October 13th, 2013 | 94 Entries

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94 Entries for “parachute”

  1. How can I trust you, locked behing my back. You could be smirking in there for all I know – plotting my downfall, giggling in the irony. How do I know you? Am I to throw caution to the wind and let you carry me blindly? I do not trust you to watch over me…

    By Alex on 10.13.2013

  2. While you’re drowning in your mind
    I’m falling into my regret
    with only a burning parachute to hold me back
    in the form of a cigarette in my hand
    you might never resurface
    but at least I have my lungs

    By maria on 10.13.2013

  3. “USE THE PARACHUTE!!!!!” they screamed over the alarm. It was the only chance of getting out of the jet without getting killed. So i jumped….and woke up from the nightmare. There was the smell of pancakes in the air. The fresh smell of pancake batter is always exciting. Then as if on call, my nine year old sister rammed into the room like a bull. “SO YA COMING?” she chirped. Oh how I love sunday pancakes.

    By Brittany (you can call me britt if you want or don't i do not care whatsoever) on 10.13.2013

  4. The parachute not opening! That’s my biggest fear… Maybe not. Maybe it’s the jumping out of the plane. Yes, that’s it, jumping out of a plane. Just couldn’t do it.

    By just a girl on 10.13.2013

  5. My mom decided it was best if I learned how to use a parachute. I didn’t expect it at first, but I decided to go along with it. After all, it might be fun. Unless, however, you factored in the probability of the parachute malfunctioning and me plummeting into the ground below and dying like a squished pancake.

    By Rosie Michelle on 10.13.2013

  6. Parachute. Parachute. Pra-frikkin-chute.

    Did I even have it?

    It didn’t matter. With a loud YOLO, my friend pushed me down.

    His laughs echoed and echoed and echoed, ringing, buzzing, resounding.

    The last thing I heard.

    By Aqil Najhan on 10.13.2013

  7. Her skirt billowed out below her like a parachute as she fell, though it did noting to slow her descent down the rabbit hole. When she did hit ground, she hit it hard and mercilessly. Though unbroken, it was a time before she was able to catch her breath and right herself.

    By Foshizzlebeth on 10.13.2013

  8. Falling.



    All I can see, it swirls around me.

    Engulfs me.

    I want to give in.

    But I need to pull the string, let myself float down safely.

    My mind and vision blur.

    I pull the string.

    But nothing happens.

    By Shan on 10.13.2013

  9. even a little question like “What are your hobbies?” will start an existential crisis because
    I don’t even do the things I like anymore,
    I don’t even like the things I like anymore.
    instead of all the artsy ambition-y things I’ve been interested in,
    I have to say, honestly, I spend my free time blogging and sleeping. just blogging and sleeping.
    how hard you gonna hit this wall

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 10.13.2013

  10. i had not expected much
    that day
    i didn’t care at all if the sky
    was gray
    i jumped out and began to plummet

    into a place no one knows
    is sad and full of no hope

    did i have a parachute or would i fall
    into a world that wont let you stand tall

    By Lola on 10.13.2013

  11. ballooning of the fabric
    filled with air
    carrying us on
    silky, free flowing

    By Regina on 10.13.2013

  12. I don’t know what he had been expecting; you could hardly call it a parachute in the sad state it was in. Holes gaped in the fabric, singed around the edges from some long-forogtten fire. Or bullet holes? We weren’t sure anymore. He certainly wasn’t either. Confusion clouded his eyes when we placed it, folded up in as neat a pile as we could muster, into his veiny, shaking hands.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.13.2013

  13. I can’t seem to catch myself after you left. You were my parachute. You kept me balanced and stopped me from crashing when I’ve fallen into holes I couldn’t get out of.

    By Desiree J on 10.13.2013

  14. I wish for a parachute
    Pure white
    Like an albatross’s wing
    To take me out from the muddled fall
    That my life is,
    And always has been.

    By Kimmy on 10.13.2013

  15. As I fell to the ground, I panicked. Something was wrong. I pulled the string attached to the pack strapped to me, frantically. I didn’t know what to do next as I missed that day in class, but I did know this: My parachute was failing and I was about to greet my death.

    By Nita on 10.13.2013

  16. He jumped off the skies, the pull of gravity grabbing around his ankles. He plummeted downwards… If only he had a parachute…

    By Tara on 10.13.2013

  17. so far
    so very very far
    she wouldn’t jump
    she knew better than that
    no parachute
    the wind tugged her down
    but she wouldn’t jump

    By Hallie on 10.13.2013

  18. The parachute was very colourfull and there was a lot of lines and components on it. Jack stared at it and wondered whether the parachute was anything like the way he remembered it. Strangely enough, it wasn’t. It looked a lot more fancy, more ominous and you wouldn’t believe it but that parachute looked a little crazier than what he’d usually see in the pictures.

    By Andrew Fox on 10.13.2013

  19. one last fall
    no parachute
    all over
    but not really
    there was a bed at the bottom
    a little door to godhood
    he wasn’t scared
    he was terrified
    godhood was a small price to pay for victory
    or so he thought

    By Hallie on 10.13.2013

  20. Ahh!!! parachute
    this word reminds me a lot .
    my last trip to vegas
    i want to do this parachute gliding from the child hood and the day came when i was in vegas
    it was in one world “AWESOME”

    By rishi on 10.13.2013

  21. parachute is an air resistant structure. very useful for saving our lives while falling from height, reducing acceleration of attached body , causing smooth landing of body , keeping body safe. parachute has to be made up of strong material so it’ll not get teared and air
    won’t pass through it and it won’t resist air. commonly made up of rubber.

