Or at least in his mind.
    Then he fell into a coma for a little while and woke up in the real world and thought he was
    still a pokemon trainer. So he tried to do it with real animals. It didn’t work out very well.

    By Soapz on 11.28.2012

  34. the past. the present. thefuture. can we change the past, or should we ignore the past, or should we embrace the past and let it mold us? Personally, I think that the lessons we learn from the past should influence us, but we should forget most of the drama.

    By mary on 11.28.2012

  35. okay. my past is complicated, some people i shouldn’t have believed and some i wish i had. my future however . … that’s all before me and i have high hopes for it.

    By Sarah on 11.28.2012

  36. She lives in the past, bent-backed and bruised.
    “The world weighs on me,” she said. “It always has.”
    She is made of death and tragedies and holds herself so nervously in the presence of company.
    “I am scared of who I was.”

    By ewelina r on 11.28.2012

  37. If there is anything I can say with certainty, it is that I am not afraid of the past. I’ve come full circle with all those events. And I’m sure I’ve played loops with my favorites. Some were stellar, while others decidedly less so. I can laugh at the majority of it with probably more flippant irreverence than any one person has a right to.

    But what of all the darkest moments I’ve faced?

    Still not afraid to shine a light on them.

    If we’re all destined for the grave, best not to let misery and regret steer the way.

    By Intuition on 11.28.2012

  38. Past is something that destroys all of us. The angst of bad memories, sharp pain we felt that can still make us regret the choices we’ve made and the past we’ve taken.

    But we don’t REMEMBER pain. We can’t feel it. We let it destroy us because we CHOOSE to dwell on it.

    Instead, embrace the future because the future is still yours to build.

    By Emily Laura on 11.28.2012

  39. The past is not something to hold on to, but something to remember and to learn from. Never hold on to grudges from the past. Learn to forgive and move on. Remember the things that make you happy, the people in your life that changed you for better or for worse. Don’t forget that what happened in the past is what made you who you are today.

    By Tori on 11.28.2012

  40. The past is where all the best memories are. It is a time when life was easier, clothes use to fit better and the only side effect of eating a whole tub of chocolate ice-cream was a stomach freeze and too much energy

    By venkat on 11.28.2012