    By vaibhav on 10.14.2013

  22. float fall air rush thread hold spitfire yellow no that

    By jack blake URL on 10.14.2013

  23. I’d been so sure of this when we decided to do it – even when we were taking off. But now, staring down into oblivion, doubts began tugging at me.

    “These..these parachutes are safe…aren’t they?”
    The instructor looked as though she was trying very hard not to roll her eyes.

    “‘Course they are. We wouldn’t bring you all the way up ‘ere just to kill ya.”


    By EliseLawrence on 10.14.2013

  24. Sometimes you need to dream up a sort of parachute to land from somewhere over the rainbow back into reality. As some once sang…”with the stars of Leo Shining, well, that’s a long way to fall into the blue.”

    By Intuition on 10.14.2013

  25. He felt like he was hurtling through the sky without a parachute. Going far too fast. Everyone else was way up there, drifting slowly down, taking time to enjoy the view.

    By Holden URL on 10.14.2013

  26. Off the cliff. Off the plane. Of the plain of existence.

    I parachute out of my own mind, into my subconscious, into my world of dreams.

    IVe never heard of dreams like mine before. So real, so morbid.

    So complete.

    Id be fine if i never came back.

    Id be fine if my parachute snapped.

    By Lightsandcandy on 10.14.2013

  27. Dandelions. A pursed lip and a whisper, they swim in the waves of the air as they floated, like parachutes, attached to nothing but the wind.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 10.14.2013

  28. While walking through the gully we encountered and object falling from the sky. It was part of a parachute and it landed on the ground a few feet away from us. We looked in the area to see if we could locate the person who had used it , and we came up empty handed.

    By victor URL on 10.14.2013

  29. She relies on them as much as they used to rely on her, and Petunia used to grant them the opportunity to prove their trust in her when she jumped off a roof or from a tree branch. There was usually some shrieking (mainly- no, mostly from Elijah) and always wide extended arms ready to grab the burden of her when she reconnected with the earth and fell messily into them. Regardless of one swelling ankle or bruised elbow, Petunia laughed. She laughed and thought of Elijah’s shouts and Meredith’s arms as the wings that would lift her up again and bring her back to the pinnacle of whatever height she found herself perched on.

    She falls again and again and lets them carry her back to earth.

    By kristen on 10.14.2013

  30. you just parachuted your way into my heart, he said, is that even a word, parachuted? it’s cheesy but it was the sweetest thing anyone’s ever told her. and she loves him anyway so, what the heck, she’ll take what she can get.

    By Loren on 10.14.2013

  31. It cribs the racks of smear
    in rear care
    for the tough titters of the teeth

    By Volodymyr Bilyk on 10.14.2013

  32. It was like jumping out of an high-flying airplane without a safety net, this parenting thing. You just couldn’t predict a thing, except that you were going faster than was strictly comfortable.

    By Another-Mom on 10.14.2013

  33. I looked down and my insides rose up into my throat. I wasn’t too fond of heights, and sky diving wasn’t my idea of a honeymoon, but my wife is adventurous and adamant as well. So hear I was, about to tug at the cord of a parachute, which could just about decide whether I lived long enough to be on my flight home in the evening.

    By Risha on 10.14.2013

  34. we landed during the night. no one had trouble like the last time. the moonless sky was lit with stars. we hoped they meant our luck would hold. we moved silently across the open field, low to the ground, focused on the edge of the forest in front of us.

    By Lee on 10.14.2013

  35. Those days were great days, the wind blowing, the sun shining, and the person whom I loved and loved me back next to me.
    It wasn’t easy for me to embark on such a venture, but she was an adventurer, one who loved me.

    By Rafael on 10.14.2013

  36. My mind is like a parachute, it works better when it’s open? Fuck that my mind works better tumbling in free fall towards its own demise.

    By Andrea on 10.14.2013

  37. They had just glided over the sea and it was time to take that jump with his parachute along with all of his comrades. So many lives lost.

    By Alexandra on 10.14.2013

  38. “So what happens if you go off a cliff,” he said. “Does a parachute come out of the trunk, and we glide down like butterflies?”

    She put the last bag into the sidecar trunk and closed the hatch. “No,” she replied. “We scream and plummet and die.”

    “Oh. Guess I figured you’d have a way around that.”

    “I do,” she said. “It’s called ‘be smarter than the cliffs.’ Which given our conversation so far, means I’ll be the only one driving.”

    By Anthony StClair on 10.14.2013

  39. Ryan opened his eye. It was dark and something was pulling at his shoulders. A throbbing pain in his head. He looked around, wrenching his head around and saw that his parachute, being pulled by the wind, was pulling at his shoulders, pulling him inch by inch across the wet grass.

    By xmisterparkx URL on 10.14.2013

  40. Parachutes often serve as a good metaphor for salvation, standing in place of a person or hobby or revelation that keeps us from falling or, I guess, falling as fast? So, really, parachutes are kind of a depressing metaphor.

    By Michael Garrity URL on 10.14.2013